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NORMAN AND EDNA BASSETT (d. 1957 and 1973) (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Alaska Trip Photographs; n.d., 1927, 1930, 1932. .1 cu. ft.

Norman Bassett was a ticket agent at Union Station in Indianapolis, Indiana from about 1910 to 1950. During this time he and his wife, Edna, travelled extensively in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The couple visited Alaska aboard the S.S. Dorothy Alexander in 1932. Norman Bassett died in 1957 and Edna Bassett died in 1973.

The collection consists of Norman and Edna Bassett's personal and tourist photographs taken and collected on their trip to Alaska aboard the S.S. Dorothy Alexander, and on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad in 1932. Subjects of the photographs (59 b&w prints) include Mendenhall Glacier, Taku Glacier, Juneau, Skagway, Haines, Sitka, Ketckikan, the S.S. Dorothy Alexander, and views from the White Pass and Yukon Railroad.

The collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society by Frank Haskett in 1994.

JAS (11/1999)

Photographs list:

1. Prints from photo lots 8, 16, and 17; 1932 (39 b&w prints, 2.75 X 3 inch).
-Ice cave, Mendenhall Glacier (2 prints).
-Mendenhall Glacier (5 prints).
-Taku Glacier (3 prints).
-Scenes along Inland Passage (7 prints).
-Father Hubbard's sled-dogs aboard the Dorothy Alexandra (5 prints).
-Stream near Mendenhall Glacier (2 prints).
-Views from train on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad between Skagway and Lake Bennett (7 prints).
-Juneau from Gastineau Channel (1 print).
-Scene of Gastineau Channel taken from auto road (1 print).
-Sitka Harbor (1 print).
-S.S. Dorothy Alexander in Sitka Harbor (1 print).
-Totem poles near entrance to national forest trail, Sitka (2 prints).
-Clearing and mountain valley from train? (1 print).
2. Prints from photo lot 231; 1932 (10 b&w prints: 9-2.5 X 3 inch, 1-3 X 4.75 inch).
-Skagway from mountainside (1 print).
-Painted cliff in Skagway Harbor (1 print).
-Deck of the Dorothy Alexander from main mast (1 print).
-Distant view of Fort Seward, Haines (1 print).
-Taku Glacier from ship (3 prints).
-U.S. battleship in Puget Sound (1 print).
-Small islands from dock at Sitka (1 print).
-Two-masted schooner under sail near Ketchikan (1 print).
3. Commercial tourist photographs; n.d. 1927, 1930 (10 b&w prints, various sizes).
-Native fisherman next to large salmon on dock. "Compliments of the Photo Shop Studio, Sitka, Alaska"; n.d. (2.5 X 4.25 inch).
-Mountain stream; n.d. (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
-Three puppies on bench; n.d. (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
-"City Float. Ketchikan, Aaa." Small boat harbor; n.d. (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
-Lover's Lane with totem poles, Sitka; n.d. (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
- Ocean waves breaking on beach; n.d. (2.5 X 3.5 inch).
-"Kyan Totem. Ketchikan, Alaska."; Thwaites photo, No. 6012; Distributed by Ketchikan Better Business Bureau; n.d. (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-View of Mendenhall Lake toward glacier with road bridge in foreground; Ordway photo, Juneau; 1930 (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-"Lover's Lane, Sitka, Alaska."; Alaska Scenic Views, Juneau, No. 35810; 1927 (3 X 5 inch).
- "Juneau, Alaska." Aerial from above Douglas Island; Ordway photo; 1930 (4 X 6 inch).