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KATHLEEN "PAT" JACKSON (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Tourist Photograph Album; 1934. .25 cu. ft.

Kathleen "Pat" Jackson was from Portland, Oregon. She took a cruise to Alaska aboard the July 29, 1934 sailing of the S. S. Aleutian of the Alaska Steamship Company. The cruise began in Tacoma, Washington, and included stops in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Cordova, Valdez, Columbia Glacier, Seward, Anchorage, Skagway, and Sitka.

The collection consists of the contents of the 1934 tourist photograph album of Kathleen Jackson. The collection contains: a xerographic copy of the original 48-page album; the original cover of the album; a small map of the Alaska Railroad; a color Alaska Steamship Company Line map with inset of the Copper River and Northwest Railway and the Alaska Railroad (Copyright 1917); twelve different illustrated Alaska Steamship Company menus from the July 29, 1934 sailing of the S. S. Aleutian; 84 original black and white prints; 30 black and white and color photo post cards, six of which were sent to family or friends; 21 black and white commercial tourist prints of Alaska scenes; and 52 copy negatives of selected original photographs and photo post cards. Subjects of the original photographs include: the U. S. S. Arizona in Seattle, Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Salmon River Falls (near Juneau), glaciers (Mendenhall, Child's, Miles, Bartlett, and Columbia), a fishing trip near Columbia Glacier, Cordova, the deck of the S. S. Aleutian, Valdez, Keystone Canyon, Sitka, the S. S. Haleakala in Sitka Harbor, St. Michael's Cathedral (Sitka), Lover's Lane (Sitka), and Hidden Inlet. Subjects of the photo post cards include: the S. S. Aleutian, the Tacoma Hotel, Ketchikan, totem poles (Wrangell and Ketchikan), Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, glaciers (Mendenhall, Child's, Columbia, and Spencer), Cordova, Valdez, Sitka, Lover's Lane (Sitka), and Saint Michael's Cathedral (Sitka). Subjects of the larger commercial photographs include: Seward Harbor, the "Loop" on the Alaska Railroad, and Mount McKinley.

The collection was presented to the Alaska Historical Society by Mary J. Gibson in 2001.

JAS (8/2004)