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NIKEFOR ALEXAN (b. 1900). Stories and Photograph; 1938, ca. 1957. .1 cu. ft. List.

Nikefor Alexan was born in Tyonek, Alaska in 1900. He was one of the leaders of the village and served as a lay priest in the Russian Orthodox Church. Alexan was an accomplished story teller. His stories of the history and folklore of the Tanaina people have appeared in the magazine Alaska Sportsman, and in the book Shem Pete's Alaska, by James Kari.

The collection contains thirteen typed stories by Nikefor Alexan on the history and folklore of the Native peoples of the village of Tyonek and the Cook Inlet/Knik Region of Alaska. The stories contain information on marriage, relations with the Russians, child raising, Tyonek chiefs, gathering and preparation of native foods, religion, hunting, warfare, trade, and other subjects. There is also a black and white photograph of Simeon Chickalusian, Sixth Chief and Governor of Tyonek, with his wife, dated 1938.

The collection was transferred to the Archives from the Alaska Health Sciences Library in 1989.

CB (9/1989)

Folder List:

I. Writings; ca. 1957.

1. "History of Tyonek," 16 pages.
2. "Russian Settlement Where Knik People Made Their First Mistake," 6 pages.
3. "Second Tyonek Chief Story, From Hkokuz," 6 pages.
4. "Story of Third Tyonek Chief," 2 pages.
5. "Fourth Chief of Tyonek," 6 pages.
6. "Fifth Chief of Tyonek, True Story," 2 pages.
7. "Sixth Chief and Governor of Tyonek, Alaska," 8 pages.
8. "Story About How to Raise Children," 4 pages.
9. "Story About Another Young Man," 2 pages.
10. "Story of Two Sister[s]," 2 pages.
11. "Story About How to Be A Good Man," 2 pages.
12. "Story of Lady Married to Animal Man," 6 pages.
13. "Story of Food Old People Used To Eat," 9 pages.

I.: Photograph; 1938.

1. Simeon Chickalusian, Sixth Chief and Governor of Tyonek, and his wife; 1938.