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CESARE CARLUCCI. World War II Papers; ca. 1943-1945. .1 cu. ft.

Cesare Carlucci served in the 18th Engineers during World War II, which included stays on Attu and Shemya Islands. After the war, he entered professional baseball and worked as an umpire for about thirty years. Later he began making custom-made umpire equipment.

This collection consists of the diary of a Japanese medical officer (Naburo Tatsuguchi) and 14 photographs which he took on Shemya. The photographs depict their landing area, quarters, the aftermath of a storm, and airplanes.

This collection was presented to the archives by Cesare Carlucci in 1985.


1. Japanese Medical Officer's Diary (Nobuo Tatsuguchi); 1943. 3 pages.

2. Photograph, "Shemya"; n.d.

3. Photograph, "Shemya when we landed."; n.d.

4. Photograph, "Shemya when we landed" (shows mountain); n.d.

5. Photograph, "Volleyball court in Shemya"; n.d.

6. Photograph, "Mess Tent - Bag Drinking Water"; n.d.

7. Photograph, "Quansit Hut and Tent on Shemya" (color); 1945.

8. Photograph, "Barage [sic] Washed Ashore"; n.d.

9. Photograph, "17'6" Fish Washed Ashore Durring [sic] Storm"; n.d.

10. Photograph, "After Storm"; n.d.

11. Photograph, "Shemya: Background Not Sure - Agatti or Attu"; n.d.

12. Photograph, "P.B.Y."; n.d.

13. Photograph, "P38 Fighter Plane"; n.d.

14. Photograph, "P40 Fighter Plane"; n.d.

15. Photograph, "P40 Fighter"; n.d.