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J. K. LAING. Letters; 1898-1899. .1 cu. ft.

J. K. Laing traveled by steamboat between Circle City and Dawson in September 1898 and June 1899.

This collection consists of two letters written by J. K. Laing to his daughter, Miss L. F. Laing of Portland, Oregon. He wrote while traveling aboard the steamboats Linda and Seattle. In the letters, Laing writes about the weather, food aboard the boat, and some of his future travel plans. The first letter, dated September 2, 1898, was mailed in an envelope from the Sitka Custom House. The second letter, dated June 2, 1899, is on letterhead from a Custom House, Deputy Collector's Office, from an unspecified port.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2003.

ABS (11/2003)