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JOHN A. GIBBONS. Papers; 1962-1974. .1 cu. ft.

John Gibbons was Director of Resources Development for Alaska Airlines. He also served several years on the Board of the Greater Anchorage Incorporated, Fur Rendezvous, and was Coordinator of the 1962 Fur Rendezvous activities.

The collection consists of a letter by John Gibbons concerning his idea for a Seppala Trophy for the Fur Rendezvous Sled Dog Race to honor Musher Leonard Seppala. There are also clippings and photographs concerning 1962 Fur Rendezvous activities, and an artist's sketch of the Seppala Trophy.

The collection was presented to the UAA Archives & Manuscripts Department by Lainie Fleischer in the name of John Gibbons in 1985.


1. Letter from John Gibbons concerning the Seppala Trophy; Feb. 10, 1974.
2. Newspaper clipping with the picture of the seal skin Rondy invitation sent to Interior Secretary Stewart Udall; 1962.
3. Newspaper clippings with a picture of John Gibbons and articles concerning the Fur Rondy button and pageant; 1962.
4. Newspaper clipping with a picture of the seal skin Rondy invitation sent to Interior Secretary Steward Udall, held by John Gibbons and Clyde Rowen, Rondy Manager; 1962.
5. Photograph of George Attla receiving congratulations on winning the 1962 Championship Sled Dog Race and the Seppala Trophy; 1962. (Ward Wells photograph).
6. Photograph of Native Dancers; 1962. (Ward Wells photograph).
7. Photograph of the 1962 Rondy Parade (Ward Wells photograph).
8. Photograph showing Mary Dee Fox, 1962 Fur Rondy Queen, autographing an annual for John Gibbons; 1962. (Ward Wells photograph).
9. Photograph showing George Attla about to cross the finish line on Fourth Avenue during the 1962 Championship Sled Dog Race. (Ward Wells photograph).
10. Photograph of Lance Minnis, 1962 Fur Rondy "Mr. Fur Face". (Ward Wells photograph).
11. Fur Rondy Program; 1962.
12. Artist's conception and a description of the Leonard Seppala Trophy; 1962.
13. Photograph of George Attla and Mary Dee Fox being congratulated by Colonel "Muk Tuk" Marston; 1962 (Ward Wells photograph).