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KELLOGG, KIRK. Diary and Letter; 1956-1982. .1 cu. ft.

Kirk Kellogg of Los Angeles, California, enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves in 1954. He was ordered to Active Duty in July 1955, and served until June 1957. He was trained at Fort Ord and Camp Chaffey and shipped to Alaska in March 1956, where he served in the 607th Armored Field Artillery Battalion of the 71st Infantry Division. After four months service there, he was transferred to the Arctic Test Branch at Fort Greeley where he remained until the end of his service. Kellogg later worked for the Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation.

This collection consists of one diary and one letter. The diary covers the period between May 26, 1956, and June 17, 1956 and concerns Corporal Henry Kellogg's attendance at a summer course at the Arctic Indoctrination School at Fort Greeley, Alaska. The letter dated February 7, 1982, was written by Kirk Kellogg and sent to Colonel Lyman Woodman. The letter summarizes Kellogg's military service in Alaska and discusses various stations, tests, equipment, and so forth.

This collection was given to the UAA Library by Colonel Lyman Woodman with the approval of Mr. Kirk Kellogg of Los Altos, California.