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RAY WISE MALA (1906-1952). Papers, 1932-1935. 1 reel microfilm.

Ray Wise was born in Candle, Alaska, on December 27, 1906. His mother was Eskimo while his father was of Russian-Eskimo background. His Eskimo name was ACH-NACH-CHIAK. He was educated in a Quaker missionary school and later went to Nome where he was cast in the motion picture based on Peter Freuchen's book Eskimo. Later he changed his family name to Mala. In his film career, which also included work as a cameraman, he appeared in a number of motion pictures, the most significant of which were "Eskimo" and "Igloo." While in Hollywood he married Galina Bilkevich Lissevitz; they had one son, Theodore Anthony Mala, who became a doctor. Ray Wise Mala died of heart failure in Hollywood, California in 1952.

The collection consists of a microfilm copy of scrapbook containing photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, and memorabilia concerning Ray Mala's movie career between 1932 and 1935.

The microfilm copy of the original scrapbook was made by the Alaska State Library. A copy was presented to the archives in 1980.