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BEAN'S CAFE. Appeal Letter and Proposal; 1979. .1 cu. ft.

Bean's Cafe, a free restaurant, day shelter, and social center for the homeless in Anchorage, Alaska, was founded by Lynne Ballew in 1979. Bean's Cafe was first located in a warehouse building across from the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Anchorage. In 1985, Bean's Cafe moved into a larger building on East Third Avenue.

The collection consists of an appeal letter for contributions, related attachments, and a copy of the original proposal for Bean's Cafe. The letter is from Bean's Cafe Manager, Lynne Ballew, to Frank Reed of the Alaska Bank of Commerce (July 5, 1979). Attached with the letter are lists of business contributors and members of the board of directors, and a general appeal letter for support. The proposal, entitled, "A Proposal for a Storefront Social Center/Soup Kitchen in Downtown Anchorage," includes sections for purpose, methods (staff and board of directors), operations, funding, and proposed budget. The proposal also has the following nine appendixes: letters of support; articles of incorporation; resumes of candidates for coordinators; resumes of members of the board of directors; lists of community contacts; information on similar institutions; pertinent newspaper articles; personnel policies for staff and volunteers; and "The Fourth Avenue Study: A Descriptive Analysis of the Downtown Anchorage Skid Row Population," prepared by the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, University of Alaska, Anchorage (April 30, 1978).

The collection was presented to the archives by Frank Reed, Sr. in 1982. The collection was separated from Reed's papers in 2004.

JAS (9/2004)