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HOWARD AND MABEL JONISH. Papers; n.d., 1910-1935, 1943-1989. 1.2 cu. ft.

Howard and Mabel Jonish first came to Alaska in the early 1940s. Howard Jonish was a construction engineer with the U.S. Army Engineer District, Alaska, from 1944 to 1965. He was project engineer at Nome (1944-1950), Cape Lisburne (1951-1953), Sparrevohn Air Force Base (1957-1958), Driftwood Bay DEW Line Extension (1958-1959); and resident engineer at Ladd-Eielson Air Force Base (1953-1957), Clear BMEWS (1959), Fort Greely (1960, 1962), and Fort Wainright (1963-1965). Howard and Mabel Jonish made several trips on the Alaska Highway, as well as the Richardson, Steese, and other highways in Alaska. The Jonishes left Alaska upon Howard Jonish's retirement in 1965 and moved to Washington. Howard Jonish died in 1983 and Mabel Jonish died in 1993.

The collection contains the papers, photographs, post cards, and color slides of Howard and Mabel Jonish and relating to their life in Alaska as well as the various construction projects on which Howard Jonish worked. The papers consist of biographical materials of Mabel Jonish; employment records and awards and certificates of Howard Jonish; and various publications, clipping and miscellany including a 1943 illustrated history of the construction of the Alaska Highway. The photographs and color slides (over 1,300 items) relate to various construction projects at Cape Lisburne, Eielson, Sparrevohn, Driftwood Bay, Clear, Northway, and Fort Wainwright; life in and around Nome, Kotzebue, Valdez, and Fairbanks; gold mining in the Kougarok River drainage; trips in Alaska and on the Alcan and Alaska highways; and the construction of the Alaska Highway. The post cards include several by Winter and Pond; scenes of the construction of the Alaska Highway; views of the damage from a storm in Nome (1946); and various sites in Alaska and along the Highway.

The collection was presented to the archives by Arley D. Jonish. A deed of gift was signed in 1995.


Box and Folder List:

Box 1 (oversize)

Series 1. Biographical Materials--Mabel Jonish; n.d. 0.1 cu. ft.
This series consists of a two page story or article entitled, "Mabel's Story." It concerns Mabel Jonish's remembrances of life in Nome, Alaska.

Series 2. Employment Records, Certificates, and Awards--Howard F. Jonish, U.S. Army Engineers District, Alaska; 1950, 1952-1954, 1956-1966. 0.2 cu. ft.

Sub-series 2a. Employment Records (1953, 1956-1966).

This sub-series contains personnel records relating to the career of Howard F. Jonish in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District. Included are notifications of personnel action, letters of commendation, job descriptions, letters of appreciation, travel orders, an employee performance appraisal, and retirement records for the U.S. Civil Service Commission including a list of duty stations.

Sub-series 2b. Certificates and Awards (1950, 1952-1954, 1961, 1964, 1965).
Certificate of Service, Alaska District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Apr. 30, 1953.
2. Department of the Army Certificate of Training, completion of Contruction Inspectors School, Ladd Air Force Base, Alaska; Apr. 7, 1954.
3. Department of the Army Certificate of Training, completion of A Field Inspectors Training Course in the Propellant Loading System, Boise Idaho; Mar. 21-24, 1961.
4. Department of the Army Certificate of Training, completion of Mechanical Electrical School, Chicago, Illinois; Feb. 24-28, 1964.
5. Department of the Army Certificate of Training, completion of General Construction Inspectors School, U.S. Army Engineer District, Alaska; Apr 3, 1964.
6. Department of the Army Certificate of Service, twenty years of Federal Service; June 16, 1964.
7. Department of the Army Certificate of Achievement, flood coordinator for the Fairbanks Residency from May 1 to June 12, 1964; Aug. 11, 1964.
8. Department of the Army Official Commendation; Outstanding Performance Rating and Sustained Superior Performance Award, Project Engineer at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, from May 1, 1964 to May 1, 1965; 11 May 1965.

Series 3. Personal and Miscellaneous Papers,; n.d., 1930, 1941, 1943, 1956, 1964-1966, 1971, 1973, 1989. 0.1 cu. ft.
This series consists of various papers relating to non work related matters and activities of Howard and Mabel Jonish. It is divided into two parts.

Subseries 3a. Mystic Shrine/Order of the Eastern Star.
Admission as a Noble of the Mystic Shrine in the Nile Temple of Seattle, Wash.; Aug. 30, 1950.
2. By-Laws of Alaska Chapter. No. 1, Order of the Eastern Star, Nome, Alaska (includes 3 additional articles of Jan. 27, 1941); 1930, 1941.
3. Order of the Eastern Star, Alaska Chapter No. 1, 1960, Nome, Alaska. (13 pp.)
4. Official Receipt of Dues for Mabel Jonish, Order of Eastern Star, Alaska Chapter No. 1; Sep. 15, 1971.

Subseries 3b. Papers.
Wein Alaska Airlines certificate, crossing of the Arctic Circle landing at Kotzebue; Sep. 29, 1952.
2. Department of Taxation, Territory of Alaska, School Tax Receipts, for Howard and Mabel Jonish; Sep. 15, 1952.
3. Cancelled check by Howard F. Jonish to State Tax Commissioner of Alaska; Jan. 23, 1965.

Series 4. Publications and Clippings; n.d., 1943-1989.
This series contains various publications and clippings collected by Howard and Mabel Jonish relating to Alaska.

Subseries 4a. Publications.
The Alaska Highway, by Don Menzies, Edmonton, Alberta: Stuart Douglas, 1943. (illustrated history with photographs and map)
2. Alaska map, The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. CIX, No. 6; June 1956. (1:3,000,000 scale, 35 X 35 inch)
3. "Engineer District Formation Was Start of Alaska Construction Era", and "189 Years of Fighting-Building Service to Nation Celebrated", Fairbanks News-Miner, Tuesday, June 16, 1964, p. 6.
4. "The Cantwell Reindeer Industry 1921-1928", by Jack R. Luick, Alaska Journal, Vol 3, No. 2, pp. 107-113; Spring 1973. (photocopy)
5. The Nome Nugget, Vol. LXXXIX, No. 23; Thursday June 8, 1989.

Subseries 4b. Clippings.
Newspaper clipping: Hometown Reporter--Jonishes leaving Alaska after 24 years; 1965.
2. Newspaper clipping noting the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Jonish's 40th wedding anniversary in Spokane, Washington; Sep. 4, 1966.
3. Newspaper clipping: Home Sweet Home--winter view of station (Cape Lisburne?); n.d.\

Box 2 (Album 1)

Series 5. Photographs; n.d., 1943-1981. 0.3 cu. ft. (368 b&w prints, 71 color prints, 439 total, 383 different)
Alaska Album; n.d., 1943, 1944, 1946-1947, 1949, 1953, 1954, 1959, 1963-1965.(29 b&w prints, 11 color prints, 40 total)
  1. Nome, Alaska; Richter Photos, Nome; Winter 1946-1947. (b&w, 8 X 10 inch)
  2. Blanket Toss, Nome, Alaska; Richter Photos, Nome. (b&w, 8 X 10 inch)
  3. Midnight on the Mackenzie, 1:00 AM wartime, Canol; ca. 1943. (color-tinted, 5 X 7 inch)
  4. Sunset, 11:55 PM, June 24, 1943, N.W.T. Canada, Canol. (color-tinted, 5 X 8 inch)
  5. Midnight Sun at Kotzebue, Alaska; Richter Photos; 1949. (b&w, 5 X 10 inch)
  6. King Island; 1949. (b&w, 8 X 10 inch)
  7. Salcha River; 1953. (b&w, 8 X 10 inch)
  8. Pond at Eielson Air Force Base; 1953. (b&w, 8 X 10 inch)
  9. Worthington Glacier; 1953. (2 b&w, 8 X 10 inch)
  10. Valdez Glacier Trail sign; Mabel and Howard Jonish at Worthington Glacier; Horsetail Falls in Keystone Canyon; waterfalls in Keystone Canyon; Worthington Glacier; a street in Valdez; and a black bear cub on a chain; 1959. (7 color, 3.5 X 5 inch)
  11. #1 and #2 chefs--Howard and Mabel Jonish; 1963. (2 color, 3.5 X 4 inch)
  12. Man and woman washing dishes; n.d. (b&w, 3.5 X 3.5 inch)
  13. Fairbanks: Bill Secor at Eielson Air Force Base; Mabel Jonish and Bill Secor; Mabel and Howard Jonish; front yard of house at 1212 Denali; Mabel Jonish with Fords and Fleigers; Mabel Jonish in interior of house at 1212 Denali; the Jollens dressed up; friends Lloyd and Doris with Mabel Jonish; tomato plants and cucumbers in greenhouse; and Howard Jonish and unidentified man at construction site; 1964, 1965. (18 b&w polaroids, 3.5 X 4 inch)
  14. Howard Jonish in front of Gold Rush Saloon in Fairbanks, and in front of Welcome to Alaska Sign; n.d. (2 color, 3.5 X 4 inch)
  15. Photocopy of original album. (Box 4)
2. Alaska Highway road construction; 1944. (62 b&w prints, 2.5 X 3.5 inch, 33 different) Scenes include black bears, trucks and heavy equipment, a boat plane, a small tug, and sled-dog teams and their drivers.
3. Nome and the Seward Peninsula; n.d., 1946, 1947, 1950, 1981. (61 b&w prints, 53-2.5 X 3.5 inch, 3-3 X 4.5 inch, 5--4 X 5 inch; 3 color prints, 3.5 X 5 inch; 64 total, 61 different)
Johnny Campbell's plane crash on Anvil Mountain--wreckage.
Pilgrim River--scenery and fishing.
Ordinance shop, Marks Field.
Lincoln Hotel wreckage after storm; ca. 1946.
Man with salmon, trout, and dolly varden.
Jonish house in Nome.
Sled-dog team and driver.
Narrow guage railroad and trains, Nome; 1946.
Ptarmigan hunting parties and camp.
Military plane, Howard Jonish and other men next to snowed-in buildings.
Nome River Basin from airplane.
Howard Jonish on street, and the Jonish house in Nome; 1950. (color)
Polar Cub Restaurant, Nome; 1981.
Reindeer flown in for fair; Apr. 1947.
Howard and Mabel Jonish at their 25th wedding anniversary dinner, Bering Sea Club, Nome; 1951.
4. Alaska Album; 1950, 1951. (3 b&w prints, 48 color prints, 51 total)
  1. Mabel and Howard Jonish with gold nugget in pan--Jenk's mine, Our 'Nugget', Kougarok, July 4th 1950. (color-tinted, 5 X 7 inch)
  2. Godsbe's car, stuck at Dexter; Sunset--June 21--1951, 11 o'clock at night; Ice, Nome River, Dexter--July 8, 1951; Our house--Easter Sunday 1951; Ruth Gumbinski, Dexter--July- 8-1951; Howard at Dexter, July-8-1951; Our Trip to Council--Sept. 1950, Spring at Cape Nome; Crossing the Ferry at Safety Lagoon; Stop for coffee, A.R.C. camp, Fish River; Lunch on the Fox River; Fish River--Looking East; Ninilchik River, Council, Alaska, opposite shore; 1950, 1951. (12 yellowed color, 3.5 X 5 inch)
  3. Unidentified construction photos; n.d. (2 b&w, 4 X 5 inch)
  4. Cape Lisburne--construction, shoreline, and rock formations; 1951. (36 yellowed color, 3.5 X 3.5 inch)
  5. Photocopy of original album. (Box 4)
5. Hydraulic gold mining in Kougarok River drainage; ca. 1950. (54 b&w prints, 47-2.5 X 3.5 inch, 7-3 X 4.5 inch, 24 different)
Individuals Identified: Howard and Mabel Jonish, Jim Gilbert, Paul Ablawaluk, Herb and Alice Hudson, John Kakaruk, Ruth Kakaruk, Stella Kakaruk, Joe Mickel, Mr. Waldhelm, and Jim Dexter.
Atlas Creek.
Checker Creek.
Coffee Creek.
Kougarok River Ferry.
Landing strip, two airplanes, and go-devil sled.
6. Scottish Rite Reunion, Nome, Alaska; May 17-20, 1950. (4 b&w prints, 8 X 10 inch)
7. Kotzebue; ca. 1940s. (6 b&w prints, 5-3.5 X 5 inch, 1-4 X 5 inch, 5 different)
Street scene--Rotman Stores, Midnight Sun Theater, and Ferguson Stores.
Alaskan wolf.
Arctic Alaska Adventures Club building.
Kotzebue Grille restaurant.
Eckhardt's Novelties cabin.
8. Valdez and along the Richardson Highway; n.d., ca. 1940s, 1963, 1965. (25 b&w prints, 10-3.5 X 3½ inch, 3-3.5 X 4 inch Polaroids, 13-3.5 X 5 inch, 24 different)
Looking up Main Street, Valdez.
Part of Valdez from the dock.
Bridal Veil Falls, Horsetail Falls, and railroad tunnel in Keystone Canyon.
Worthington Glacier.
Looking toward mounts Drum, Wrangell, and Sanford from Pippin Lake.
Grizzly Gift Shop cabin; 1963.
Columbia Glacier; 1963.
Valdez cemetery signs; 1965.
New Valdez under construction--looking east; 1965.
9. Cape Lisburne, Alaska (Corps of Engineers artist's rendering of site); 1953. (1 b&w print, 9 X 18 inches, oversize in Box 1)
10. Eielson Air Force Base, Comm.[isary?] Building construction; 1954. (6 b&w prints, 4 X 5 inch)

Box 3 (Album 2)

11. Sparrevohn Air Force Base, construction; 1957. (17 b&w prints, 6-4 X 5 inch, 11-8 X 10 inch)
Communication System--Alaska District, Corps of Engineers:
  49. Concrete footings for Tower #2, Tower #5 in background.
  60. Installing sheeting on Tower #3.
  67. POL tank.
  72. Access road to site north end of Equipment Building, #6 antenna over Equipment Building, #1 and #5.
  73. Elevation: Camp site and landing strip in center of picture.
  80. AC&W site taken from white access road.
  I. Runway and camp.
  II. Runway.
  IV. Switchback road.
  VI. Switchback road to radar site.
  VII. Switchback road.
  VIII. Blasting road to radar site.
  IX. Road Construction.
  X. Road construction to radar site.
  XI. Sewage disposal at radar site.
  XII. Placing footing forms for radar tower.
  XIII. Hauling radar material.
12. Driftwood Bay Dew Line Extension construction, Unalaska Island; 1958. (40 b&w prints, 17-3.5 X 4 inch Polaroids, 21-4 X 5 inch, 2-8 X 10 inch, 38 different)
Conditions after spring snow storm.
Crane unloading material from cargo ship at shoreline.
Construction camp site and dining hall.
Road construction.
Construction of buildings and tanks.
Bill Barker--General Superintendent.
Howard F. Jonish--Project Engineer.
James McNamara--Resident Engineer.
13. Northway, Alaska Pipeline Project construction; 1962. (6 b&w prints, 3.5 X 4 inch)
Picnic at Northway Lodge.
Powerhouse Building.
Keith Bounder and Howard Jonish--Project Engineer; Aug. 27, 1962.
Storm; Aug. 30, 1962.
14. Fort Wainwright; 1963-1965. (11 b&w prints, 7-3.5 X 4 inch Polaroids, 4-4 X 5 inch)
Sidewalk and street project; 1963.
Breaking ground for new officers club; July 7, 1964.
Howard and Mabel Jonish inside frame of new officers club; 1965.
Exterior of new officers club; 1965.
Horseshoe Bar in new officers club; 1965.
15. Howard F. Jonish--Corps of Engineers awards and commendations, courses attended; 1964, 1965. (8 b&w prints, 7 different)
  1. Major Esser presenting Certificate of Achievement to Howard Jonish; Aug. 1964. (3 b&w prints, 3.5 X 4 inch, 2 different)
  2. Major Esser presenting Department of the Army Commendation to Howard Jonish; May 1965. (2 b&w prints, 3.5 X 4 inch)
  3. Unidentified class or unit photos; ca 1964. (2 b&w prints, 5 X 7 inch)
  4. Participants at Fort Wainwright award ceremony; ca. 1964. (1 b&w print, 8 X 10 inch)
16. Miscellaneous Photos; n.d., 1948, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1960, 1963, 1965, 1970. (39 b&w prints, 9 color prints, 2.5 X 3.5 to 4 X 5 inch, 48 total)
Mr. and Mrs. Bernier and Mabel and Howard Jonish; 1948.
Jonishes' 25th wedding anniversary dinner, Bering Sea Club, Nome; 1951.
Tommy and Howard(grandchildren); 1954, 1956.
River cabin on Salcha River, Mabel and daughter Leone; 1955.
Mabel at door of travel trailer at Cathedral Bluffs; May 1960.
Blue Angels pilots and planes; July 4, 1960.
Columbia Glacier; 1963.
Dog races, Fairbanks; Mar. 1965.
North American Championship Sled Dog Races; 1965.
Old Jack Wade Dredge.
Bridge on Salcha River 15 miles south of Eielson.
Howard Jonish in tunnel at Fox, Alaska.
Railroad engine at Fort Steele, B.C.; 1970. (color)
Overlooking south end of Lake Okanagan, B.C.; 1970. (color)
Model paddleboat steamer in stream near Revelstroke, B.C.; 1970. (color)
Along Alcan Highway.
Boat trip--Lund, B.C., Malaspina Strait, and Windy Bay in Phillips Arm Inlet. (color)
Road construction camp and area cleared of trees (?); n.d.

Series 6. Post Cards; n.d., 1910, 1911, 1916-1919, 1935, 1945, 1946, 1948, 1954. 0.1 cu. ft. (112 b&w, 15 color, 127 total)
Alaska post cards; Winter & Pond, Juneau; n.d., 1910. (25 b&w photo, numbered)
  6. Wreck of Str. "Mariechen."
  53. Position of wrecked "Princess Sophia" as seen from Vanderbilt Reef.
  54. Last trace of "Princess Sophia" wreck.
  305. Alaska Dog Team.
  311. Catholic Church School, and Hospiltal, Juneau, Alaska.
  316. Alaska Racing Team.
  326. Native Alaskan [child in suspended cradle].
  327. Native Women Curio Sellers, Alaska.
  340. Indian Village--Howkan, Alaska.
  346. Winter Travel, Alaska [dog-sled team, cargo, and drivers at cabin].
  351. Esquimo Mother, Alaska.
  361. Midnight Sun--Yukon River, Alaska.
  365. "The Trail of '98", Klondikers ascending Chilkoot Pass.
  368. The Totem Pole [poem].
  376. King Salmon, Alaska [native man beside suspended fish].
  370. Why Big Game Hunters Like Alaska [combination print, hunter and grizzly].
  380. Breaking Trail in Alaska [dog team, sled, and drivers in deep snow].
  383. An old Sourdough gathering Ice-Worms.
  393. Mt. McKinley, Alaska (Elev. 20,300 ft.) [from oil painting].
  394. "Princess May" wrecked on Sentinel Island, Alaska--August 5th, 1910.
  398. Trolling for King Salmon, Alaska.
   400. Tourist Steamer at Taku Glacier, Alaska.
  404. Alaska Racing Team.
  405. Alaska Dog Team.
  410. A $7,000 Pan of Selected Gold Nuggets from Quartz Creek--Yukon Territory.
2. Alaska post cards; WPco [Winter & Pond], Juneau; n.d., 1916, 1917. (20 b&w photos, numbered)
  #5. "Northwestern" Juneau, Alaska. Jan. 22-16 [ice-covered ship at dock]. (2 copies)
  #6. "Northwestern" Juneau-Alaska Jan. 22-16 [ice on deck of ship].
  12. "A1-K1" wrecked on Point Augusta, Alaska--11-1-17.
  34. S.S. Northwestern Juneau, Alaska.
  53. Alaska Grave Totems.
  64. Alaska Totems.
  65. Totem Pole--Sitka.
  92. Chief Kad-a-shan's Totem. Wrangell.
  93. Kahlteen, Kad-a-shan, Totems at Wrangell, Alaska.
  94. Kahlteen's Totem. Wrangell, Alaska.
  113. A "Whale" of a Fish [whale floating bottom up].
  146. King Is. Dwellings, Bering Sea.
  190. Community Grindstone used by the Russian Colony in 1830.
  235. On the Trail to a Gold Strike--Alaska [man and two dogs pulling freight on a sled].
  236. -A Winter Trail--Alaska [dog team, sled, and drivers descending slope].
  240. "Alaska Prospectors" [two men with five dogs pulling loaded sled].
  245. Beachmining in Alaska.
  407. Northern Lights--Alaska [from oil painting].
  410. Alaska Blue Fox.
  442. Alaska 400 Pound Halibut.
3. Alaska post cards; Winter & Pond or WPco; n.d., 1911, 1918, 1919, 1935. (12 b&w photo, unnumbered)
  1. Wreck of Admiral Evans--Hawk Inlet, Alaska, March 9th 1918.
  2. Diver at work. "Evans" Wreck--Hawk Inlet, Alaska.
  3. "Evans" Wreck--Hawk Inlet--Alaska.
  4. "Northwestern" stranded in Wrangell Narrows. June 1st 1919.
  5. S.S. Northwestern ashore at Eagle River, Alaska. 7-25-33.
  6. "Northwestern" ashore at Eagle River, Alaska.
  7. "Princess Sophia" ten hours after striking Vanderbilt Reef--Oct. 24th 1918.
  8. Pincess Sophia on Vanderbilt Reef.
  9. C.P.R. Co. "Princess Sophia."
  10. Tlingit Basket Sellers, Alaska.
  11. Pet Bears, Juneau Alaska.
  12. Tlingit Potlatch Dancers, Chilkat, Alaska. Copyright, 1911.
4. Alaska post cards; Sawyers; n.d. (2 b&w photo, numbered)
508. "Ma" Goodlatau of Chitina, Alaska--One of the few remaining full-blooded Copper
River Indians.
626. Wild Mountain Sheep.
5. Alaska post cards; Purity Pharmacy, Juneau, Alaska; n.d. (3 b&w photo, numbered)
  11561. Old Deserted Village, Kasaan, Alaska.
  11811. La Conte Glacier, Alaska.
  12202. Portion of Juneau's Halibut Fleet, Juneau Harbor, Alaska.
6. Nome, Alaska; Northwest Magazine Distributors; 1945. (3 b&w photo)
The Nevada Grill building and snow drifts
7. Nome storm damage, Wales, and Post-Rogers plane wreckage near Point Barrow; Jacobs, Nome; n.d., 1935, 1945, 1946. (14 b&w photo)
Storm damage in Nome--Lincoln Hotel, Northern Commercial Co. Bulkhead, etc.;
Oct. 26, 1945. (6)
Storm damage in Nome; Nov. 17, 1946. (6)
Wales, Alaska; n.d. (1)
Post-Rogers crack-up Near Point Barrow; 1935. (1)
8. The Alaska Highway; Provincial News Co. Ltd., Edmonton, Canada; ca. 1940s. (set of 12 b&w photo)
  1. A typical stretch of the Alaska Highway (WIB photo).
  2. Convoy truck Hauling supplies to the head of construction on the Alaska Highway (WIB photo).
  3. Campman Bridge at Slims River, 1565 Miles from the beginning of the Alaska
  4. The Official Canadian-American opening of the Alaska Highway (NFB photo).
  5. Portable Sawmill used by engineers on the Alaska Highway to make lumber for bridges and culverts (WIB photo).
  6. Trail of '42 on the Alaska Highway through bushland and muskeg (WIB photo).
  7. An American Corps of Engineers soldier employed on the Alaska Highway (NFB photo).
  8. Truck rolling down towards Donjek River carrying supplies to the camps on the Alaska Highway (NFB photo).
  9. An Old Indian Village, at Kluane Lake, somewhat augmented by U.S. Army tents, on the Alaska Highway (WIB photo).
  10. A view of the Alaska Highway seen from the shoreline of a northern lake fringed with mighty peaks (WIB photo).
9. Juneau and Skagway panoramas; Johnson, Tranel & Houston, Seattle, Wash.; n.d. (3 color-tinted photo, numbered)
  12. Skagway and the Lynn Canal, Alaska (E. Andrews photo).
  17. Ketchikan and Tongass Narrows, Alaska (Fisher's Studio, Ketchikan photo).
  25. Juneau and Gastineau Channel, Alaska (Winter & Pond, Juneau photo).
10. Alaska post cards; Cann Studio, Fairbanks, Alaska; n.d. (3 color art)
  1. Mt. McKinley from Mt. Eielson, McKinley Park, Alaska.
  2. Trappers cabin, Alaska.
  3. Federal Building, Fairbanks, Alaska.
11. Alcan Highway scenes; F.B. Odenwald photos; n.d. (5 b&w photo)
  1. Ice floes on Peace River.
  2. Peace River Valley.
  3. Fort St. John, B.C.
  4. Alcan Highway.
  5. Alcan Higway and Peace River Valley.
12. Miscellaneous black and white photo post cards--Alaska, Washington, and Canada; n.d., 1935. (13)
  1. Post-Rogers crack-up near Point Barrow; 1935.
  2. Post-Rogers Memorial, Point Barrow.
  3. Bruno of the Alcan Highway [possible F.B. Odenwald photo]; Gowen & Sutton Co. Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
  4. Teller, Alaska.
  5. M.S. Jumper Hitch In Ice Pack, Nome--June 20, 1948.
  6. Alaska's Flag [poem by Mary Drake].
  7. Paxson Lodge Serving "The Trail".
  8. Indian Basket Weaver of Southeastern Alaska.
  9. Midnight Sun on the Yukon River; Gowen, Sutton Co. Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
  10. Mile 642--Alaska Highway [Statler Diner & Tavern sign]; Rumsey & Co. Ltd., Toronto.
  11. Colman Ferry Dock, Seattle, Wash.; VIEWS, Incorporated, Seattle.
  12. Leaving Fort Lewis, Washington by Main Gate; Rothermel News Agency.
  13. Blanchard Greenhouse, Skagway.
13. Miscellaneous color photo post cards--Alaska and Canada; n.d., 1954. (12)
  1. Parker House Motel, Tok, Alaska; Alan-Randal Co., Studio City, Calif.
  2. Dawson Creek, B.C. 1954; Aero Ektachrome by Bill Plaster of Redding, California.
  3. Minstrel Island, B.C. Canada [aerial]; Natural Color Productions Ltd., Burnaby 2, B.C.
  4. Minstrel Island, B.C. Canada [closer aerial]; Natural Color Productions Ltd., Burnaby 2, B.C.
  5. Tourist boat on the Upper Peace River; Kylo Bros., Fort St. John.
  6. The Homestead Motel, Grenfell, Saskatewan.
  7. Welcome to Whitehorse, Yukon [wooden sign]; Mac's Fireweed Books & Gifts, Whitehorse, Yukon. (4 X 6 inch)
  8. Bird's-eye view of Fairbanks, Alaska; Arctic Circle Enterprises, Anchorage. (4 X 6 inch)
  9. Parker House Motel; Alan-Randal Co., Inc., Studio City, Calif. (4.5 X 7 inch)
  10. The Alexander MacKenzie Inn: "Convention Centre of the Peace", Fort St. John, B.C. (3.5 X 8.5 inch)
  11. Aerial view of Fort St. John, British Columbia; Canadian Elvit Co., Vancouver 3, B.C. (5.5 X 9 inch)
  12. Aerial view of Taylor, British Columbia; Canadian Elvit Co., Vancouver 3, B.C. (5.5 X 9 inch)

Box 4

Series 7. Color Slides; n.d., 1948-1965. 0.25 cu. ft. (774 total)

1. Nome and Dredge; ca. 1948-1951. (34)
Nome Hospital.
Gold dredge.
Hydraulic mining.
King Island.
Kotzebue, Alaska.
Native hunting and fishing--seal, walrus, beluga whales.
Reindeer herd.
Jonish house in Nome.

2. Cape Lisburne; ca. 1951. (33)
Construction of station.
Two cargo ships at shoreline.
Small plane landing.
Rock formations and scenery.
Men unloading cargo plane.
Men eating in mess hall.
3. Trip with Leo and Frances to Valdez and Circle Hot Springs; ca. 1954. (52)
Richardson Highway.
Chatanika, Alaska.
Circle Hot Springs.
Hunting trip to Circle, Alaska.
Sourdough Lodge.
Post's Service.
Trappers Den Road House.

4. Slides; ca. 1955. (83)
Engineers Picnic with Major Anderson.
Trip to Seward with the Lennons--Fairbanks to Seward.
Seward, Alaska.
Portage Glacier.
Clear--landing strip construction.
McKinley Park Hotel.
Richardson Highway.
Contact Creek, British Columbia.

5. Parade at Fairbanks; ca. 1957. (28)

6. Sparrevohn Air Force Base construction; 1957. (57)

7. Driftwood Bay DEW Line Extension construction;
ca. 1958. (58)
Unalaska, Alaska.
Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
Cold Bay, Alaska.

8. Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Parade; 1958. (44)
U.S. Army Engineer District, Alaska building.

9. Alaska Trip; 1958. (92)
Seward to Pearl River.
North Pole, Alaska.
Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory.
Frazier River Canyon, British Columbia.
Muncho Lake, British Columbia.
Girdwood, Alaska.
Anchorage, Alaska.
McKinley Park Hotel.
Shasta Dam, California.
Nenana, Alaska.
Alaska Railroad.
Watson Lake Hotel, Yukon Territory.
Haines Junction.

10. Alaska slides; 1960. (55)
Cathedral Bluffs--travel trailer, black bears.
Dredge working on Chicken Creek.
Bridge over Forty Mile River.
Old Jack Wade Creek dredge.
Shrine Circus.
Blue Angels jet aircraft.
Bison at Big Delta Bison Range.

11. Trip to Canada and back; 1961. (28).
Vancouver, British Columbia.

12. Trip to Dawson and construction at Northway; 1962. (57)

13. Trip to Valdez with Marie and Martin; 1963. (54)
Thompson Pass.
Bridal Veil Falls.
Tiekel Road House.
Worthington Glacier.
Copper Center, Alaska.

14. Fairbanks, etc.; 1965. (39)
University of Alaska--flags.
New officers club, Fort Wainwright.
Dog-sled races.
House and grounds.
Valdez cemetery signs.
Tomato plants.
Saddle horse.
15. Commercial travel slides; n.d., 1962. (30)
Howard W. Johnson, Northern Color Film Co., Cooper Landing, Alaska. (14)
  #31. Portage Glacier.
  #44. Double Rainbow.
  #148. Kenai Peninsula Miner's Cabin, Winter.
  #153. Second Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska.
  #169. "Alice" last of the '98ers on the Yukon River.
  #201. Mt. Goat.
  #214. Hunter with Polar Bear.
  #219. Racing Dog Team in Anchorage, Alaska.
  #235. Northward Bldg., Fairbanks at Night.
  #245. Spawning Salmon.
  #301. Fur Seal Cows and Pups, Pribilof Islands.
  #316. Two Alaska Mt. Sheep, Rams.
  #371. Russian Church, Kenai, Alaska.
  #373. Moose Cow and Two Calves.
Mike Roberts Color Slides, Berkeley 2, California. (3)
  S-742. Eskimo in Kayak.
  S-743. Midnight Sun. (multiple exposure)
  S-778. Moose.
W.L. Brewington, Anchorage, Alaska. (3)
Kenai Hiway.
Kenai Lake
Sawyer's Inc.--Seattle Space Needle; 1962. (1)
Other slides. (9)
  Alaska 59001f. Mt. KcKinley Nat. Park, Polychrome Pass.
  Alaska 59015c. Kotzebue, Eskimo Dancer and Drummer.
  Alaska 59019a. Homes at Valdez, The Switzerland of Alaska.
  Alaska 59021a. Mt. McKinley Nat'l Pk., Midnight Sun.
C42. Buffalo-Big Delta.
Caribou Herd.
Bears in Kenai River.
#34. Mt. McKinley.

16. Miscellaneous slides; n.d. (30)
Around Fairbanks.
Harding Lake.