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HICKEL ADMINISTRATION EXIT INTERVIEWS PROJECT. Logs and Audiocassettes; 1994-1995. .35 cu. ft.

These interviews were of thirteen members of the administration of Alaska Governor Walter J. Hickel. They were conducted under a grant project sponsored by the Alaska State Library in conjunction with the Alaska and Polar Regions Library of the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The interviews were conducted by Paul McCarthy and Dave Donaldson in Juneau and Anchorage, Alaska, from November 30, 1994, to January 22, 1995.

The collection contains records of the exit interviews of Edgar Blatchford, John B. Coghill, Charles E. Cole, Jerry Covey, Walter J. Hickel, Max Hodel, Dr. Ted Mala, Harry Noah, Malcomb Roberts, Carl Rosier, Pat Ryan, Shelby Stastny, and Nancy Usera. Included are a typed interview record, logs or outlines of the contents of the interviews, and one or two audio cassette tapes for each of the thirteen interviews. There are a total of twenty-four, sixty minute audiocassette. The logs and tapes are arranged in alphabetical order.

The collection was presented to the archives by the Rasmuson Library in 1995.

JAS (11/1995)

Tape List:

1. Edgar Blatchford, Commissioner, Community and Regional Affairs; Dec. 7, 1994 in Juneau (120 minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-1-1 & 2).

2. John B. "Jack" Coghill, Lt. Governor; Dec. 7, 1994 in Juneau (120 minutes, Tapes Nos. H95-3-6-1 & 2).

3. Charles E. "Charlie" Cole, Attorney General, Dec. 90-Jan. 1994; Dec. 27, 1994 (? minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-8-1 & 2).

4. Jerry Covey, Commissioner, Department of Education; Dec. 7, 1994 in Juneau (120 minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-5-1 & 2).

5. Walter J. Hickel, Governor; Nov. 11, 1994 in Juneau (60 minutes, Tape No. H95-3-2).

6. Max Hodel, Chief of Staff, Dec. 1990-Nov. 1992; Dec. 29, 1994 in Anchorage (120 minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-11-1 & 2).

7. Dr. Ted Mala, Commissioner of Health and Social Services; Dec. 28, 1994 in Anchorage (120 minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-9-1 & 2).

8. Harry Noah, Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources; Jan. 22, 1995 (? minutes, Tape No. H95-3-13).

9. Malcomb Roberts; Dec. 1, 1994 in Juneau (75 minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-3-1 & 2).

10. Carl Rosier (interview record and log missing); Dec. 23, 1994 (? minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-7-1 & 2)

11. Pat Ryan, Chief of Staff, Dec. 1992-May/June 1994; Dec. 29, 1994 in Anchorage (? minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-10-1 & 2).

12. Shelby Stastny, Director of Management and Budget, 1990-94; Dec. 6, 1994 in Juneau (90 minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-4-1 & 2).

13. Nancy Usera, Transition Team (Search Committee), Commissioner, Dept. of Labor (Jan. 1991-Oct. 1994) and Commissioner, Dept. of Administration (Oct. 1991-May 1994) and Chief of Staff (May 1994-Dec. 5, 1994); Jan. 21 in Juneau (120 minutes, Tape Nos. H95-3-12-1 & 2).