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C. WILBERT. Alaska Highway Construction Photographs; 1943-1945. .2 cu. ft.

The photographs in this collection were part of the estate of C. Wilbert, formerly of upstate New York.

This collection, documenting the construction of the Alaska Highway in the 1940s, consists of 211 black and white prints, 18 post cards, and 59 conservation negatives of selected images from the collection. The collection is divided into three series. The first series contains 104 prints issued as part of numbered sets by the U. S. Army. The prints show construction of the Alaska Highway, including work crews, construction equipment, building materials, and the surrounding landscape. The second series contains 107 prints that include images of hospital buildings and staff, construction equipment, wildlife, quonset huts, and includes references to Unit 82, SV 2409, and Ward 3. Several photographs were taken along the Canol Road at Dodo Canyon and Camp Canol. The third series consists of 18 photo post cards showing images of the Alaska Highway, Whitehorse, Taku Glacier, a Public Roads Administration camp, Ft. McMurray, Ft. Smith, and the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2000. An addition was acquired in 2003.

KRH (11/2000)
ABS (5/2003)