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ROBERT WICKMAN. World War II Scrapbook; 1944-1945 .5 cu. ft.

Captain Robert Wickman served with the 11th Air Force in the Aleutians during World War II. Originally from Chicago, he served as a pilot with the 404th Bombardment Group. He flew a B-24 on missions over Japan, including Surabachi, Shismashu, Kurabuzki, Onekotan, Kashiwabara, Matsuwa, and Kataoka. Wickman's service in the Air force earned him the Air Medal with one Oak Cluster, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Captain Wickman served in Alaska and the Aleutians from 1944-1945.

This collection contains a scrapbook of photographs and the combat itinerary of Captain Robert Wickman. Series 1 contains a single page combat itinerary which documents 19 bombing runs made in the Pacific from September 7 through December 6, 1944. Information includes the date of the bombing run, distance, departure time, the aircraft number, the type of mission, and remarks about the flight. Series 2 includes Wickman's scrapbook, which contains 123 black & white photographs relating to his service in the 404th Bombardment Group in Alaska. Series three consists of xerographic copies of the scrapbook and copies of fourteen photographs, which had been removed by a previous owner.

This collection was acquired by the archives in November 2000. Materials were added in January 2001.

KRH (2/2001)


Series 1. Combat Itinerary, Aleutian Islands; Sept. 7 - Dec. 6, 1944.

1. This single page combat itinerary documents 19 bombing runs made in the Pacific from September 7 through December 6, 1944. Information includes the date of the bombing run, distance, departure time, the aircraft number, the type of mission, and remarks about the flight. The remarks include reports of downed enemy planes, and flights canceled due to weather.

Series 2. Scrapbook. 1944-1945.

Photograph Captions:
2. Unidentified Officer in chair.
3. Unidentified Officer in chair.
4. Unidentified Officer in chair.
5. Unidentified Officer in chair.
6. Our Kitchen in Elmendorf, Anchorage, Alaska.
7. Lt. R. M. McFarland, Navigator.
8. Lt. R. M. McFarland, Navigator.
9. Lt. H. P. Oldman, Co-Pilot.
10. Wickman's Bunk
11. Chuck Weniger, Bob Weiss, Bob Wickman.
12. Lt. Murphy, Tech. Rep. Bregson, at the post office.
13. The Navy Flagpole.
14. Lt. Barker.
15. Out Huts, APO 729
16. Unidentified Officer
17. Unidentified Officer.
18. F. O. Boehme. Lt. Murphy, Lt. McFarland.
19. Lt. Weniger.
20. Lt. Henning.
21. Lt. Shorty McFarland.
22. Lt. Murphy.
23. Capt. Moeser and Capt. Beale in front of Operation.
24. Lt. Murphy, Lt. Weniger.
25. Weniger, Me, and Wickman, Nov. '44, Lt. R. A. Weiss.
26. Fireplace
27. New Year's Party 1945, APO 729.
28. New Year's Party 1945, APO 729.
29. Scenery
30. Unidentified Officer.
31. Mountain Peak.
32. Glacier around Northway.
33. Operations Jeep.
34. The dropped Jeep.
35. Lt. Mizzanin, Bombardier, gets a shock by dropping a Jeep.
36. Picking up the Jeep Mizzanin dropped.
37. Illegible, shoreline scene.
38. Nunivak
39. Fisherman's tent on Nunivak
40. Nunivak
41. Left to right: Swift, Oldham, Wickman, Smith, Feb. 1945.
42. Wickman and Oldham in Exposure Suites, February in the North pacific 1945, APO 729.
43. Wickman and Oldham in Life Raft, APO 729, 1945.
44. Lt. Wickman and crew testing exposure suites in the North Pacific, 2-10-45.
45. Blue Fox, APO 729, Feb. 1945.
46. Joker and Boheme.
47. Lt. Weniger and crew.
48. Lt. Blakeway and crew.
49. Lt. Karpanty and crew.
50. Lt. McKinley and crew.
51. Lt. Watkins and crew.
52. Lt. Clinlengbeard and crew.
53. Wickman's crew.
54. Lt. Reynolds and crew.
55. Lt. Newman and crew.
56. Shorty, the navigator always.
57. Smith.
58. Lt. Stacle.
59. Mac, Smith, Oldham, and Wickman.
60. Lt. Jurgenson, our navigator.
61. Mutter, Shorty, Crawford, Smith, Wickman, Evans.
62. Wickman.
63. Oldham.
64. Smith.
65. Lt. Blacklock, Lt. Salzman, Lt. Adams.
66. Oldham and Wickman, APO 729.
67. Lt. Smith.
68. McFarland and Smith, APO 729.
69. Shorty.
70. Oldham.
71. Shorty.
72. Wickman, Daniels.
73. Lt. Weniger.
74. Lt. Boehme.
75. Lt. Murphy.
76. Windell.
77. Oldham.
78. Shorty and Our Hut, notice our sign.
79. Wickman.
80. Snowball fight.
81. Air view.
82. No. 88.
83. No. 88.
84. Wickman at altitude.
85. On our trip from Canada to Anchorage: Northway.
86. Lt. Wickman.
87. On our trip from Canada to Anchorage: Northway.
88. Shoreline.
89. Agattu.
90. Air view.
91. Our trip from Canada to Anchorage: Northway.
92. Lt. Talbot's crew. Shot down in flames over Paramushiro, Japan, Jan. 23, 1945.
93. Agatu Island.
94. Lt. McFarland, Lt. Smith, Lt. Oldham, our hut in the background.
95. Me. Shorty shook the camera.
96. Oldham.
97. Tom Young and i. Shorty double exposed this one.
98. Shorty at Stef McHelends house, Anchorage, Alaska.
99. On our leave at Anchorage, Shorty and Oldham.
100. Shoreline, APO 729.
101. Shorty.
102. A sign of spring, first marble game, APO 729.
103. The gang.
104. Oldham and Wickman, APO 729.
105. Lt. Boehme, the Queen of the Aleutians is in the center.
106. Unidentified.
107. Group of Officers.
108. Group of Officers.
109. Wickman receiving medal.
110. Officer receiving medal.
111. Officer receiving medal.
112. Officers behind bar.
113. Band members.
114. Officers and dates dancing.
115. Officers and dates.
116. Officers and dates dancing.
117. Group of Officers.
118. South Pacific.
119. Alaska flag postcard.
120. Officer.
121. Officer and woman.
122. Unidentified man and woman.
123. Women at party.
124. Officers and women at party.

Series 3. Xerographic copy of scrapbook and removed photos; 1944-1945.

1. Xerographic copy of the Wickman scrapbook, plus copies of 14 photos removed by a previous owner.