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MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM P. SMITH. Tourist Photograph Album; 1891. .2 cu. ft.

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Smith traveled to Southeast Alaska by ship in late 1891.

This collection consists of a photograph album containing 48 black and white prints belonging to Mr. and Mrs. William P. Smith. The images were taken during a cruise through Southeast Alaska in 1891. Subjects include: Glacier Bay; Wrangell Narrows; Muir, Taku and Patterson glaciers; the towns of Wrangell, Juneau, Douglas and Sitka; Treadwell Mine; Baranof Castle; Alaska Native traders; the Russian Orthodox Church at Sitka; and waterfalls and other scenery.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

KRH (6/2001)

Photograph list:

1. Bella Bella, British Columbia.
2. Water-fall, Graham Reach, Princess Royal Island, B. C.
3. Water-fall, Frazer Reach, B. C.
4. Water-fall, Graham Reach, B.C.
5. Totem Poles, Fort Wrangell, Alaska.
6. Totem Poles, Fort Wrangell.
7. Chief's Grave with Totems, Fort Wrangell.
8. Totem Pole, Fort Wrangell.
9. Taku Glacier, Alaska. (2 images)
10. Taku Inlet.
11. A glacier, Taku Inlet, Alaska.
12. Sunset 10 P.M., Alaska.
13. Wrangell Narrows.
14. Wrangell Narrows, Alaska.
15. Patterson Glacier, Alaska. 1st glacier seen.
16. Treadwell Mine, Douglas City, opposite Juneau, Alaska.
17. Treadwell Mine.
18. Juneau, Alaska.
19. Indians trading, Douglas City, Alaska.
20. Juneau.
21. Pres. (Presbyterian) Church, Juneau.
22. Juneau.
23. Indian Canoe, Juneau.
24. Reflection of Muir Glacier, Alaska.
25. Crevasse, Muir Glacier, Alaska.
26. Muir Glacier, Alaska. (2 images)
27. Ice, Top of Muir Glacier.
28. H. Forbes on tip top of Muir Glacier.
29. Ice, top of Muir Glacier.
30. Top of Muir.
31. Ice-bergs, Glacier Bay, Alaska.
32. Ice-bergs, Glacier Bay, Alaska.
33. Ice-bergs, Glacier Bay, Alaska.
34. Ice-bergs, Glacier Bay, Alaska.
35. Indian Traders, Government building, Sitka, Alaska.
36. Indian totem, salmon drying, Sitka.
37. Russian fort of refuge from Indians in time of war. Sitka.
38. Suspension Bridge, Indian River, Sitka.
39. Water mill, Sitka.
40. Greek Church (front view) Sitka.
41. Tree growing from top of a rock. Town Hall, Sitka.
42. Baranof Castle, Sitka.
43. Greek Church (side view) Sitka.
44. Baranof Castle, Sitka.
45. Davidson Glacier, 10:30 P. M., Alaska.
46. Ice-berg. Glacier Bay, Alaska.