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JAMES J. MULALLY (1879-1933). Papers; 1913. .1 cu. ft.

James J. Mullally was born in Ireland in 1879. His family emigrated to Washington, and then to Idaho. Mullally was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. He earned degrees from the universities of Idaho and Michigan, and was admitted to the bar in Idaho and Alaska, where he practiced law and also worked as a miner. He moved to Fairbanks in 1907, and later established a store at Fox. Mullally was elected to Alaska's first territorial government in 1912, but resigned his position due to illness. In 1913, he married Agusta Gunderson, and later had two sons. Mullally returned to Washington in 1913, where he owned and operated merchantile and automobile businesses until 1929. James Mullally died in Santa Rosa, California, in 1933.

This collection consists of three documents relating to James Mullally's election to, and resignation from, the first Alaska Territorial Legislature, 1912 and 1913. The first document, dated February 21, 1913, is a certificate of election stating that J. J. Mullally was elected as a Representative to the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Alaska. The document is signed by the Territorial Governor, Surveyor General, and Collector of Customs. The second document is a letter, dated March 21, 1913, to Mr. Mullally, from Representative Earnest B. Collins of Fox, Alaska. The letter addresses Mullally's request to resign his position as representative, and the subsequent debate in the House as to the proper procedure for accepting said resignation. The third document is a copy of Alaska Territorial Legislature House Resolution No. 8, dated March 21, 1913. The resolution outlines Mullally's election, reasons for his resignation, including being in Idaho at the time of his nomination, and ill health. It further declares that Mullally's resignation was accepted and certified by the House of Representatives.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

KRH (6/2001)