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MRS. A. A. NICHOL. Letter; 1901. .1 cu. ft.

Mrs. A. A. Nichol lived in Nome, Alaska, in 1901.

This collection consists of a single letter written by Mrs. A. A. Nichol to Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lockwood of Salem Oregon. The letter is dated August 15, 1901, and post marked from Nome on August 19th, 1901. The letter describes Mrs. Nichol's life in Nome, including the inconsistency of the mail service, the weather, and mutual friends. She describes their plan to leave Nome for the winter, and return the following spring to tend to business that could not be abandoned. Mrs. Nichol also relates how she has started speculation in dog breeding and sales, through which she expected to make a moderate amount of money.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

KRH 6/2001