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ANONYMOUS ALASKA TOURIST. Photograph Album; 1952. .2 cu. ft.

The woman who created this photograph album was apparently a member of a Baptist tour group from the eastern United States. The group traveled through the Northern Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States and Canada. For the Inside Passage portion of their trip, the group sailed aboard the M.S. Chilcotin, owned by Union Steamships, Ltd.

The collection consists of the photographs from a small tourist album of a trip to Alaska taken during the period of August 28 to September 16, 1952. The collection includes the album cover, an introductory page, one black and white print, and 61 Kodacolor prints, all arranged in original order. Subject of the photographs include: tour group members; Lake Louise, Banff, and Mount Eisenhower in Alberta; Ocean Falls and Lake Bennett in British Columbia; the Yukon and White Pass Railroad between Skagway and Whitehorse; Ketchikan and Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska; Mount Rainier and Yakima in Washington; and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2001.

JAS (10/2001)

Photograph list:

Photographs in original order (1 b&w print, 4 X 4 inch; 61 Kodacolor prints, 3.5 X 5 inch).

"My Trip to Alaska. Aug. 28, 1952 - Sept. 16, 1952. Traveled 10,000 by plane, train, bus and boat. 2200 miles on the Good Ship Chilcottin" (first page of original album).

1. "Our party on deck." Deck of M. S. Chilcotin.(b&w print).
2. "Mayme in front of Chateau." Lake Louise, Alberta.
3. "Mt. Eisenhower. 9380 ft." Mount Eisenhower, Alberta.
4. Mountain scenery.
5. Creek or pond.
6. "Mr. Voight in a flower garden."
7. "Between Banff & Lake Louise. Garden and greenhouses.
8. "Lake Louise." View from hotel.
9. "Banff Springs Hotel. Had lunch here." Banff, Alberta.
10. "Flower beds in front of Chateau." Lake Louise, Alberta.
11. "Mayme & I at Lake Louise."
12. "Ruth at Lake Louise."
13. "Boarding one of our Chartered buses." Brewster Transport.
14. "The Chilcottin. Our home for 10 days." M. S. Chilcotin at dock.
15. "Scene on the Inside Passage to Alaska."
16. "A light house."
17. "Another beautiful view."
18. View on Inside Passage.
19. "Looking at the scenery."
20. "View of a glacier."
21. "The ship turning."
22. "One of the main water falls."
23. "Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau Alaska."
24. "This glacier is 1½ miles wide, 11½ miles long, 7 to 8 ft. deep."
25. "Road to Lake Bennett. A narrow gauge road." Yukon and White Pass Railroad.
26. "On the road to Lake Bennett. White Horse Pass." White Pass, British Columbia.
27. "Ruins of an old church at Lake Bennett." Lake Bennett, British Columbia.
28. Tour group posing with porter in front of railroad passenger car.
29. "A fishing fleet."
30. "A street in Ketchikan." Downtown scene with neon city sign.
31. "Mayme & I at Ketchikan."
32. "A street in Ocean Falls." Ocean Falls, British Columbia.
33. "Mrs Borroughs, Mayme, and I at Ocean Falls, Alaska."
34. "Ruth at Ocean Falls."
35. "A view at Mt. Rainier."
36. Woman sitting above "Yakima Park, Elev. 6400" sign.
37. "Eldon Wetzel." Man loading camera at roadside.
38. "Tour group posing in front of railroad passenger car. "Baptist Tour" sign on car.
39. "Mt. Rainier." View from switchback roadway.
40. "Mt. Rainier, Wash." View from visitor parking lot.
41. "Lake at Mt. Rainier."
42. "Mt. Rainier."
43. "Bears along the way to Yellowstone Park." Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
44. "Buffalo along the way." Elk and bison in fenced grazing area.
45. Bison in forest clearing.
46. "A heard of Buffalo."
47. "On the road to Yellowstone Park." Black bears on roadway.
48. "Mrs. Burroughs looking at a Pool." Hot mineral pool.
49. "Another pool."
50. "Steam coming out of the ground."
51. "The morning along Pool."
52. "Our party walking toward our bus." View of Old Faithful Lodge.
53. "Yours Truly at Yellowstone Park."
54. Tourists on wooden walkway in geyser area.
55. "One of the Geyser Old Faithful."
56. Tourists on steps next to Apollinaris Spring sign.
57. "They stopped for a look along the way."
58. "View from the bus."
59. "On the road to Yellowstone."
60. "Old Faithful." Geyser erupting with park ranger in foreground.
61. Rock cliff on lake.
62. "The Chinook Hotel Yakima Wash."