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MYRTLE LENAGER. Tourist Scrapbook; 1951. .45 cu. ft.

Mrs. Myrtle Lenager, of Greensburg, Kansas, traveled to the Western United States, Canada, and Alaska, in 1951. Traveling with Mrs. Lenager were her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. William Batchelder and their son, and her sister, Dr. Blanche Sharpe. The group left Dr. Sharpe's home in Crookston, Minnesota, on July 18, 1951, and traveled through Alberta and the Yukon Territory, finally reaching Fairbanks, Alaska on July 28, 1951. After continuing to Haines, the group drove to British Columbia, with stops in Jasper and Banff National Parks, Vancouver and Victoria. After leaving Canada, they traveled to Seattle, California, Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, and several other states before returning home. The entire trip encompassed 13,095 road miles and included fourteen U.S. states, three Canadian provinces, and the territory of Alaska.

This collection consists of a scrapbook created by Mrs. Myrtle Lenager. The scrapbook details her trip through the Western United States, Alaska, and Canada in 1951. Included in the seventy eight page album are 51 black and white photos, 25 black and white photo post cards, 83 color post cards, and 6 color post card sets. The photos and post cards depict the cities, towns, and sites visited by Mrs. Lenager while she was traveling in the U.S. and Canadian west. Also included in the scrapbook are maps of the areas visited, newspaper clippings describing travel to Alaska, brochures, and a local news story about Mrs. Lenager's trip.

This collection was acquired by the archives in 2002.

KRH (2/2002)