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CHARLES DAVID LEE. World War II Photographs and Papers; n.d., 1940, 1944-1945. .2 cu. ft.

Charles David Lee was from Montgomery, Alabama. He was a soldier with the Eleventh Air Force during World War II, and was stationed for a time at Adak Army Airfield. Lee was possibly a civil engineer involved in designing and building aircraft facilities such as landing strips.

The collection consists of the World War II era photographs and papers of Charles David Lee. The collection contains: 86 original black and white photographic prints; 62 original black and white photographic negatives and corresponding contact prints; six copy prints from original negatives (4 X 5 inches); two U.S. War Department publications; a local draft board notice of classification (1940); a selective service registration certificate card (1945); two Attu and one Aleutians Alaska Defense Command paper pennants; and a set of dog tags and chain for Leroy McCentre, Jr. Subjects of the photographs include Charles David Lee, fellow soldiers, scenes on Adak Army Airfield and Adak Island, aircraft and aircraft wreckage, landing strips, radio equipment, surveying equipment, and Lee's family. The two War Department publications are: the photo-illustrated book, The Capture of Attu: As Told by Men Who Fought There (The Infantry Journal, Fighting Forces Series, 1944), and the pamphlet, Going Back to Civilian Life (No. 21-4, 1945).

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2002.

JAS (4/2002)