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RICHARD C. RIVETT. World War II Service Papers; 1943-1945. .2 cu. ft.

Richard Cameron Rivett was from Sacramento, California. He enlisted in the armed services in 1942, becoming a communications officer with the United States Army Air Corps. Rivett's main duty stations in Alaska were at Adak Army Airfield and Shemya Island. He was appointed as an aviation cadet in October 1942, and promoted to the ranks of second leiutenant (Mar. 1943), and first leiutenant (Dec. 1943). Rivett attended the Technical School, AAFTTC, at Yale University; the Army Air Force School of Applied Tactics in Orlando, Florida; and the Engineer Camouflage School Aviation No. I AAB, at March Field, California. He was assigned to the following units: 55th Fighter Control Squadron, Seattle, Washington (Mar. 1943); 412th AAF Base Unit, Seattle (Apr. 1944); 426d AAF Base Unit, Camp Pinedale, Fresno, California (June 1944); AAF Overseas Replacement Depot, Kearns, Utah (Nov. 1944); Casual Squadron-C2, Fort Lawton, Seattle (Dec. 1944); Alaska Department Replacement Battalion, Fort Richardson (Dec. 1944); 11th Fighter Control Squadron, Adak (Dec. 1944); and Signal Headquarters, Aircraft Warning Service, XI Fighter Command, Shemya (Sep. 1945).

The collection consists of the World War II service papers of Richard C. Rivett. The collection contains: orders (Mar. 1943-Nov. 1945, original and xerographic copies); 3 items of correspondence (Mar. 1943, Nov. 1945); Rivett's copy of his officer's qualification card (Apr. 1944); lists of signal equipment in use in fighter control installations in the Near Island Wing (Shemya, July 1945); miscellaneous personnel records; miscellaneous military receipts; and six black and white photographs (4 different). The orders document schools attended, promotions, duty assignments, transfers, leaves, and travel. The miscellaneous personnel records concern such issues as pay, foreign service, training, immunizations, and leaves. The photographs are official U.S. Army Air Forces photographs from Adak. They show a radar receiver and soldiers launching balloons, possibly to test radar equipment. In addition, there are 4x5 black and white copy negatives of the prints in the collection.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2002.

JAS (4/2002)