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KENNETH QUADE; Color Slides ca. 1960-1970. .1 cu. ft.

Kenneth Quade traveled extensively in Alaska and Yukon Territory. He is an author who published books about his trips and biotechnology.

The collection consists of the color photographic slides of Kenneth Quade, taken on his trip from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Fairbanks, Alaska on the Alaska Highway. The slide collection, entitled "Along the Alaska Highway," was published by Blackhawk Films of Davenport, Iowa. The collection contains 40 slides primarily of the highway, road signs, vehicles traveling the Highway, buildings, and bridges. Some of the slides in the collection were taken at: Dawson Creek, B.C., Peace River Bridge, Liard River Bridge, Muncho Lake, Liard Hot Springs, Whitehorse, Haines Junction, Kluane Lake, Soldiers' Summit, Destruction Bay, Beaver Creek, Tok Junction, and Fairbanks. Many slides include information about the mile marker location where the image was taken.

The collection was acquired by the archives in January 2003.

ABS 03/2003

Slide List:

726-1. "Sign at Dawson Creek, B.C., beginning of the Alaska Highway."
726-2. "Peace River Bridge, mile 35.3."
726-3. "Mile 844 - end of black top - start of gravel."726-4. "Mile 250 - Alaska Highway in foreground and in far distance."
726-5. "Tire trouble - not uncommon on the Alaska Highway."
726-6. "Steamboat Mountains and Indian Head Rock - Mile 358.
726-7. "Typical billboard along Alaska Highway."
726-8. "Horses owned by pack train outfitter use highway to get away from mosquitoes."
726-9. "Scenery at mile 430."
726-10. "Mile 496 - Liard River Bridge."
726-11. "Typical service station and restaurant combination found along Alaska Highway."
726-12. "One type of vehicle seen frequently along the Alaska Highway."
726-13. "Misfortune along the highway - this house trailer destroyed by fire."
726-14. "Dust! One of the hazards along the Alaska Highway."
726-15. "Trucks hauling pipe for oil line from Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek."
726-16. "Gas isn't cheap! Imperial gallons contain five U. S. quarts."
726-17. "Indian and dog hitching a ride."
726-18. "Muncho Lake - mile 460."
726-19. "Looking back at Muncho Lake - mile 460."
726-20. "Liard Hot Springs - mile 496."
726-21. "Contact Creek - mile 588.1 Here construction of Alaska Highway from north met construction from the south, October, 1942."
726-22. "Entering Yukon Territory - about mile 625."
726-23. "Time change to Yukon Time - about mile 625."
726-24. "Entering Whitehorse, Yukon Territory - mile 928."
726-25. "Road signs outside of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory - mile 920."
726-26. "Indian graveyard - mile 950."
726-27. "Haines Junction - mile 1016."
726-28. "Boutiller Summit, highest point between Whitehorse and Fairbanks - mile 1049.8."
726-29. "Highway scene."
726-30. "Kluane Lake - mile 1060."
726-31. "Soldiers' Summit where formal ceremony opening Alaska Highway was held Nov. 2, 1942 - mile 1061."
726-32. "Tramway leading to communications tower on mountain top."
726-33. "Destruction Bay - mile 1083."
726-34. "Alak/Kon Lodge at Alaska-Yukon border - mile 1202."
726-35. "Canada Customs at Beaver Creek, Alaska-Yukon border - mile 1202."
726-36. "'Welcome to Alaska' sign - mile 1221."
726-37. "Alaska-Canada border - mile 1221 - 'end of gravel, start of gravel.'"
726-38. "Typical Alaska scene along highway."
726-39. "Tok Junction, U. S. Customs - mile 1314."
726-40. "Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce - mile 1527."