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TOM FARADAY. Tourist Photograph Album; 1939-1940. .1 cu. ft.

Tom Faraday was one of eight boys from Presidio Junior High School in San Francisco, California who traveled to Alaska in 1940 as Junior Ambassadors from the Golden Gate Exposition of 1939-1940. The other boys were Bob Smith, Darrell Meyers, Don Siegel, Dick Mallett, Stanley Mendelson, Don Mauser, and Mike Lando.

The collection contains a xerographic copy of the original twelve-page album, 60 black and white photographic prints, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia. Photographs were taken at various locations in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. Locations depicted in the photographs from California, Oregon, and Washington include: Presidio Junior High School; the Catholic church at Asti; Richardson Grove; Portland; and the Washington State Capitol. Subjects in British Columbia include: the Parliament Building and Empress Hotel in Victoria; Campbell River; the pier at Sayward; Albert Bay; canneries at Bella Bella and Butedale; Prince Rupert; and Hardy Bay. Other photographs relate to Hyder, Alaska. Other subjects of the photographs include group portraits of the boys and the bus on which the boys traveled for a portion of the trip. The memorabilia include: a menu from the Union Steamships Company; a United Airlines coupon for a free flight and tour; and a special events pass to the Golden Gate International Exposition at Treasure Island, San Francisco, California.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2003.

ABS (3/2003)

Photograph list:

Page 1:
Union Steamship Catala menu; July 2, 1940.

Page 2: Photographs (2 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inches).
1. "Richardson Grove Warden's Office" photograph; 1939.
2. "Oregon Coast" photograph; 1939.

Page 3: Clippings.
1. "Youths to Be Ambassadors," Treasure Island News; June 14, 1940.
2. Untitled; ca. June, 1940.
3. "Ideal weather lures thousands to island;" ca. June 16, 1940.
4. "Today at the Fair," San Francisco Examiner; ca. June, 1940.
5. "Fathers' Day;" ca. June, 1940.

Page 4: Clippings and Memorabilia.
1. "Schoolboys On Good Will Tour" clipping, Victoria Daily Times; June 27, 1940.
2. B. R. Hubbard SJ. autograph; no date.
3. "Boys here on courtesy call" clipping, The Daily Colonist; June 27, 1940.
4. United Air Lines flight and tour invitation; June 25, 1940.
5. Golden Gate International Expedition special event pass; June 1940.

Page 5: Photographs (6 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inches).
1. "Front of the car."
2. "The trailer."
3. "The kids" (boys sitting on the trailer).
4-5. "Leaving from the Fair" (boys sitting on the trailer).
6. "Waving Goodbye."

Page 6: Photographs (6 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inches).
1. "Richardson Grove" state park sign.
2. "Ell River."
3. "California Coast."
4. "Rowdy Creek School."
5. "Oregon State Line" sign.
6. "84 fish caught at Lake Tack."

Page 7: Photographs (6 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inches).
1. "Portland, Oregon."
2. "First Train on Western coast."
3. "Columbia River."
4. "Washington State Capitol."
5. "Triton Cove," Washington.
6. "The plane we flew over Seattle in," United Airlines passenger plane.

Page 8: Photographs (8 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inches).
1. "Parliament Building, Victoria, British Columbia."
2. "Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia."
3. "Boat in Victoria."
4. "Butchart Gardens."
5. "Unknown Soldier" World War 1 memorial statue.
6. "A small river in British Columbia."
7. "The Princess Elaine."
8. "Campbell River," British Columbia.

Page 9: Photographs (7 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inches).
1. "Sayward" pier.
2. "Timber."
3. "Logging Train."
4. "Albert Bay."
5. "Bella Bella" Gosse Packing Corp. cannery.
6. "Butedale" Canadian Fishing Co. Office.
7. "Hyder, Alaska" pier."

Page 10: Photographs (6 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inches).
1. "Hyder, Alaska" Traversy's building.
2. "Wales Island Cannery."
3. Unidentified building on pier.
4. "Prince Rupert" Canadian National railway station.
5. "Hardy Bay."
6. Unidentified building on pier.

Page 11: Photographs (9 b&w prints, 2.75 X 3.75 inches).
1-2. "Leaving San Francisco" crowd on sidewalk in front of Presidio Junior High School.
3-4. "Leaving San Francisco" tour bus in front of Presidio Junior High School.
5-6. "Leaving San Francisco" boys in front of tour bus.
7. "City of Selma" tour bus.
8. "Asti," California, Catholic church.
9. "Bus's wheel."

Page 12: Photographs (10 b&w prints, 2.75 X 3.75 inches).
1. "At Richardson's Grove."
2. "Mr. Miller."
3. Unckle Jim."
4. "Gordon."
5. "Ell River."
6. "Gordon."
7. "Our camp."
8. "Elk."
9. "Oregon Coast."
10. "Oregon Coast."