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HERMAN AUGUST FRANK BINSCHUS (1896-1979). Application and Permit to Enter Alaska; 1943. .1 cu. ft.

Herman Binschus was born in Danville, Illinois in 1896 and died in Portland, Oregon in 1979. He applied for permission to enter Alaska at Yakutat in 1943 as an employee of the American Can Company.

This collection consists one four-page document: Herman Binschus' application and permit to enter Alaska from the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army Alaska Travel Control. The application includes a photograph of Mr. Binschus, fingerprints, physical description, 10-year residence and occupational history, references, military service, information about his parents and wife, and information about his reason for entering Alaska. The permit was approved and notes that Mr. Binschus was allowed to disembark at Yakutat in May, 1943.

The collection was donated to the archives by Mary Ellen McFadden in 2003.

ABS (03/2003)