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D. S. CLARK. Alaska Circle Tour Photograph Album; 1927. .25 cu. ft.

D. S. Clark was a tourist who visited Alaska and Northwest Canada in 1927. His tour included travel from Seattle through Victoria, Ketchikan, Skagway, Whitehorse, Dawson, Eagle, Fort Yukon, Tanana, Nenana, Fairbanks, Seward, Valdez and Wrangell, among other localities. The tour group traveled the following routes: the Inside Passage by steamship to Skagway; the Yukon and White Pass Railway to Whitehorse; down the Yukon River to Tanana by riverboat steamer; up the Tanana River to Nenana; the Alaska Railroad north to Fairbanks and then south to Seward; east on Prince William Sound to Valdez by steamship; and returned via the Inside Passage. Mr. Clark stopped at Crater Lake, Oregon, on his way home.

The collection consists of D. S. Clark's Alaska circle tour photograph album. The collection contains the original album, including 203 prints, 32 of which are photo post cards, 55 copy negatives of selected images, and an Alaska tour map from the center of a promotional tourist pamphlet. The photographs in the album document Mr. Clark's tour and include cities, towns, villages, parks, rivers, railroads, glaciers, steamships, and riverboat steamers. The cities, towns and villages include Seattle, Victoria, Ketchikan, Skagway, Carcross, Whitehorse, Dawson, Nation, Eagle, Little Salmon, Fort Yukon, Fairbanks, Valdez, and Wrangell. The parks include Rainier National Park, McKinley National Park, and Crater Lake National Park. The rivers include the Yukon, Tanana, Nenana and Copper. The railroads include the Yukon and White Pass Railway, the Alaska Railroad, and the Copper River and Northwest Railway. The glaciers include the Sumdrum, Taku, Columbia, Spencer, Childs and Miles glaciers. The steamships include the Challamba, Aleutian, and Admiral Watson. The riverboat steamers include the Canadian, Dawson and Yukon.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2003.

JAS (3/2003)


Note: Photograph descriptions with an asterisk (*) after them are from a series of prints provided to tour participants after completing the tour. The size of these original prints is 3.5 X 5.75 inches. Photo post cards in the album are all standard size, 3.5 X 5.5 inches. Descriptions with a pound sign (#) after them have 4 X 5 inch copy negatives of the image.

Page 1 (3 b&w prints):
1a. "Seattle Wash." Harbor scene.*
1b. "D.S. Clark" Man aiming bow and arrow (3.25 X 4.25 inch).
1c. "A. P. Mann" Woman aiming bow and arrow (2.25 X 4.25 inch).

Page 2 (1 b&w print, 8 X 10 inch):
2a. "Mount Rainier, June 28, 1927" Group of ten men and women on skis on slope below mountain top.

Page 3 (1 b&w print, 8 X 10 inch):
3a. "Nisqually Glacier" Group of ten men and women standing next to crevasse on glacier.

Page 4 (4 b&w photo post cards):
4a. "Paradise Inn and Tatoosh Range, June, Rainier National Park"; Ranapar Studio, T-11, 1923.
4b. "An Alpine Glade, Paradise Valley, Rainier National Park"; Ranapar Studio, T-96, 1925.
4c. "The Mountain From Inspiration Point, Rainier National Park"; Ranapar Studio, T-24, 1923.
4d. "Storm-Blown Firs at Edge of Nisqually Glacier, Rainier National Park"; Ranapar Studio, T-39, 1923.

Page 5 (4 b&w prints):
5a-c. "New Black Diamond Coal Mine, Pacific Coast Coal Co., Seattle." Man and woman posing with mine employees at entrance to mine.*
5d. "Government Dry Dock, Victoria, B. C." View of dry dock and ship from above.*

Page 6 (3 b&w prints):
6a. Steamship Challamba in dry dock.*
6b. Hoist at dry dock.*
6c. Rear of steamship with propeller in dry dock.*

Page 7 (4 b&w prints):
7a. "Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C."*
7b. "Victoria Harbor." *
7c. "Near Vancouver" View from ship.*
7d. "Tide Rips in Seymour N[arrows]"; Thwaites, 2117 (photo post card sent to Mrs. W. C. Clark of Alhambra, California, from D. S. Clark).

Page 8 (4 b&w prints):
8a. "Scene from Streamers Deck, Alaska."; Thwaites, Y.32 (photo post card sent from D. S. Clarks to Mrs. W. C. Clark, Alhambra, California).
8b. "Sumdrum Glacier" Distant view from ship.*
8c. "Chief Johnson's Totem and Residence, Ketchikan, Alaska."; T04 (photo post card).#
8d. "15343. Totem Pole of Thlinget Chief Kian, Ketchikan, Alaska"; T018 (photo post card).#

Page 9 (4 b&w prints):
9a-d. "Taku Glacier" Four different views.*

Page 10 (4 b&w prints):
10a. "Iceberg Near Taku" Tourist looking at iceberg from ship railing.*#
10b. "Taku Glacier" (photo post card).
10c. "Auke Lake and Mendenhall Glacier"; W.C.W. (photo post card).
10d. "Skagway Alaska from Mt Dewey" (photo post card).

Page 11 (4 b&w prints):
11a. "Pullen House Skagway" (photo post card).
11b. "Blanchard Garden, Skagway, Alaska." (photo post card).#
11c. Skagway Street Car automobile parked on boardwalk.#*
11d. "Dead Horse Gluch [Gulch], White Pass & Yukon Route." (photo post card).

Page 12 (3 b&w prints):
12a. "Behind Lake Bennett."*
12b. "Lake Bennett."*
12c. "Boundary, British Columbia - Alaska" View of station, flags, platform, and snow fences.*#

Page 13 (4 b&w prints):
13a. "Steel Bridge, W. P. & Y. Ry." View of train crossing bridge (photo post card).#
13b. "Portage to Lake Atlin" Small locomotive and train running next to lake (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
13c. "Str. Tutshi W. P. Y. R., Carcross, Yukon, Canada." (photo post card).
13d. "The Atlin Inn, Atlin, B.C."; Courtesy Canadian National Railway (photo post card).

Page 14 (3 b&w prints):
14a. "Atlin Mt., Atlin, B.C." (photo post card).
14b. "Gold Mine, Lake Atlin" Tourists viewing operations at drift mine.*#
14c. "Sleuce Box" Tourist and water flume.*#

Page 15 (4 b&w prints):
15a-d. "Miles Canyon near Whitehorse, Y. T." Four different views.*# (15b only)

Page 16 (3 b&w prints):
16a. "Whitehorse Rapids."*
16b. "Lewes River at Whitehorse, Y. T." (2.75 X 4.5 inch).
16c. "River Boat, Whitehorse to Dawson" Riverboat steamer Casca pulling into dock.*#

Page 17 (4 b&w prints):
17a & b. "Yukon River" Views from riverboat.*
17c & d. "Five Finger Rapids" Views from riverboat.*

Page 18 (4 b&w prints):
18a-d. "Five Finger Rapids" Four different views from riverboat.* (18c only)

Page 19 (4 b&w prints):
19a. Riverboat steamer Canadian of Victoria, B.C. in Five Finger Rapids.*#
19b. "Five Finger Rapids" View from riverboat.*
19c. View of rapids.*
19d. "Str. Dawson, Wrecked Aug. 1926" View of the riverboat Dawson of Victoria, B.C. from behind, floundering in river.*#

Page 20 (4 b&w prints):
20a. "Loading Fuel" Men loading wood from piles on bank of river.*#
20b. View of riverbank.*
20c. "Dawson" View of city from across river.*
20d. "Gold Dredge."*

Page 21 (4 b&w prints):
"Gold Mining, Klondike":
21a. Dredge tailings.*
21b. Scenic view.*
21c. "Dredge" View of front of dredge.*
21d. View out the rear of the dredge.*

Page 22 (4 b&w prints):
22a. "Nation Alaska" View of town from river.*#
"Eagle Alaska":
22b. Riverboat Yukon at Eagle.*#
22c & d. Street scenes at Eagle, including Riverside House and Northern Commercial Company store.*#

Page 23 (4 b&w prints):
"Yukon River":
23a, c, & d. River views from riverboat.*
23b. "Little Salmon, Alaska" View of village from riverboat.*#

Page 24 (4 b&w prints):
"Fort Yukon":
24a. View of town from river.*
24b. View of bend in the river.*
24c. "Hospital" Hospital in Fort Yukon with greenhouse.*#
24d. People and freight on riverbank at Fort Yukon.#*

Page 25 (4 b&w prints):
25a. "Fort Yukon, Alaska" Panorama of the town in four sections (Cropped and pasted panoramic view and four full prints comprising panorama attached to page).#*

Page 26 (4 b&w prints):
26a. "Calico Bluff."*
26b. "Yukon River, 11:20 P.M. July 16, 1927."*
26c. "Salmon Wheel" Fish wheel on river.*
26d. Distant view of Fort Yukon from river.*

Page 27 (3 b&w prints):
27a. "Fort Yukon, 12°F, July 17, 1927" Close-up of thermometer.*
27b & c. "Sunset North of Arctic Circle 11: P.M., July 17, 1927."*

Page 28 (4 b&w prints):
28a. "Sunrise."*
"Snapshots of Sunrise, Beaver, Alaska, July 18, 1927":
28b. "2 A.M."*
28c. "2:25 A. M."*
28d. "2:45 A. M."*

Page 29 (1 b&w print, 6 X 10 inch):
29a. Sunset on Yukon River.

Page 30 (1 b&w print, 5 X 7 inch):
30a. Sunset scene on Yukon River with trees in foreground and bluff in distance.

Page 31 (4 b&w prints):
31a. "Salmon Drying 1:30 A.M., Beaver, Alaska" Drying rack with pitched roof.*#
31b. "Tanana River."*
31c. "Famous Tanana River, Alaska"; Cann (photo post card).
31d. "Fishing Settlement, Tanana River" Fish camp with fish wheel on river.*#

Page 32 (4 b&w prints):
32a. "Fish Camp on Tanana River, Alaska." (photo post card).#
32b. "Alaska Fish Wheel" (photo post card).
32c. "Fairbanks From Airplane" (photo post card).
32d. "Galloway Yak, U.S. Exp. Sta., Fairbanks, Alaska."*#

Page 33 (4 b&w photo post cards):
33a. "Dredging - Fairbanks District" Dredge in operation.
33b. "Gold Dredging, Fairbanks, Alaska" View of dredging pond and tailings; Cann.
33c. "Placer Mining, Fairbanks, Alaska" Drift mine scene.#
33d. Drift mine scene.#

Page 34 (3 b&w prints):
34a. "Placer Mining - Fairbanks." Drift mine scene; Cann (photo post card).
34b. "Fairbanks, Alaska" Railroad passenger cars next to International Hotel.*#
34c. "Healy River Coal Mine" Locomotive and train at mine (photo post card).#

Page 35 (4 b&w prints):
35a-c. "Nenana River" Three different river views from Alaska Railroad.*
35d. "Tourist Camp - McKinley Park" Tent camp; Cann (photo post card).#

Page 36 (4 b&w prints):
36a-d. "Mt. McKinley National Park" Four different mountain and tundra views.*

Page 37 (4 b&w prints):
"Mt. McKinley National Park":
37a. View from park road.*
37b. "Mt. McKinley" View from Wonder Lake? (photo post card).
37c. "Sunrise on Mt. McKinley" (photo post card).
37d. Tundra view.*

Page 38 (1 b&w print, 5 X 7 inch):
38a. "Mt. McKinley" Mountain view with river in foreground.

Page 39 (4 b&w prints):
"Mt. McKinley National Park":
39a. Mountain view near Nenana River.*
39b-d. "Sled dogs" Dogs and dog houses at park station.*# (39b&c only)

Page 40 (1 b&w print, 5 X 7 inch):
40a. Portrait of sled dog.

Page 41 (4 b&w prints):
"Alaska Railroad":
41a. "'Reiny' Curry, Alaska" Reindeer in front of Curry Hotel.*#
41b. View from train approaching snowshed.*
41c. "Snowshed" Closer view of snowshed from train.*#
41d. "Spencer Glacier" View from train.*#

Page 42 (1 b&w print, 5 X 7 inch):
42a. "Spencer Glacier Alaska RR."

Page 43 (4 b&w prints):
43a & b. "Spencer Glacier" Two different views from train.*
43c & d. "Views from Loop, Alaska Railroad" Two different views from train.*

Page 44 (1 b&w print, 5 X 7 inch):
44a. "The 'Loop' - Alaska Railroad"; G.L.J.#

Page 45 (4 b&w prints):
45a-c. "Along Alaska Railroad" Three different glacier views from train.*
45d. "Entrance to Columbia Glacier" View in Prince William Sound.*

Page 46 (4 b&w prints):
46a-d. "Columbia Glacier" Four different distant views of glacier.*

Page 47 (4 b&w prints):
47a-d. "Columbia Glacier" Four different progressively closer views of glacier.*

Page 48 (4 b&w prints):
48a & b. "Columia Glacier" Two different views of glacier.*
48c. "Near Valdez" View of Prince William Sound.*
48d. "Valdez, Alaska" View of town from docks.*#

Page 49 (3 b&w prints):
49a. Mountain view near Valdez.*
49b. Mountain scene and wood frame of roof.*
49c. "Keystone Canyon."*

Page 50 (1 b&w print, 6 X 10 inch):
50a. Mountain scene and wood frame of roof (same as 49b).

Page 51 (4 b&w prints):
51a-d. "Childs Glacier" Four different close views.*

Page 52 (4 b&w prints):
52a. "Miles Glacier" Distant view of glacier.*
52b. "Copper River & N.W. Railroad" View of railroad bridge.*#
52c. "Copper River & N. W. Railroad" View from front of train approaching bridge.#*
52d. "Typical Alaskan Cannery" Distant view of cannery from ship.*

Page 53 (4 b&w prints):
53a. "Mt. Fairweather in distance" View through the fog.*
53b. "Wrangell, Alaska." Distant view from ship.*#
53c & d. "Near Cape Spencer, Taken about 40 miles from shore" Two different views of mountains.*

Page 54 (4 b&w prints):
"Wrangell, Alaska":
54a. Street scene in front of Bear Totem Store.*#
54b. "Chief Shakes House."*#
54c. "Chief Johnson's House (Not Retouched)."*#
54d. View of two totem poles.#*

Page 55 (4 b&w prints):
55a. "Totem Poles on dock, Wrangell, Alaska."*#
55b-d. "Inside Passage en route" Three different views.*

Page 56 (4 b&w prints):
56"Inside Passage":
56a & b. Two different passage views from ship.*
56c. "Boat Drill S.S. Aleutian."*#
56d. "Seymour Narrows" View with front of ship at left.*#

Page 57 (4 b&w prints):
57a & b. "Seymour Narrows" Two different views.*
57c & d. "Admiral Watson on rocks, wrecked July 30, 1927" Distant views from ship.*# (57d only)

Page 58 (4 b&w prints):
58a. "Criswell-Adams & Express Parties" Group photo of touring parties on ship's deck.*#
58b. "Criswell-Adams Party" Group photo of touring party on ship's deck.*#
58c. Crater Lake, Oregon view (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
58d. "Crater Lake Lodge"; Paterson, 326 (photo post card).

Page 59 (4 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5.75 inch):
59a-d. Four different Crater Lake, Oregon views.

Page 60 (1 b&w print, 3.5 X 5.75 inch):
60a. Crater Lake, Oregon view.