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ANONYMOUS CIVILIAN CONSTRUCTION WORKER. Photograph Album; 1948-1950. .1 cu. ft.

The civilian construction worker who created this photograph album was from Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1948-1949, he operated heavy machinery at military construction sites on Adak, Kodiak, and Afognak Islands in Alaska.

The collection consists of the photograph album of an anonymous civilian construction worker who was employed at military sites on Adak, Kodiak, and Afognak Islands in 1948-1949. The collection contains: the original Alaska themed album cover; a xerographic copy of the original 27-page album; 56 black and white prints; 24 color prints; and two newspaper clippings of wedding photographs. Subjects of the photographs include: family photographs taken at a Tennessee Walking Horse farm in Massachusetts and elsewhere (23 prints); the construction worker with fellow workers on Adak, Kodiak, and Afognak Islands; heavy equipment, including tractors, graders, snowplows, and other road or airfield building machinery; and island scenery. Fellow workers identified in the photographs include: Steve Foster, Sid Gibson, John Hanek, Paul Johnson, Holt Powerhouse, George Seglitz, Bill Tucker, Art Twaddle, Bud Walser, and Paul Weyer. The clippings of wedding photographs, from a Springfield, Massachusetts newspaper, are for the following couples: Harlod A. Bush and Lucy King, and Earl N. Pilgrim and Ruth E. Wallis (June 20, 1950).

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2004.

JAS (12/2005)