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UNITED STATES. ARMY. FORT DAVIS, ALASKA. Quartermaster and Paymaster Records; 1902-1906. .2 cu. ft.

Fort Davis was a U. S. Army post created in 1900 in Nome for the protection of gold miners. The post was moved outside of Nome in 1919, and closed in 1921. First Lieutenant Jennings B. Wilson of the 8th Infantry Division, was quartermaster (July 1902- June 1904) and paymaster (July 1903-August 1904) at Fort Davis. Jennings returned these records to Fort Davis from his posting at Fort Slocum, New York, in 1906.

The collection consists of mostly copied quartermaster and paymaster records for Fort Davis, Alaska, kept by 1st Lieutenant Jennings. B. Wilson, 8th Infantry Division, during and after his tenures as quartermaster and paymaster for the post. The collection contains: quartermaster correspondence and forms (1902-1906); Commissary General correspondence and forms (1902-1905); paymaster correspondence and forms (1903-1906); statements of disbursing account (1902-1904); analyses of disbursements (1903-1904); statements of differences (1903-1904); orders and circulars (1902, 1905); and pay roll slips and miscellaneous records (1902-1905). All but one of the five items of orders and circulars concern a national rifle competition held at Sea Girt, New Jersey, in August 1905.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2004.

JAS (10/2004)