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MARIE SILVERMAN (1878-1967) (Ak. Pac. Univ. Col.). Clippings and Photographs; 1906-1966. 1.65 cu. ft.

Marie Silverman was born in Norway in 1878. She came to Ketchikan, Alaska, in 1908, where she married Sol Silverman. Marie and her husband lived on Prince of Wales Island and Seward before moving to Knik in 1912. The couple then moved to Anchorage shortly after the city was established in 1915. Sol Silverman died in Anchorage in 1942. Marie Silverman worked for the Anchorage Times newspaper for nearly thirty years. She was also active in several local service organizations including the Order of the Eastern Star, Anchorage Chapter (charter member, 1918); Order of Amaranth, Alaska Court No. 1 (charter member); Pioneers of Alaska Auxiliary; and the Sons of Norway. Marie Silverman died in Anchorage in 1967.

The collection consists of the clippings and photographs of Anchorage pioneer Marie Silverman. The collection contains: clippings, clipping books, and other miscellaneous papers; 752 black and white photo prints; 56 color prints; 53 black and white photo post cards; 17 color photo post cards; 4 black and white photo greeting cards; 1 black and white negative; and a xerographic copy of  watercolor renderings of the Pioneer Hall in Anchorage. Subject of the clippings and clipping books include: the activities of Marie and Sol Silverman; local weddings; obituaries; biographical profiles; poetry; bowling scores; "The Trails of the Last Frontier" cartoon series by J. H. Donahey ; "Men You Should Know" profiles (Anchorage Times, 1945); and "Down the Years in Anchorage" and "Rolling Back the Year in Anchorage" series of excerpts from the Anchorage Times. Other miscellaneous papers include a copy of the 1951 annual report of the Alaska Housing Authority, an Alaska Steamship Company color map, Alaska Steamship Company illustrated menu covers, and a commencement program for Anchorage High School in 1934. Subjects of the photographs and photo post cards include: Sydney Lawrence paintings; an Anchorage Times photo contest (1961-1963); Marie and Sol Silverman, family, and friends in Anchorage; the Anchorage Band; Fourth of July parades in Anchorage (1917, 1919); Anchorage buildings and Downtown Anchorage; Anchorage Tent City (1915); local service organizations; Alaska Engineering Commission images of Anchorage and the Alaska Railroad by photographers P. S. Hunt and H. G. Kaiser (1916-1919); scenery; and wildlife.

The collection was transferred to the Consortium Library from Alaska Pacific University in 2005.

JAS (10/2008)


Box 1

Series 1. Clippings, Clipping Books, and Miscellaneous Papers; 1925-1966.
Biographical clippings about Marie and Sol Silverman; n.d., 1939-1966.
2. Weddings of Old Times; n.d., 1933-1939, 1945, 1957-1959.
3. Clipping Book; n.d., 1925-1959.
4. Some of the folks I knew who have passed away; n.d., 1928-1962.
5. Lodge Clippings (Order of the Eastern Star, Masons, Sons of Norway, Pioneers of Alaska, American Legion, etc.); n.d., 1933-1962.
6. Biographical Clippings; n.d., 1939-1966.
People include: Col. M. R. "Muktuk" Marston, J. J. Delaney, Ernest H. Gruening, Anton J. Wendler, Roy Southworth, John W. Troy, Walter Jones, Ora Dee Clark, and Lillian Watson.
7. Miscellaneous Anchorage historical clippings; n.d., 1932-1957.
8. Poetry; n.d.
9. Bowling scores; 1932-1937.
10. "The Trails of the Last Frontier," "Men You Should Know," etc.; n.d., 1944-1957.
-"Trails of the Last Frontier"; series of cartoons by J. H. Donahey, courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer; n.d. (26 different).
-"Men You Should Know"; series with photographs and profiles in the Anchorage Times; 1945.
Men featured in series include: Major Bill Geyser, Col. Edgar T. Selzer, Isador Bayles, C. V. "Bill" Abel, E. Wells Ervin, William Stolt, Louis Odsather, Leonard Hopkins, Victor Gill, John E. Manders, Arthur Burston, "Bob" Linquist, Major William B. Snodgrass, Winfield Ervin Jr., George Vaara; Ray Wolfe, and Edward McElligott.
-Other people pictured in this clipping book include: Robert B. Atwood, General Simon B. Buckner, A. J. Wendler, Jack Robarts, Will Rogers, Z. J. Loussac, H. A. "Cap" Faroe, Frank Reed, Anton Anderson, Sydney Lawrence, Anthony J. Dimond, Harold Dale, O. N. Glesne, Joseph H. Romig, Robert H. Romig, Nellie Neal Lawing, Arthur G. Woodley, William Egan, and Ralph Rivers.

Box 2

11. "Down the Years in Anchorage" (Book 1); 1936-1938 (Newspaper column of excerpts from the Anchorage Times of items from 10, 15 and 20 years prior; dates refer to original date of the item).
12. "'The Good Old Days' in Anchorage" (Book 2); Sep. 6-Dec. 41, 1938.
13. "Rolling Back the Years in Anchorage" (Book 3); 1930, 1931, 1939 (Items 1, 10, 15 and 20 ago).
14. "Rolling Back the Years in Anchorage" (Book 4); 1939-1940.

Box 3

15. Alaska Housing Authority 1951 Annual Report, Anchorage, Alaska, December 31, 1951; Narrative and Illustrations by George Aghupuk, Eskimo Artist.
16. Miscellaneous Papers; n.d., 1924, 1929, 1931, 1934, 1936, 1955, 1965.
-Alaska Steamship Company color map; Copyright 1936, Frank McCaffrey, Seattle (20.5 X 30.5 inch).
-Illustrations from a Anchorage community calendar; 1931.
-Alaska Steamship Company menu covers with color illustrations of Alaskan dogs by artist Josephine Crumrine; Copyright 1941 (8 different).
-Anchorage Booster Club illustrated map: "Anchorage, Nerve-Center of Alaska"; n.d. (8.5 X 11 inch).
-Card for E. H. Holmquist, Republican Candidate for Constable, primary June 1, 1936.
-Cardboard name stars, and invitation for Sol and Marie Silverman, Order of the Eastern Star; n.d., ca. 1924, 1929 (3 items).
-Program for Anchorage High School annual commencement at the Elks' Hall; May 24, 1934.
-City of Anchorage program for the "Anchorage, Alaska, This Is Your Life, 1915-1965"; 1965.
-Various handwritten notes and a Norwegian language letter; n.d.

Series 2. Photographs; undated, 1906-1965 (752 b&w prints; 56 color prints; 53 b&w photo post cards; 17 color photo post cards; 4 b&w photo greeting cards; 1 b&w negative; 1 xerographic copy of watercolor renderings).

1. Photo prints of Sydney Lawrence paintings (primarily caches, cabins, and Mt. McKinley); undated (35 different b&w prints, 2.25 X 3.25 to 8 X 10 inch).

2. Anchorage Times Photo Contest Photographs (scenery, children, pets, and animals); undated, 1961-1963 (50 b&w prints; 53 color prints; 1 b&w negative, 120 size).
Entrants include: Fred Alnutt, Mrs. G. B. Atkinson, Bruce Ayer, Hugh Bartol, Gayla Beach, Mrs. Murray Bell, Hugh S. Clark,  Marjorie Combs, Marthanna Conner, Henry L. Courtemanche, W. S. Crutchers, Mrs. Roy F. Downing, A. M. Edminster, William H. Estes, Larry Lee Fulton, Bill Gilleland, Ester Green, Elmer C. Hassel, Martina I. Heckman, Jean H. Helmes, Charles D. Herrington, Diane Howell, Kenneth Huber, Duffy Jackinsky, Teresa James, Evelyne M. Jensen, A. C. Johnson, Melvin G. Lensegrav, Gracie Mahoney, T. R. McCart, Dexter R. McDaniel, Jim McKinley, Randall Mullins, Mrs. Earl Ramp, Janice Reekie, L. Reisner, R. W. Richart, K. Rousey, Henry Sandland, Joseph M. Schaaf, Peter Schultz, Judith Serle, Gordon Skrede, Mrs. James Small, Mrs. Harry Smith, A. C. Spielman, LeRoy Strong, Janie Swanson, Barbara Thomas, Mrs. Fred W. Tisdell, Ray Torgerson, Byron Van Slyke, Mrs. D. B. Weirich, Howard O. Welch, Golda Whittaker, Glen V. Williams, C. Zelma Willson, Gerald W. Wood, and Isabelle Woolcock.

3. Early family photograph album; undated (28 pages with prints glued on pages, 109 b&w prints).

Identified Photographs (24 of 109 prints):

3a. "Ray C. Larson, Judge David."
3b. "Wm. Gerig."
3c. "Judge David."
3d. "A. H. Marsh."
4a. "Mr. Patton."
4b. "Curtis Morford."
4c. "Wm. Butts."
4d. "Geo. Phelps."
5a. Frank Skeen & John Lechner."
5b. "Walter Howard & ?"
5c. "Judge Morford, John Sulivan."
5d. "Alex Wise & Sol."
6a. "Ira Brown."
6b. "Ray McDonald."
6c. Al. Taylor."
6d. "Jee Grimes."
7b. "Wm. Murray, Mrs. Hansen & Sol."
7c. Capt. Gighama."
7d. "W. L. Durham."
8a. "Henry Dohrmann & Carl Martin."
8b. "Mr. Pedersen, Wm. Hesse & Sol."
8c. "H. C. Dohrman, Mrs. Hansen & Carl Martin."
24b. Steamship Alameda.
24c. Tug Wilhelmina.

Box 4 (Album 1)

4. Family Photographs; undated, 1906, 1915, 1916, 1918, 1919, 1921, 1923, 1925-1927, 1933, 1938, 1944, 1954, 1959, 1960-1962 (372 b&w prints; 3 color prints; 1 b&w negative).
Note: Prints arranged from smallest to largest.

Identified Photographs or Groups (123 of 375 prints):

-"4th of July 1906 A.C.R.R." People riding on open freight car on train (b&w print, 3.25 X 4.25 inch).
-"Anchorage, spring of 1915." Tent city scene (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Steam powered boat, Traveler, near beach (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-"Kennecott Mine Dock, Latouche, Alaska." Dock scene with people at work (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-"Kennecott Copper Mine, Kennecott, Alaska." Mine scene with mill building in background and railroad cars loaded with ore in foreground (b&w print, 3.25 X 4.5 inch).
-"End of the line near the Arctic Circle, Chatanika, Alaska N. of Fairbanks." Scene showing end of railroad track and commercial buildings at Chatanika (b&w print, 3.25 X 4.5 inch).
-"R.R. offices at King River in early days." Scene of three log cabins on riverbank (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.75 inch).
-Anchorage Band and leader Charles Glace (3 b&w prints, 2.5 X 4.25 inch).
-Emma and Charles Olson and friend Al Jackson (2 b&w prints, 3 X 4.5 inch).
-Archie Lewis and Charlie Bisel (2 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Man riding horse inside baseball park; 1918 (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Mr. N. N. Joffee near baseball field; undated (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Fourth of July parade scenes near the Gitchell Hotel in Anchorage (5 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Mr. Bruto and the Anchorage City Band (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Mrs. Elkins and Marie Silverman at a picnic (3 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-The new Anchorage City Hall Building (2 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Shrine members at a picnic in Anchorage, including Noble Temme and Nobel Craig; ca. 1923 (10 b&w pirnts, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Picnic scene with people swimming at Lake Spenard (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Mrs. Bayles and Mrs. Manning dressed in Shrine costumes (2 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-J. B. Gottstein and Mrs. Murray on deck of steamship (b&w print, 2.5 X 4.25 inch).
-Captains Lanstrem, Hunter and Cramer (3 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Group of men at Chickaloon with buildings and King Mountain in background (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Wives of Dr. Carmicke, George Hershe, Dr. Spaulding, Dr. Martin, and Harry Brown and boat Traveler (2 b&w prints, 2.5 X 4.25 inch).
-Photographs of individuals: Al Davis and son, Will Howard, Joe Grimes, C. P. Pedersen, Hiram Mitchell, Albert Dorkman, and Charlie Silverman (7 b&w prints, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Holmquist Family headstone at cemetery on Decoration Day; May 30, 1916 (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-John Lechner and Frank Skeen (b&w print, 2.5 X 4.25 inch).
-Skeen and Lechner Mine at Mile 25 of the Alaska Railroad (b&w print, 2.5 X 4.25 inch).
-Mrs. Wendler wearing coat and hat at Chickaloon (b&w print, 2.75 X 4.5 inch).
-Group of Shriners under Mt. McKinley National Parks sign and on Alaska Railroad car (6 b&w prints, 3.25 X 5.25 inch).
-New Providence Hospital; ca. 1930s (2 b&w prints, 3.25 X 5 inch).
-Malamute Saloon musical acts inside the U.S.O. building in Downtown Anchorage during World War II; ca. 1942-1945 (5 b&w prints, 3.5 X 4.5 inch).
-Bicycle in the Fourth of July parade in Anchorage; 1919 (b&w print, 3.25 X 5.25 inch).
-Fourth of July parade scenes in on Fourth Ave. in Anchorage; ca. 1941-1945 (10 b&w prints, 4 X 5 inch).
-Anchorage Photo Club group portrait (b&w print, 4 X 5 inch).
-Tonsina Road House (b&w print, 3.75 X 4.75 inch).
-Scenes from A. J. Anderson's trip up the Inside Passage and on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad; 1927 (15 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-Marie Silverman and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Elkin at Masonic picnic at Green Acres near Wasilla (2 prints, 3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-"L. H. Colen & visitors on Dellwood at Anchorage, Ala., July 12-31, Geo. L. Mogan." Steamship at dock in Anchorage; July 12, 1931 (b&w print, 3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-Noble Elmes of Shriners in front of tent; ca. 1923 (b&w print, 3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-Alaska Railroad Electrical Department parade float pulled by small tractor (3.5 X 5.5 inch)
-Building on beach housing assay office of Cyrus W. Harrington, mining engineer and U.S. Deputy Suveyor, and F. Butterworth, civil engineer and U. S. Mineral Surveyor; undated (b&w print, 4.75 X 6.75 inch).
-Werner Ohls, Carl Elkin, Jess Storm, Mrs. Bagoy, Gunner Navjord, John Erickson, and others at pioneers picnic; undated (7 b&w prints, 5 X 7 inch).
-Phithyans Sisters group photos; undated 1961, 1962 (3 b&w prints, 5 X 7 inch).
-Fur Rendezvous Queen Pat Baldwin flanked by Queen Regent Marie Silverman and King Regent Fred Broadwell, Anchorage Fur Rendezvous; Feb. 1959 (b&w print, 5 X 7 inch).
-Portrait of J. Harry Lauder; Aug. 22, 1926 (b&w print, 4.5 X 6.5 inch).
-Group photo at Green Acres between Palmer and Wasilla. People pictured include Mr. and Mrs. Kincel, Sol and Marie Silverman, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Price (b&w prints, 5 X 7 inch).
-"Shriner's Parade at Fairbanks, Alaska"; ca. 1920s (b&w print, 5 X 7 inch).
-"Laying Cornerstone of Odd Fellow's Temple, Anchorage, Alaska, August 20, 1923" (b&w print, 8 X 10 inch).
-"Elks Bowling Banquet. Kennedy Bros. Cup."; Mar. 18, 1933 (b&w print, 8 X 10 inch).
-Pioneer Alaskans view interior of Denali railroad car, left to right: Elizabeth Bliss, Marie Silverman, Leif Strand, Mrs. Lars Padersen and Heinie Snider; Anchorage Time Photo; Apr. 26, 1960 (b&w print, 6 X 7.5 inch).
-Marie Silverman on parade float; 1947 (Kodachrome print, 6 X 8.75 inch).

-Various portraits and snapshots of Marie and Sol Silverman (over 40 prints).

Box 5 (Album 2)

5. Photographs on post card stock; undated, 1915, 1917, 1919, 1927 (37 b&w prints, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).

Identified Photographs (22 of 37 prints):

-Interior of carriage shop (2 prints).
-Masonic Hall in Anchorage decorated for the Fourth of July; 1919.
-Shonbeck Building in Anchorage.
-Anchorage Tent City from a distance; 1915.
-Group photo of Anchorage baseball team; Sydney Lawrence Photo; July 4, 1915.
-"Marion Twin Mining Co. party, Wasilla, May 21, 1927" Group photo.
-"Community Protestant Church, Matanuska Valley, Alaska."
-"U.S.R.C. Manning, Seward, Alaska."
-"Great Place for Trout, Seward, Alaska." Group photo of men and women with several strings of fish.
-Party of women in hats fishing at Seward.
-Group photo of men outside the J. A. Laubner Building in Seward.
-Baseball game at Anchorage Tent City; June 13, 1915 (2 prints).
-"Central Lutheran Church, Anchorage Aaa., Revb. A. O Odegaard, Pastor" Artist's rendering of church.
-"July 4th 1917 Parade, Anchorage, Alaska" U. S. Army troops marching in front.
-July Fourth Parade in Downtown Anchorage. Parade led by U. S. Army troops; July 4, 1917.
-Anchorage Tent City; 1915.
-"Alaska Grade School, Anchorage."
-Four women on a steamship (2 prints).
-Sol and Marie Silverman standing in side yard of house.

6. Black and white Alaskan tourist photo post cards; undated, 1910 (53 b&w photo post cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).

J. E. Thwaites (3 cards):
-"An Alaskan Sunset" Sunset on the water.
-"Shishaldon Volcano, Alaska (9387 ft.)"; No. P. 35; 1910.
-Sunset on the water in the Inside Passage.

Guy F. Cameron (3 cards):
-"Silver Grey Fox."
-Pond scene.
-Sunset on the water; No. 419.

Johnston (3 cards):
-"Husky Family, Alaska"; No. 1401.
-"Caribou, Alaska" Hunter with caribou; No. 1720.
-"Champion Sled Dogs, Fairbanks, Alaska"; No. 2194.

Bragaw's Studio, Anchorage (7 cards):
-Automobile on road under trees covered in hoarfrost.
-"Mt. McKinley National Park" Wildflowers.
-"Old King Frost – Alaska" Hoarfrost covered tree.
-"Alaska Mink" Mink inside fur farm.
-"Along The McKinley Park Route" Lake scene.
-"Entrance to McKinley Park" Winter scene.
-"Eagle River Road - Anchorage, Alaska" Summer scene.

Robinson (16 cards):
-"Alaska R. R. Depot and First Locomotive" Fairbanks; No. A-550.
-"Alaskan Mountain Goat"; No. 301-E.
-"Alaska Dog Team"; No. 302E.
-"Alaskan Bull Moose"; No. 303-E.
-"Alaskan Caribou"; No. 305-E.
-"Alaska Rainbow Trout" Cleaned fish; No. 307-E.
-"Alaska Mountain Sheep" Two Dall Sheep and crossed rifles; No. 313-E.
-"Anchorage, Alaska" Aerial from over Cook Inlet; No. 504-E.
-"Flower Garden – Anchorage"; No. 507-E.
-"Alaskan Indian Graves" Spirit houses; No. 803-E.
-"Matanuska Valley Farm"; No. 805-E.
-"Knik Bridge – Anchorage-Palmer Highway; No. 842-E.
-"Alaskan Husky"; No. 873-E.
-"Anchorage from the Air"; No. R-504.
-"Theatre, Anchorage, Alaska" Exterior of 4th Avenue Theatre; No. R-509.

G. L. Johnson, Anchorage (2 cards):
-"Midnight Sun on the Yukon" (hand-colored).
-"Anchorage Sunset."

Hewitt's Photo Shop (2 cards):
-Log cabin with framed doors and windows.
-Moose, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska" Winter scene.

Other Cards (17 cards);
-Winter scene near cabin, hand-colored; RCL, Alaska.
-"Lake Lucile, Wasilla, Alaska"; W.
-"The Bore – Alaka Railroad Scene" Bore tide on Cook Inlet; Fritchen?
-"Alaska Moose"; No. 84.
-"Anchorage, Alaska, and Fort Richardson" High aerial view; No. 4A-217.
-"Curry Hotel Operated by Alaska R.R."; No. AR-105.
-"Alaska Cache"; No. R-709.
-"Anchorage Dog Team, Anchorage, Aaa." Downtown scene; W.J.B.
-"Eskimo Chief and Family"; A. Eide, No. 1628.
-"Motor No. 2, M52, A.N. Ry." Alaska Northern Railway car; L.H.P.
-"'Who Said Mush'" Sled dog; Lomen Bros.
-"Mt. McKinley National Park" Wildflowers.
-"Anchorage Peonies."
-"Scene, McKinley Park, Alaska" Creek scene.
-"Winter Travel Seward-Anchorage" Dog sled and team on trail.

7. Color Alaskan tourist photo post cards; undated (18 color photo post cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).

Northwest Magazine Distributing Co., Seattle, Washington (2 cards):
-"'Anvik,' Alaska Husky"; No. 16.
-"Totem Poles, Alaska" Lovers Lane, Sitka; No. 20.

Mac's Foto Service, Anchorge (3 cards):
-"The 'Aurora' . . . modern Alaska railway streamliner that runs through nearly 500 mile of gorgeous scenery from Seward to Fairbanks"; No. A-1.
-"Arctic Flower . . . the wild Alaska briar rose grows prolifically. This blossom came from Fort Yukon, north of the Arctic Circle."; No. A-4.
-"Matanuska Farm . . . one of Alaska's most successful endeavors is agricultural development in the fertile valley at Palmer near Anchorage."; No. A-5.

Howard Robinson (4 cards):
-"The Alaska Cache"; No. 64328.
-"Snow and frost make Alaska a Winter Fairyland" Hoarfrost on trees; No. 64330
-"Map of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest showing highways connecting Alaska with the States"; No. 64331.
-"Anchorage, Alaska. Looking along Fourth Avenue, the city's leading business street"; No. 64340.

Mike Roberts Color Production, Berkeley, California (5 cards):
-"Sunset in Alaska"; No. C299.
-"Anchorage, Alaska" 4th Avenue scene near Federal Building; No. C304.
-"Mt. McKinley"; No. C601.
-"Western Brown Bear"; No. 1013G.
-"Anchorage, Alaska" 4th Avenue scene near Federal Building; No. C3046.

C. P. Johnston Co., Seattle (2 cards):
-"Famous Alaskan Husky"; No. 643.
-"Out Where the West Begins" Poem by Arthur Chapman; No. 8716.

Schallerer's, Ketchikan (1 card):
-"Federal Building and Post Office, Ketchikan, Alaska" View from harbor; No. C153.

Man and woman sledding; Norwegian card.

8. Commercial tourist photo prints; undated (26 b&w prints).

Bragaw's Studio, Anchorage (11 prints):
-"Mirror Lake – The McKinley Park Route" (5 X 7 inch).
-"Winter Sunset – The McKinley Park" (5 X 7 inch).
-"Depot – Seward, Alaska" (5 X 7 inch).
-"Near Anchorage, Alaska" Summer lake scene at sunset (5 X 7 inch).
-"Taku Glacier" (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
-"Along the McKinley Park Route" Wetland scene (6.5 X 8.5 inch).
-"Mt. McKinley (8 X 10 inch).
-"Flower Time – Anchorage, Alaska" Sol Silverman and flower garden in front of Silverman home (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-"Birches in Winter Bloom" Hoarfrost on trees (8 X 10 inch).
-Color-tinted scene of dog sled team, sled, and driver with passenger (8 X 10 inch).
-Ocean beach scene with gulls (8 X 10 inch).

Hewitt's Photo Shop, Anchorage (7 prints):
-Rock formation on Hatcher Pass road; No. 37 (6 X 8 inch).
-"Colony Town Bldgs. - Palmer"; No. P-266 (4 X 5 inch).
-"The Arctic Highway" Hoarfrost scene (6 X 8 inch).
-Sunset over Fire Island (6 X 8 inch).
-"Alaska Sunset" Cook Inlet scene (6 X 8 inch).
-Winter forest scene (6 X 8 inch).
-Cook Inlet scene from mud flats looking toward fire island (8 X 10 inch).

George L. Johnson, Anchorage (4 prints):
-"The 'Loop" – Alaska Railroad; George L. Johnson (5 X 7 inch).
-"The 'Loop" – Alaska Railroad; George L. Johnson; hand-colored (5 X 7 inch).
-"Anchorage Sunset, Alaska." Sunset over Fire Island (8 X 10 inch).
-"The Silver Trail Anchorage,Alaska." Dog Sled and team on trail, color tinted (8 X 10 inch).

Other Prints (4 prints):
-"Knik River Bridge, Alaska" (5 X 7 inch).
-"A Cook Inlet Sunset." Boat in distance (5 X 7 inch).
-"Ship Creek Sunset at Mouth, Anchorage, Alaska" (colored print); W. Sackman (5 X 7 inch).
-"Season's Greetings from Alaska" Winter Alaskan cache scene; Schallerer's (5 X 8 inch).

9. Photo Greeting Cards; undated (4 black and white photo cards)
-"Night on Yukon" Winter cabin and sled scene (colored); George L. Johnson (4 X 6 inch).
-"Alaska's Pioneers Home"; greeting card from William A. Hesse (4 X 5 inch).
-Winter scene of hoarfrost in trees (4 X 5 inch).
-"A Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from Colonel and Mrs. Mears" Winter scene of house and hoarfrost (3.25 X 5.75 inch).

10. Reprints of family and historical Anchorage photographs; undated, 1915 (26 b&w prints: 3.5 X 5.75 to 8 X 10 inch).
Subjects include ships and boats on trip up to Alaska (S.S. Alameda, coastal trader Traveler, etc.), bridges, rivers, lakes, scenery, etc.
-Unloading lighter to wagon on Cook Inlet (5 X 8 inch).
-Tent city scene (5 X 8 inch).
-"After the Rain Old-Town Anchorage" Scene of muddy street in tent city near Two Girls Waffle House by Sydney Lawrence (4.75 X 7.5 inch).
-Man giving speech in front of crowd at tent city (4.75 X 7.5 inch).
-"Waiting for the arrival of passengers from the south" Alaska Railroad yard scene by Sydney Lawrence (6.5 X 10 inch).
-"July 4, 1915" Anchorage tent city scene with crowd; N.S.B. (8 X 10 inch).

11. Reprints of historical commercial photographs; undated, 1915, 1916 (10 b&w prints).
-"Anchorage-Palmer Hiway" Knik River Bridge; Brickley Photo, No. L-91; undated (5.5 X 3.75 inch).
-"Anchorage, Alaska" Downtown Anchorage, Hewitt's Drug store in center; Brickley Photo, No. T-27 (5.5 X 3.75 inch).
-"Anchorage, Alaska" Aerial view; Brickley Photo, No. T-44 (5.5 X 3.5 inch).
-"Alaska's Most Important and Longest Street – Famous 4th Ave. at Anchorage" Anchorage Fur Rendezvous banner over street looking west (5.5 X 3.75 inch).
-"4th Ave. Anchorage, Alaska" Street scene before pavement; Strye Photo (3.75 X 5 inch).
-1916 Alaska Labor Union Socialists and Pioneers Building; Strye Photo; ca. 1916 (3.75 X 5 inch).
-"Anchorage 3, June 15, 1915, Mouth of Ship Creek"; McCain Photo (3.75 X 5 inch).
-"Fast Teams from the Interior" Dog team and freight sled in front of post office; The Y. L. Co. (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-"Fourth Street, Anchorage, March 26, 1916" Street scene on sidewalk near Dick's Kitchen; The Y. L. Co. (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
-"Anchorage 3, June 15, 1915, Mouth of Ship Creek"; McCain Photo (3.5 X 5.75 inch) inch).

12. Miscellaneous photographs; undated, 1965 (2 b&w prints, 1 b&w copy of watercolor renderings).
-"Anniversary Park, 'Pioneer Hall' (Front View)," and "(Rear View)" Watercolor rendering of building on 3rd Avenue in Anchorage; By Mayo; 1965 (b&w copy made back to back, 8.5 X 11 inch).
-Hand-colored print of lake scene (7.75 X 11.25 inch).
-Hand-color print of radio tower and operator's building (8 X 10 inch).

Box 6 (Album 3)

13. Alaska Engineering Commission photographs; undated, 1916-1919 (68 b&w prints, 6.5 X 8.5 inch).
-G39: "The R. S. Heckey Ranch About 4 Miles North of Matanuska Junction. 'Burned', Cleared and Planted since April 10th 1916."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G43: "A.E.C. Office Bldg., and Construction Camp, Matanuska Junction, Alaska."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G148: "A.E.C. Photo Studio, Employment Office, Engineer Offices and Depot, Anchorage, Alaska."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G151: "A.E.C. Ry. Bunk Houses Nos. 2, 1 and 3, and Mess House, Anchorage, Alaska."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G154: "A.E.C. Cottages Nos. 2,3, 4, 5, and 6 on Gov. Hill, Anchorage, Alaska."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G156: "A.E.C. Train Arriving at Anchorage from Moose Creek, Alaska, Oct. 12-16."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G172: "Fourth Ave. Looking West, Anchorage, Alaska."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G216: "Trail Just Being Completed Around a Rock Point." Four men working on trail along Cook Inlet; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G219: "R.R.Y.M. C.A. Committees, Anchorage, Alaska, Nov. 1916." Group photo of 14 men on boardwalk outside large log building; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G315: "Falls Creek Camp, Mile 91, A.E.C. Ry., Turnagain Arm, Alaska."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G341: "The West End of Business Section, Anchorage, Alaska, from L. St. Looking East on Fourth  Ave."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G357: "A.E.C. Ry. Terminal Buildings and Wharves, Anchorage, Alaska, from Govt. Hospital."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G358: "Dr. Reedy's Residence." Winter scene; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G367: "The 'Sourdough' Enroute to the Moose and Eska Creeks, Coal Mines." Short train; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G450: "Falls Creek Camp, Mile 91, A.E.C. Ry." View from Turnagain Arm; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G451: "F.F. Anthony & Col, Skoglund & Co., and Mike Fedall & Co.'s Camps" View of railroad construction camps from Turnagain Arm; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G452: "Before the Coyote Shot. Rasmunson & Co.'s Works." View along Cook Inlet; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G597: "Potter Creek from North Side." Camp buildings, sheds, and tents near railroad tracks; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G598: "Potter Creek, Alaska, from South."; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G609: "End of Long Haul at Mile 82." Mountain scene with railroad bed in foreground; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G807: "Dairy Near Mi. 31 … A.E.C.-R.W. Alaska." Farm buildings and cleared land; P.S. Hunt, photographer.
-G833: "A.E.C.-R.W. Officials Leaving Anchorage Alaska, for the States and War Front." Winter scenes at depot; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G843: "Dock No. 2 at Low Tide Feb. 12-18. Anchorage Alaska."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G864: "Grand Lodge Officers and Charter Members of Anchorage Lodge '1351' D.P.O. Elks. Instituted March 30-18." Group photo in front of lodge building; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G868: "Launching the A.E.C. Dredge 'Sperm' May 25 1918, 'Awaiting the Tide'"; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G870: "Red Cross Benefit Ball Game (May 25th) Masons vs. Elks, The Mason's Team" Group photo of baseball team in front of ball field stands; H. G. Kaiser, photographer (Panorama attached to G871).
-G871: "Red Cross Benefit Ball Game (May 25th) Masons vs. Elks, The 'Elks' Team" Group photo of baseball team in front of ball field stands; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G883: "The People of Anchorage Turn out in Honor of Recruits Who Are About to Leave for Their Training Stations." Parade of recruits on Fourth Ave.; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G884: "Extending Line to New Dock - June 29th 1918. Anchorage, Alaska." Distant view from south of steam powered pile driver and temporary trestle; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G885: "Extending Line to New Dock Site. Anchorage June 29-1918." View of men at work laying railroad tracks; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G886: "Constructing Temporary Trestle to New Dock. Anchorage - June 29-1918."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G887: "Fourth of July Parade - 1918. Anchorage Alaska." View looking west on Fourth Ave.; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G889: "July 16-1918. Low Tide. Constructing Temporary Trestle to New Dock." Close-up view of steam powered pile driver; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G892: "Approach to New Dock, 'July 16-1918.'" View of new track looking north toward dock site; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G894: "Dredge Sperm Discharging Gravel on to New Dock Site. July 16-1918."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G897: "Approach to New Dock, During High Tide. 'July, 25-1918.'" View of train and workmen on railroad bed above water; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G901: "Looking Towards Anchorage Terminal Yards from End of Temporary Trestle - Aug. 20-1918. 'At Low Tide.'"; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G910: "Mile 78 1/2 A.E.C. Ry. 'Sept. 11, 1918.' Anchorage Div. Track Laying Gang. The Last Rail was Laid on the Gov't. R.R. Between Seward and Anchorage." Group photo of workmen; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G914: "Oct. 14-1918 - Anchorage Federal Jail." View of front of building and garden; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G928: "Oct. 11th 1918 Eagle River Bridge A.E.C. Ry. Mile 126."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G929: "Whitney Station Mile 119 Gov't Railroad."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G945: "Oct. 12-1918 U.S. Experiment Station with Mr. Rader in Charge." View of building and farm field; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G953: "Matanuska Valley, Alaska, Homestead in October. Two men standing in farm field; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G969: "Digging Potatoes in the Matanuska Valley, Alaska, Oct.3-1918."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G979: "Farms Along the Chickaloon Branch of the Gov't. R. Road, Oct. 9-1918."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G991: "Homestead Near Palmer Station Chickaloon Branch Gov't. R. Road, Oct. 9-1918." View of farm and mountains; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G995: "A Matanuska Valley Ranch - Oct. 9-1918. Brown's Place." View of farm field, cabin, and mountains; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1057: "Seward Div. Gov't. Railroad, Oct. 21st 1918." Railroad view along Cook Inlet; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1062: "Seward Div. Gov't. Railroad, Oct. 21, 1918." Railroad view near creek and tunnel entrance; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1071: "Seward Div. Gov't. Railroad, Oct. 23, 1918." View of construction camp with spur and train; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1080: "Turnagain Arm Anchorage Div., Oct. 29th 1918."  Railroad view along Cook Inlet; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1106: "Seward Div. Gov't Railroad. Oct. 22-1918." Alaska Gold Dredging and Improvement Company cabin on lakeshore at Mile 26 of railroad; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1128: "Oct. 17-1918." Anchorage railroad yard view looking toward mountains; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1221: "A.E.C. R. Road Equipment 4/2-1919." Close-up of vented railroad freight car; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1227: "A Train Load of Eska Creek Coal." Engine No. 225 and engineer in foreground; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1228: "South Going Train Leaving Anchorage." Engine No. 620 and workmen in railroad yard; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1231: "Quarrying Rocks for Rip Rap Purposes at Mile 85 Turnagain Arm. April 11, 1919. Taken After the Shot. 23 Tons Powder Moving 6300 Q. Yards Rock." View of workmen at end of railroad tracks; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1234: "Commission Barges in Winter Quarters." View looking toward Fire Island.
-G1235: "Unloading Frieght from Barge Lawrence, April 5-1919." View of crane unloading freight; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1236: "Barge Lawrence with 800 Tons of Freight for A.E. Commission Arrives at Anchorage. Towed by the Commission Power Boat Annie W, April 5-1919."; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1259: "Mile 155.5, April 14-1919." Railroad view with cabin at left; H. G. Kaiser, photographer.
-G1313 to G1315: "Talkeetna River Bridge, Apr. 15-1919." Panoramic view of bridge from riverbank; H. G. Kaiser, photographer (3 connected prints).
-"Mile 78-79 A.E.C. Ry. Sep. 11-1918. Connecting the Gov't. R.R. Between Seward and Anchorage." Large crew working on tracks along Cook Inlet.
-Winter scene of row of new houses, probably near Anchorage.
-Two views from same vantage point of railroad section along Cook Inlet (2 prints).

14. Other H.G. Kaiser photographs; undated, 1912, 1918, 1919, 1921 (17 b&w prints)
- "Anchorage - Alaska - 1915. July 5th." Panorama of Anchorage tent city; No. 1500 (2 prints, 6.75 X 9 inch each).
-"Looking up 4th Ave. Anchorage Alaska." Panorama from above street looking east towards mountains (2 prints, 6.25 X 9.5 inch each).
-"Mile 116 Gov't. R. Road Alaska." View of locomotive and train (8 X 10 inch).
-"A.E.C. Coal Mines Chickaloon Alaska." View of town from above (8 X 10 inch).
-"Knik Indians, Anchorage Alaska - 1918." Group photo of men, women and children at camp site (8 X 10 inch).
-"Quartz from the Latest Strike in the Willow Creek Dist., Anchorage." Group of men examining ore on street (8 X 10 inch).
-"4th Ave. Anchorage at the Opening of the Fair." View looking west of dairy cattle walking down street during Alaskan Agricultural Fair (8 X 10 inch).
-"Mineral Exhibit at the First Annual Alaskan Agricultural Fair, Anchorage." (8 X 10 inch).
-"Baby Show - First Annual Alaskan Agricultural Fair, Anchorage." Group photo of women and babies outside shelter (8 X 10 inch).
-"Office Force - Mechanical Department. Jan. 12, 1921." Group photo in front of office door (8 X 10 inch).
-"Sunrise 10 A.M. - Sun Cycle - Taken Every Half Hour Jan. 2-1912 - Nome, Alaska - Sunset 2 P.M." Time lapse photograph (8 X 10 inch).
-"Mount McKinley - Foraker & Roosevelt from Mile 234 Gov't. R. Road." View of mountains with river in foreground (8 X 10 inch).
-"Jo's Riding in Alaska." Dog team and sled on river ice (3.5 X 9.5 inch).
-"J. Johnson's Famous Racing Team of Siberian Wolf Dogs, Winners of Alaska Sweepstakes Race." (3.5 X 9.5 inch).
-"View of Mt. McKinley 'from Broad Pass.' 1919." Winter scene (4.5 X 9.5 inch).