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CARL F. LEWIS. Photographs and Artifacts; 1916, 1917, 1919-1922, ca. 1950. .2 cu. ft.

Carl F. Lewis enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1916. He trained at Fort McDowell, San Diego, California, with the 3rd Recruit Company and served in G Company of the 21st Infantry Regiment. Lewis' unit was sent to Fort Gibbon, Alaska, near the village of Tanana on the Yukon River, in September 1919. The company also established a camp at Nenana on the Tanana River to safeguard government property of the Alaskan Engineering Commission. The company left Fort Gibbon for Anchorage in June 1922 before the post was deactivated that September.

The collection consists of the photographs, post cards, artifacts, and company party invitation of U. S. Army soldier Carl F. Lewis. The collection contains: one color print of a portrait of Carl F. Lewis and his wife Ida, taken in the 1950s; 113 black and white prints from Lewis' service at Fort Gibbon; 18 black and white prints from his training at Fort McDowell, California; 6 black and white photo post cards of Tanana, Alaska; 20 color and black and white tourist photo post cards of Alaska and the Yukon Territory; 41 black and white preservation copy negatives of selected images; a rolled illustrated invitation to a Company G, 21st Infantry Regiment party in San Diego in October 1917; Carl F. Lewis' dog tag and attached ribbon; two bronze U. S. buttons; one bronze American Eagle button; one bronze round American Eagle pin; and one marksman rifle qualification pin. Subjects of the photographs from service at Fort Gibbon include: Lewis and fellow soldiers; barracks and other buildings on the fort; the Yukon River, river ice, and riverboats; the village of Tanana; and a fish camp operated by soldiers with large drying racks for salmon on the Yukon River. Subjects of the photographs from training at Fort McDowell, California include: soldiers at a tent camp; soldiers marching on the beach; portraits of fellow soldiers William McAllister and Samuel Ladeen; and an interior view with crowd of The Owl gambling house in Mexicali, Mexico. Subjects of the photo post cards from Tanana include; a birdseye view of the town; a mail team with dog team and sleds on the trail between Kaltag and St. Michael; a man dressed in a fur parka standing beside a pair of large snowshoes; a large team of dogs pulling a boat from the river; and a soldier holding a string of fish while standing next to a canoe on the riverbank. Subjects of the tourist photo post cards include: Taku Glacier; Whitehorse Rapids and Miles Canyon on the Yukon River; The Post Office, Governor's Residence, Administration Building, and St. Mary's Hospital in Dawson; Inupiat men and women; and miscellaneous scenery.

The collection was presented to the archives by Karen L. Ainsworth in 2005.

JAS (11/2005)