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WILLIAM "BILL" BURNETT. World War II Letter; 1941. .1 cu. ft.

William Burnett was a U. S. Army soldier in the 73rd Bombardment Squadron (Medium), stationed at Elmendorf Field on Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska, in 1941.

The collection consists of a World War II era letter written by soldier William Burnett from Elmendorf Field, to his brother Ted Burnett, in Pomona, California. The collection contains a single page letter and an illustrated envelope. In the letter, dated August 28, 1941, Burnett writes about friends that have enlisted or been drafted into the army, a recent trip to the Yukon Territory, and how he enjoyed a camping trip he took with fellow soldiers and an "old sourdough" in the hills about sixty miles from base. The air mail envelope contains an illustrated map with the title, "Alaska –United States via PAA." An inset in the map contains a small combination photographic print of an amphibious airplane landing on the water and a sled and dog team in the foreground. The caption on the print is "Souvenir of Inauguration of Air Mail Service, Alaska to 'The States.'"

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2005.

JAS (12/2005)