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KENNETH T. COMBS (1911-1991). World War II Letters; 1943. .1 cu. ft.

Kenneth T. Combs was from Kellogg, Idaho. He enlisted in the U. S. Army at Spokane, Washington, on March 2, 1942, and was stationed at Shemya Island, in the Aleutians, in 1943. Two of his friends from Kellogg, Bert E. Tylen and Ray Brown, were also stationed at Shemya. Kenneth Combs died in Oregon City, Oregon, in 1991.

The collection consists of two World War II era letters and a Christmas card written by Private Kenneth T. Combs from Shemya Island. The letters and card are addressed to a Henry and Joe (O'Neill) at Liberty Billiards in Kellogg, Idaho. The first letter, dated October 12, 1943, concerns Combs' scheme, along with friends Bert Tylen and Ray Brown, to have their correspondents send them whiskey in time for the holidays. Combs also mentions that whiskey costs 125 dollars a quart when available, and that rum is not being rationed. He also gives the locations of three other soldiers from Kellogg. In the second letter, dated October 22, 1943, Combs asks his correspondents not to try and send him the whiskey, and relates that his unit is moving from temporary to permanent quarters. The Christmas card, sent November 10, 1943, is signed, "Luck from the Aleutians, Ken."

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2005.

JAS (11/2005)