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CHARLES LINDFERS. Letters Received; 1914, 1926. .1 cu. ft.

Charles Lindfers was a miner in Alaska. He worked in the village of Susitna in 1914, and the town of Flat in 1926, where he partnered with a man by the name of Kirk. Lindfers and Kirk had a cinnabar property producing quicksilver or mercury.

The collection consists of two two-page letters written to Alaskan miner Charles Lindfers. The first letter, from miner J. P. McLean in Takotna, is dated November 14, 1914, and is addressed to Lindfers at the village of Susitna. In the letter, McLean answers a previous letter from Lindfers, and provides news of miners in the Takotna area. McLean mentions the following items: the failure of Mr. Joaquin's option; the failure of the riverboat Quickstep to get up river this fall and provide new supplies of foodstuffs; the recent presence in town of Hill and Kirk; the poor result of Ed Whelan's work on Spaulding Creek and his partnership with Bomaster at No. 5 mine this winter; Bob Evans and Dave's loss of $8,000 by only cleaning up $3,000 at their mine; the Kirby brothers having left town; the necessity of having to pack provisions to the creeks from Takotna on horses next summer; Mr. Glass's presence in the area; Burt Green having traveled outside this fall, and being expected back by January 1st; McLean's being in the roadhouse business again; and a postscript stating that the village of Takotna has a new post office. The second letter, from C. H. Pearse, a purchasing department buyer for the General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York, is dated April 9, 1926, and addressed to Lindfers and Kirk in Flat City. In the letter, Pearse acknowledges their letter of February 10th, in which the partners discussed developments at their cinnabar property and their intent to send a lot of quicksilver to the company. Pearse also addresses the issues of shipment, purity, payment, and price for the quicksilver.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2005.

JAS (6/2006)