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MARY A. OFFLEY (1886-1989). Tourist Scrapbook; 1954. .2 cu. ft.

Mary A. Offley was from San Mateo, California. On August 12, 1954, she embarked on the Union Steamships Limited's S.S. Chilcotin at Vancouver, British Columbia, for a cruise to Skagway, Alaska. The trip also included travel on the Southern Pacific Railroad and the White Pass &Yukon Route Railway. Albert E. Cobb, also a resident of San Mateo, accompanied Mrs. Offley on the trip. Mary Offley died in 1989.

The collection consists of the contents of an Alaska tourist scrapbook created by San Mateo, California resident Mary Offley. The collection contains: a telegram and letter and envelope concerning payment for the trip; a passenger list for the August 12th cruise of the S.S. Chilcotin; six issues of the Chilcotin Shipboard Cruise News for summer 1954; travel brochures for the S.S. Chilcotin, the town of Sitka, the Southern Pacific Railroad's Shasta Daylight train from San Francisco to Portland, and a trip to the West Taku Arm over the White Pass & Yukon Route; maps for the Southern Pacific Railroad's Shasta Daylight train, the West Taku Arm and Whitehorse Districts, and the White Pass & Yukon Route; stationery including letterhead and envelopes for the Union Steamships Limited of Vancouver, B. C. and the White Pass and Yukon Route; three tourist publications; and various baggage tags, tickets, business cards, post cards, and other miscellaneous items from the trip. The tourist publications include the following: Early Days at Caribou and the Discovery of Gold on the Klondike, by Patsy Henderson (copyright 1950); A Lady in the Wilderness: A tale of the Yukon not of its gold, but of Ben-My-Chree, the long famous northern garden of Mrs. Partridge, by Frederick Niven; and The Story of Ben-My-Chree (Compliments of White Pass & Yukon Route).

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2006.

JAS (3/2006)