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HAROLD G. FORSTER (1911-1998). World War II Photograph Album; 1942-1945. .2 cu. ft.

Harold G. Forster was born in Ohio in 1911. He enlisted in the U. S. Army at Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 26, 1942. Forster served in the Ordnance Department, Eleventh Air Force at Elmendorf Field on Fort Richardson in Anchorage from 1943 to 1944. His unit worked at various airfields, including those at Naknek, Yakutat, Kodiak and Cordova. Harold Forster died in New Port Richey, Florida, in 1998.

The collection consists of the contents of the World War II era photograph album of Eleventh Air Force soldier Harold G. Forster. The collection contains: travel orders dated August 9, 1944, for the Ordnance Department of the Eleventh Air Force from Headquarters, Elmendorf Field, Fort Richardson, signed by Lt. James M. Moir of the Ordnance Department; an affidavit for enlisted men and civilians signed by Forster on July 31, 1944, for clothing and toilet articles issued to him; a xerographic copy of the original 37 page album; 205 original black and white prints; 23 black and white Alaskan commercial tourist prints; 9 black and white commercial tourist prints of subjects in Winnipeg, Manitoba; and 14 black and white tourist photo post cards. Subjects of the original photographs include: Harold Forster and fellow soldiers at Elmendorf Field on Fort Richardson, Naknek, Yakutat, Kodiak and Cordova; Harold Forster and friends and family; army vehicles, equipment, buildings, and other facilities; a party of soldiers and women fishing (4 prints); performers in a U. S. O. show (5 prints); the interior of an Alaska Defense Command canteen (4 prints); and scenery. Members of Forster's unit identified in both the travel orders and the photographs include: John J. Henry, John E. Enniss, Charles H. Lukert, Frederick J. MacDonald, and John E. Bruton, Nine of the Alaskan tourist prints are of subjects in Anchorage. The photo post cards are of various scenic subjects in California, Colorado, Minnesota, New York and elsewhere.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2006.

JAS (3/2006)