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MASTER SERGEANT WRIGHT. World War II Photograph Albums; 1938, 1942-1945. .25 cu. ft.

Master Sergeant Wright (first name unknown) was probably from Pennsylvania. During World War II, he served in the U. S. Army as a master sergeant in the Supply Squadron of the 39th Air Depot Group. His unit trained at Muroc Army Air Field in California, and was stationed at Elmendorf Army Air Field on Fort Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, from 1943 to 1945.

The collection consists of two photograph albums relating to Master Sergeant Wright's service in the 39th Air Depot Group during World War II. The collection contains: xerographic copies of the original albums (Album 1: 46 pages; Album 2: 36 pages); 361 original black and white prints and 1 color 35mm slide (Album 1: 188 prints and 1 color slide; Album 2: 173 prints); and 44 black and white preservation copy negatives of selected images. Subjects of the photographs include: Wright and fellow soldiers and officers of the 39th Air Depot Group at Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Mt. McKinley National Park, the Aleutian Islands, and Muroc Army Air Field, California; Wright and various family members; USO performers in Anchorage; Downtown Anchorage; and an officers' party for the unit held at Pioneer Hall on September 6, 1943. Other noncommissioned officers of the supply squadron identified include: First Sergeant James E. Caragher of Illinois and Sergeant Charles J. Mulvehill of Pennsylvania. Officers identified include: Major Buckley, Captain Oates, and Lieutenants Geiger, Patterson, Povanchea, Zawosky and Zeckhauser. The photographs also include: two different group portraits of the members of the 39th Air Depot Group taken at Chaffey College in Ontario, California; a print of a steamship with a program on the reverse for a 39th Air Depot Group anniversary party held at the Army Recreation Hall in Anchorage on February 5, 1945; and a print with illustrated cover of Wright and other noncommissioned officers taken at the South Seas Club in Downtown Anchorage.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2006.

JAS (6/2007)