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JOHN A. PERKINS. Photograph Album; 1947-1948. .25 cu. ft.

John A. Perkins was from Mamaroneck, New York. He attended Kent School in Kent, Connecticut. In 1947, Perkins traveled with his sister, Nancy Rella Perkins, from Mamaroneck to Nome, Alaska. From July 3rd to 6th, they traveled by railroad from Mamaroneck to Seattle, Washington.  On September 2nd to 7th, they returned home to Mamaroneck from Marks Field in Nome by airplane and railroad. They appear to have been visiting their father, a captain in the U. S. Army, stationed at Marks Field in Nome.

The collection consists of the contents of the photograph album of John A. Perkins, concerning a trip from Mamaroneck, New York to Nome, Alaska, in 1947. The collection contains: a xerographic copy of the original 44 page album; 154 original black and white prints; 2 black and white photo post cards; three color photo post cards; travel itineraries for John and Nancy Perkins from New York City to Seattle, and from Nome to Mamaroneck; two letters and one reservation instruction sheet from the Alaska Steamship Company’s Traffic Office concerning travel from Seattle to Nome; a letter from an officer in the Alaska Communications System concerning telephone calls to Nome; two letters from the Pan American Airways System, Alaska Region Terminal, concerning DC-3 and Alaska Clipper air services in Alaska; a letter from the Territory of Alaska, Office of the Governor, concerning the history and current operation of the narrow gauge Seward Peninsula railroad from Nome to the Kougarok mining district; a Monday program schedule for WXLN Armed Forces Radio Service in Nome; a copy of a U. S. Smelting and Refining Company, Nome Department accident report form; a menu from the Nome Grill (illegible); a dinner menu for the Orienta Beach Club in Mamaroneck; and newspaper clippings concerning travel and life in Alaska. Subjects of the photographs include: John and Nancy Perkins; railroad travel between New York and Seattle; steamship travel between Seattle and Seward; Alaska Railroad travel between Seward and Fairbanks; buildings and people in Nome; buildings, airplanes and military facilities at Marks Field in Nome; a visit by General Dwight D. Eisenhower to Marks Field; the DC-3 aircraft Clipper Reindeer, operated by Pan Pacific American Airways; and the Seward Peninsula narrow gauge railroad out of Nome. One of the post cards is of the summit of Cape Nome, taken by Jacobs of Nome.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2007.

JAS (10/2007)