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EUGENE G. ROUNTREE. Letter and Mining Claim Location Notices; 1910. .1 cu. ft.

Eugene G. Rountree was from Chicago, Illinois. He and his partners, George Meikle and John S. Canning, prospected for mining claims on Beaneline Creek, Alaska, a tributary of the Kotsina and Copper Rivers, in 1910.

The collection consists of a handwritten letter, a typewritten transcript of that letter, and four related claim location notices, written by prospector Eugene Rountree at Beaneline Creek, Alaska, in September 1910. The five page letter is addressed to his mother, Mrs. A. L. Rountree, in Chicago, Illinois. In the letter, Rountree describes his prospecting trip to Alaska via the Copper River and Northwest Railroad, and Chitina and Kotsina Rivers. He then describes his partnership's copper prospect on Beaneline Creek, and its location near the lucrative Charlie Hubbard and Harry Elliot property on Elliot Creek. Rountree also writes about having completed staking their claims, being low on supplies, and planning to work in the area to make money to enable them to possibly work the claims. On the back of the last page of the letter is a hand drawn map of the rivers and creeks in the vicinity of their claims on Beaneline Creek. The claim location notices, written on Loman and Hanford Company cloth forms and stamped as recorded by W. H. Ferguson, are for their claims under the following names: Bruce, Old Boy, Bruce, Old Boy, No. 2, Eugenie, and Yellow Jacket.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2007.

JAS (9/2007)