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California-Mexican-Alaska Holding Company letter to stockholders; 1929 January 26. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0795. Letters from company with permit rights in the oil fields of Katalla.

Ferrall W. Campbell papers; 1953-1963. 0.75 cubic feet. hmc-0364. Labor union activist and official.

Louis A. Campi scrapbook; 1941-1952. 0.20 cubic feet. hmc-0545. Scrapbook of a man who served in Adak during WWII.

John J. Cape World War II papers; 1941-1942, 1944. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0812. 11th Fighter Squadron pilot killed in action near Dutch Harbor.

Keith Capper business records; 1942-1957. .45 cubic feet. hmc-0806. Anchorage businessman.

OMER L. CAREY (b. 1929). Papers; n.d., 1964-1993. 1.35 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0081. Professor in the UAA School of Business and Public Administration.

OMER L. CAREY AND DEAN F. OLSON. Papers; 1978-1987. 1.65 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0082. Papers relating to joint publishing efforts by two UAA business professors.

Calderon Carlisle letter; 1890 October 29. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0515.Transcription of a letter regarding the case of the "Layward," and U.S. territorial rights in the Bering Sea.

NANCY E. CARLOCK (1908-1995). Tourist Scrapbook; 1967. .5 cubic feet. hmc-0936. Woman from Hemet, California, on 13 day tour of Alaska.

MIRIAM CARLSON, Papers; 1954-1993. 3 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0493. Former Anchorage Community College administrator.

CESARE CARLUCCI. World War II Papers; ca. 1943-1945. .1 cubic feet. List. hmc-0083. Primarily photographs of soldier in the 18th Engineers, U. S. Army.

RUBY CASHEN. Papers; 1935-1937. .1 cubic feet. List. hmc-0421. Primarily photographs relating to the Matanuska Colony.

Charles Cassata photographs; 1956-1966. hmc-1177-ahs. Photographs of Alaska taken by a former Alaska resident.

Cliff Cernick papers; circa 1949-2002. 30 cubic feet. hmc-0607. Research and personal files of an Alaskan aviation historian and journalist.

John Cerutti slides; 1964. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1164. Images of 1964 earthquake damage taken by a structural engineer.

Genie Chance (1927-1998) papers; 1964-1977. 24.65 cubic feet. hmc-0084. Broadcast journalist and a member of the Alaska State Legislature.

Ann Chandonnet papers; 1942-2007. 8.75 cubic feet. hmc-0085. Personal papers, writings, and research files of an Alaskan poet, author, and journalist.

CHARLES ______ (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Letters; n.d., 1908. .1 cubic feet. hmc-1039-AHS. Miner's letters to family.

CHARLES MENADELOOK PROJECT. Photographs; ca. 1900-1950. .35 cubic feet. hmc-0086. Photographs by an Alaska Native photographer in western Alaska.

DR. WILL H. CHASE (1874-1965). Photographs; ca. 1915-1930. .2 cubic feet. hmc-0087. Alaskan doctor, health commissioner, and mayor of Cordova.

WILLIAM O. L. CHINN (1928-1999). Color Slides and Photographs; 1951-1973. .9 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0620. Travel slides and photos of architect with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District.

Chititu Mines Co. records; 1925-1949. 0.5 cubic feet. hmc-0088.

HAKON CHRISTENSEN (1902-1956). Motion Picture Film; ca. 1939-1950. .6 cubic feet. List. hmc-0089. Alaskan bush pilot.

Hans J. Christensen Family photograph album; 1908-1925. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0664. Mining family that lived in York on the Seward Peninsula.

Dolores Christophel scrapbook; 1941-1944. 0.5 cubic feet. hmc-1129. Scrapbook documenting a soldier’s service with the 138th Infantry in the Aleutians during World War II.

Audrie and Steve Clark photographs; undated. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1020-AHS. Aeriel photographs and postcards depicting the Kenai Penninsula and Kodiak.

D. S. CLARK. Alaska Circle Tour Photograph Album; 1927. .25 cubic feet. List. hmc-0614.

Evelyn and George Clark slides; 1959-1977. 0.5 cubic feet. hmc-1139. Vacation slides of Alaskan retirees.

Omer D. Clark Canol Pipeline Construction photogrpahs; circa 1943-1944. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0642. Photographs of the construction of the Canol Pipeline.

CHARLES E. CLAYPOOL (1861-1944) (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Photographs; n.d., ca. 1905-1908, 1940. .2 cubic feet. List. hmc-1023-AHS. Family album of a U. S. Commissioner at Fairbanks.

CLEMENT H. CLOWER. World War II Photograph Albums; 1939-1946, 1990, 1993. .7 cubic feet. List. hmc-0566. Soldier with the 264th Separate Coast Artillery Battalion who served at Dutch Harbor.

FRANCIS AND GRACE COGSWELL. Photograph Album and Papers; 1920-1957. .65 cubic feet. Photograph List. hmc-0744. U. S. Navy captain (and wife)of flotilla which aided the USCGS in a survey expedition to chart the Aleutian Islands in 1935.

M. E. COKER. Mining Photographs; ca. 1946. .1 cubic feet. hmc-0946. Images of placer mining at Stuyahok and Girdwood.

Dorothy and Grenold Collins papers; 1907-2002. 5.50 cubic feet. hmc-0422. The papers of an Alaskan bush pilot, sportsman, and business owners.

KENNETH T. COMBS (1911-1991). World War II Letters; 1943. .1 cubic feet. hmc-0815. U. S. Army soldier stationed at Shemya Island.

Commonwealth North records; 1979-2007. 64.8 cubic feet. hmc-0992. Records of an Alaskan public policy forum.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE COALITION OF ALASKA. Records; 1986-1988. 2 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0090.

COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF ALASKA. Records; 1968-1980. 58 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0091.

Community Health Aide Program records; circa 1960-2000. 5 cubic feet. hmc-1087.

CONRATH (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Photograph Collection; n.d., 1917-1918. .1 cubic feet. hmc-1006-AHS. Photographs of various places in southeast Alaska.

O.C. and Ruth Connelly photograph album; 1938-1941. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0562. Local Reindeer Superintendent for Saint Lawrence Island and wife for the period of 1938-1940.

LEVI WHITNER COOK (1914-1996). World War II Photographs and Papers; n.d., 1938, 1942-1944, 1961. .2 cubic feet. hmc-0767. Soldier of the 102nd Signal Radio Intelligence Co. stationed at Fort Richardson.

Donald J. Coolidge papers; 1949-2003. 7.0 cubic feet. hmc-1106. Papers of an architect living in Southcentral Alaska.

LOUISE COPELAND. World War II Letters; 1943-1944. .1 cubic feet. hmc-0765. Woman who worked for a U. S. Army engineering unit stationed at Ladd Field in Fairbanks.

Ila Copley papers; 1948-1950. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1005-AHS. Photographs and memorabilia from a woman who lived in Alaska between 1948 and 1950.

Jennie M. Cornell memorabilia; 1894-1985. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0729. Coins, stamps, postcards, and other items relating to events in Alaska history from an Idaho collector.

EVIE COTES. Photo Post Cards; 1945. .1 cubic feet. List. hmc-0519. Photo post cards collected on a trip to Alaska.

Millie Wedel-Cowgill papers; 1950-2009. 25.5 cubic feet. hmc-1062. The papers of an Anchorage secondary high school teacher, Alaska Pacific University and University of Alaska Anchorage faculty member, and production company business owner.

LEON CRANE. World War II Papers; 1943. .1 cubic feet. List. hmc-0093. Papers concerning test pilot and the crash of his B-24 bomber.

Mable Crawford papers; 1892-1978. 0.7 cubic feet. hmc-1158. Papers and photographs of a long time Alaska resident.

Edwin B. Crittenden papers; 1938-2005. 11.20 cubic feet. hmc-0094. Papers of an architect in Alaska.

WENDELL CROUCH. Letters; 1964-1969. .2 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0517. Letters between Anchorage teacher and book dealer and U.S. Senators E. L. Bartlett, Ernest Gruening, and Mike Gravel.

Lucy Hon Cuddy papers; 1925-1946, 1979.1.0 cubic feet. hmc-0095. Alaskan school teacher and wife of a prominent banker.

HOWARD CULBERTSON FAMILY. Tourist Post Card Album and Scrapbook; 1967. .35 cubic feet. Subject List. hmc-0923. Ohio family who visited Canada and Alaska.

Thomas Culhane papers and photographs; 1935-1939. 0.65 cubic feet. hmc-0096. Family papers and photographs of an Anchorage businessman.

WALTER W. CUMMINGS (1922-2000). World War II Papers; 1939-1945. .5 cubic feet. List. hmc-0951. Army Air Forces soldier who served at Fort Mears in Dutch Harbor.

JAMES W. CUNNINGHAM (1918-1989). World War II Scrapbook; 1942-1945. .2 cubic feet. hmc-0911. 78th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft) soldier who served on Attu Island.

Frank P. Curtis letters; 1900-1902. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0799. Letters from a Yukon gold rush miner to his wife.

Cyrano's Theater Company records; 1987-2012. 2.0 cubic feet. Records of a community theater in Anchorage.

Last Updated: November 29, 2010.

Historical Manuscripts Collection List