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Beth and Ernie Wackwitz photographs; 1933-1935. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0504. Photographs of a mining family in Fairbanks.

Frances and Harry Walton correspondence; 1923-1952. 0.6 cubic feet. hmc-0342. Letters to and from a couple who moved to Alaska in 1936 and spent time in the Matanuska-Susitna valley and in Livengood.

Jim Wanamaker papers; 1969-2009. 1.15 cubic feet. hmc-1108. Papers related primarily to transportation and trail issues in Anchorage.

JOHN AND JESSE WARNER. Tourist Color Slides; 1974. .2 cu. ft. hmc-0984. Slides from group tour of Western Canada and Alaska.

UVELTA C. "BILL" WEAVER (1914-1975). World War II Photographs; 1942-1943. .1 cu. ft. hmc-0873. Company L, 153rd Infantry Regiment soldier stationed at Fort Raymond in Seward.

Julia Willma Weber papers; circa 1890-1910. .25 cu. ft. hmc-0344. Klondike era photograph album and diary.

Millie Wedel-Cowgill papers; 1950-2009. 25.5 cubic feet. hmc-1062. The papers of an Anchorage secondary high school teacher, Alaska Pacific University and University of Alaska Anchorage faculty member, and production company business owner.

CAROLINE AND WILLIAM WEINLAND FAMILY. Papers; 1885-1916. 2 reels, microfilm. Inventory. hmc-0345. Families involved in teaching and missionary work in Alaska.

DIXIE WEST. Photograph Album; n.d., 1942, 1945. .25 cu. ft. hmc-0127. Nurse who worked at the Bishop Rowe Hospital in Ketchikan.

WEST ANCHORAGE HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS. Concert Recordings; 1974-1974. .1 cu. ft. hmc-0555. This collection consists of a recording of the West Anchorage High School Choirs from the 1974-1975 season.

ROBERT WETHERN. Papers; n.d., 1973, 1977-1989, 1992. .1 cu. ft. Inventory. hmc-0433. Papers about Alaskan sportsman and bush pilot, Grenold Collins, and on waterfowl conservation.

Barrie M. White, Jr. papers; 1953-1956. 1.25 cubic feet. hmc-0598. Statehood-related papers of a delegate to the Alaska Constitutional Convention and president of Operation Statehood.

JAMES T. WHITE. Papers; 1889-1904. .2 cu. ft. Inventory. hmc-0348. Surgeon in the U.S. Revenue Marine.

Fred Whitehead papers; 1948-2015. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1191. Letters written by a longtime Alaska resident and gold prospector.

HARRIS M. WHITING (1888-1981). Papers; 1939-1965. 1.85 cu. ft. Inventory. hmc-0506. Papers and photographs of a managing engineer for construction of military facilities in Alaska.

FRANK H. WHITNEY. Photograph Album and Scrapbook; n.d., 1925. .2 cu. ft. Photograph List. hmc-0894. Operator of Jewel Mine in Crow Creek Pass.

ROBERT WICKMAN. World War II Scrapbook; 1944-1945. .5 cu. ft. Inventory. hmc-0498. B-24 pilot in the 404th Bombardment Group, 11th Air Force, who served in the Aleutians.

Isaac and Margaret Wieler translations; 1979. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1030-AHS. Translations of two Russian language accounts of the 1812 Russian American Company shipwreck of the ship Neva.

C. Wilbert Alaska Highway construction photographs; circa 1943-1945. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0494. Photographs and postcards of the construction of the Alaska Highway.

Wildflower Garden Club records; 1973-2007. 3.60 cubic feet. hmc-1078. Scrapbooks and yearbooks of the Anchorage Wildflower Garden Club.

John H. Wilkins letter; 1943 May. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0931. Letter written by WWII soldier stationed in Nome, Alaska.

DAVID WILLIAMS (1890-1962). Papers Concerning the Matanuska Colonization Project; 1935-1939. 3 reels, microfilm. hmc-0350. Chief Engineer of the Matanuska Colony.

ELMER WILLIAMS. Photograph Album; n.d., 1939, 1946-1948, 1951, 1956. .25 cu. ft. hmc-0569. Family photographs of locomotive engineer with the Alaska Railroad.

RAY AND CRYSTAL WILLIAMS. Photograph Album; 1947. .1 cu. ft. hmc-0549. Fairbanks couple involved in construction of 26-Mile airbase (Eielson Air Force Base).

CHARLES SAWYER WILSON (1904-1985). Papers; 1922, 1931-1972, 1975-1985. 4.4 cu. ft. Inventory. hmc-0416. Military, government, and Alaskan entomologist.

GEORGE W. WILSON. World War II Aleutian Memorabilia; n.d., 1944. .1 cu. ft. hmc-0978. Photographs, certificate and Battle of the Aleutians historical booklet.

H.C. Wilson letter; 1891. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0979. Letter written by a schoolteacher in Klawock, AK.

HARRY R. WILSON (1897-1984). Papers; n.d., 1915-1983. .35 cu. ft. hmc-0351. Proponent of aviation training.

MILDRED STRATTON WILSON (1909-1973). Papers; 1925, 1934, 1936-1940, 1944-1981, 1987. 5.8 cu. ft. Inventory. hmc-0417. Primarily copepoda research materials of the first Alaskan to receive an National Science Foundation grant.

Fred Winters diary transcripts and translations; circa 1963-1974. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1111. Transcripts and translations of the diaries of a trapper dating from 1922-1938.

Alfred L. Winterton photographs; 1939, 1941. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0716. Photographs of a U.S. Army Air Corps photographer.

Susan Winton photographs; 1989-2000. 3.75 cubic feet. hmc-1176. Photographs taken by an Alaska resident and professional photographer.

Wiseman Trading Company records; 1925-1948. 9.95 cubic feet. hmc-0434. Business records of a general store on the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk River.

LYMAN L. (1913-1997) AND BETSY "BETZI" WOODMAN (1913-1990). Papers; 1929-1999. 29 cu. ft. Inventory. hmc-0353. Research materials and papers of two journalists and free-lance writers.

World War II letter from Bill; 1944 October 12. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0814. U. S. Army soldier's letter to family with location codes for future letters from Alaska.

Alice Wran papers; 1909-1963. 0.80 cubic feet. hmc-0617. ¬†Photograph albums and scrapbook of a Women’s Army Corps member who lived near the Kobuk River.¬†

MASTER SERGEANT WRIGHT. World War II Photograph Albums; 1938, 1942-1945. .25 cu. ft. hmc-0905. Noncommissioned officer in the Supply Squadron of the 39th Air Depot Group, stationed at Elmendorf Army Air Field.

Esther Wunnicke papers; 1955-2013. 2.25 cubic feet. hmc-1170. Papers of a women heavily involved in Alaska Native land rights, women’s rights, and Alaska oil and gas development and policies.

Last updated: January 6, 2011.

Historical Manuscripts Collection List