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  • Academic Integrity Initiatives Underway

    Posted on 06/24/13 by Sally Bremner No comments

    The Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity took on several projects this year. Our proposed revisions to Part A of the Student Code Conduct will be reviewed by the UA Assembly in August. We completed work on Sanctioning Guidelines for the Dean of Students Office. These will be posted on the revamped DoS website shortly.  Online reporting of incidents of suspected academic dishonesty was offered in test mode during April. The Committee started working on an Academic Integrity guide for faculty that will lay out the Student Code of Conduct examples of academic dishonesty, reporting procedures, strategies for prevention, possible sanctions and Q&A. Lastly we developed additional scenarios and multiple choice answers for the AI Tutorial upgrade. Some were tested by high school students who were on campus in June. More work is needed and we hope to have some of the improvements made for the fall semester. The Ad Hoc Committee has applied for full standing committee status, as Committee on Academic Honesty and Integrity  pending the adoption of the revised constitution and bylaws by faculty poll.

    Meanwhile we encourage you and your students to  Take the Academic Integrity Tutorial, our best resource right now for teaching freshman about academic honesty, and how to avoid problems as they embark on their studies at UAA. The tutorial takes about 40 minutes, and displays a personalized Certificate of Completion so is well suited to a homework assignment.

    We will reconvene next Semester to continue this work. If you are interested in joining us, please be in touch at

  • The AI Tutorial: a good introduction or refresher for all of us!

    Posted on 10/12/12 by Sally Bremner No comments

    Did you know that UAA has its own academic integrity tutorial?   It turns out we can thank Professor Robert Boeckmann, who recognized the need for such a tool in the Psychology Department back in the 2008-2009 academic year. Robert did the research, found a wonderful model at York University, and secured permission for UAA to adapt and use the tutorial here. FTC’s instructional designer, JoAnn Gonzales Major, produced a UAA version in Summer of 2010, customizing it for UAA policies and resources.  Since fall 2010, many faculty have assigned this tutorial to their students to expose them to the basics of academic integrity, particularly plagiarism. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to review the material and take the 10-question quiz.  Currently students receive immediate feedback so they can redo the questions they answered incorrectly until they attain 100%. The program then displays a certificate of completion bearing the student’s name.

    The Ad Hoc Committee on AI is currently working to improve the tutorial in a number of ways, and hopes to complete a major update this year. Despite its shortcomings, they feel the current version is still a very worthwhile exercise for students. The AI survey undertaken at UAA during the 2010-2011 year, showed there is considerable disagreement among faculty and students as to what constitutes plagiarism, and how seriously various behaviors are addressed (view the Final Report). This tutorial is perhaps our best tool right now in bringing these two groups together, and fostering useful dialogue.

    Take the Academic Integrity Tutorial



  • Final Committee Report & Recommendations to Senate April 2012

    Posted on 08/29/12 by Sally Bremner No comments

    The Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity Final Report for 2011-2012 was submitted to Faculty Senate in early May. The document includes 14 recommendations for a wide range of inititatives in teaching, learning, administration and statewide policy. The recommendations  are based on best practices across the U.S. but  focus on specific UAA problems revealed by the  International Center for Academic Integrity’s assessment tool that was administered to faculty and students the previous year.

    The 20-page report also includes working documents on proposed changes to the Board of Regents policies, proposed sanctioning guidelines, the position description for an academic integrity coordinator, a student code of conduct report form, and the summary report of the assessment.

    At the May 5 Faculty Senate Meeting, Senate members voted to reinstate the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity for 2012-2013. Members are: Paulo Banchero (Journalism), Sally Bremner (Library), David Bowie (English), Dayna DeFeo (LRC Coordinator), Dawn Dooley (Assoc. Dean of Students), Steffen Peuker (Engineering), Jennifer Stone, Committee Chair (English), and Michael Votava (Assist. Director of Student Conduct). Beth Barnett (Dental) and Claudia Lampman (Psychology) will join us again in the Spring.   We hope to recruit members from Business, Nursing, International Student Services, and USUAA to round out the group.  Meetings are generally held every 2nd Monday at 8:30 am in LIB205.  Please contact one of our members if you are interested.

  • Focus Groups to Convene March 28th

    Posted on 03/23/12 by Sally Bremner No comments

    The Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity has been reviewing the survey results and looking at best practices elsewhere, to devise recommendations to improve the climate of academic integrity at UAA.  Focus groups of students, faculty and administrators will be convened on Wednesday, March 28th,  to help us evaluate these for use on our campus, before taking them to the Faculty Senate.  Recruitment for the groups is underway, and those confirmed will receive our Revised Summary Report ahead of time as background for the discussions. This document also contains the schedule for the focus groups, and proposed revisions to the Board of Regents policy.

    The student group convenes at 4 pm; faculty at 5:30 pm and administrators at 7 pm this Wednesday,  all groups meeting in ADM102.   If you have any questions, or concerns, or are keen to join one of the groups, please e-mail Sally Bremner  as soon as possible.

  • Academic Honesty at UAA; How are we doing?

    Posted on 09/10/10 by Sally Bremner 1 comment

    The academic honesty (AI) environment at UAA  was assessed during Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 based on guidelines from the International Center for Academic Integrity, and facilitated by the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity. Preliminary data were presented  at the Faculty Retreat on August 24th, 2011.  Well-known AI reseacher, Professor Don McCabe gave a presentation entitled Academic Integrity in the U.S., and Dr. Claudia Lampman presented an overview of UAA’s  AI assessment results. You can  View Summary Report 2011-08-22.

    Phase II: Focus groups of administrators, faculty and students will convene in September, and a final report and recommendations is anticipated in January 2012. Please e-mail us if you’d like to join a focus group.

    Our web-based Academic Integrity Tutorial can help students learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it. They will take the quiz until they get 100%,  and receive a certificate of completion. See Faculty Resources tab for more information about the UAA tutorial and how to embed it in Blackboard courses. We have also created an APU edition of the AI Tutorial.

  • Welcome!

    Posted on 05/07/09 by Sally Bremner No comments

    puzzle-green-and-goldIn recognition that the issue of plagiarism is serious and complex, this website is designed to provide resources to students and faculty and to encourage dialogue about the responsible and respectful use of source materials in academic writing.

    The content has been compiled by Jackie Cason, Clare Chesher, and Sally Bremner, Library Advisory Committee, and Page Brannon, Library Instruction and Reference Services. We welcome your comments at