How Can We Help?

Custom Research

No matter what information you need, the library has specialized resources we can use to generate a list of citations to articles on your topic. Frequently the citations include abstracts to help you decide which items you want to read in full. We can expedite those articles for you. We can also run author searches, or help you find the information or supplier to purchase a book or contact an author.  Some topics are best researched on the Web, generating a listing of websites or other information. We can help with that too.

Verification Service

Public Computer Expansion in Media Room

Public Computer Expansion in Media Room

Sometimes citations to publications are poor, incomplete, or inaccurate, making it impossible to obtain a specific report, book or journal article you need. We can help solve this puzzle using our many information resources and contacts in the information world.

Document Delivery

Feel free to send us a listing of the publications you need, or you can order from our search results. The Consortium Library still houses a lot of physical volumes – books, journals and reports, though more is going online each year.  CLIQ does not expedite loans of complete books, but can help you identify the chapter or article(s) you need. We can scan or photocopy excerpts if within copyright parameters. We can also provide information from our e-resources.

The Digital Pipeline – a library of databases funded by the State of Alaska for its residents includes many full-text articles and newspapers that we can supply to Alaskans free of copyright charges. If you are not resident in Alaska, copyright charges may apply if the articles are recent and we have exceeded our quota from that title.

If the library does not have an item you need, we can request a copy from another library using our slick and speedy Interlibrary Loan system (ILL).  However, we have a flat rate of $15 per ILL request, plus an additional charges levied by the lending library

Delivery Options

Email is the best option for efficient delivery, and we can use Hightail for oversized files.If you don’t have ready access to email, we can provide information by mail, or fax.

What will it cost?

Our fees are based on the time it takes us to find and provide what you need, rather than a cost per item (unless copyright or ILL are involved).  We will provide an estimate and keep in touch as we work on your project so there are no surprises.  There is a $25 minimum charge to cover our time in consulting with you as to your needs.