Learn about UAA’s Military and Veteran Community Resources on the next Informania (Monday at 9am or Thursday at 5pm), on 88.1FM / kruaradio.org.

Learn about UAA’s Military and Veteran resources on KRUA’s Informania, Monday at 9am, Thursday at 5pm, on 88.1FM / kruaradio.org.

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Today, in honor of Veteran’s Day, 11/11, I want to highlight sources for veterans at UAA.

The UAA Military & Veteran Community Resources website is a great place to start!  The website address is http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/veterans/ .

Veteran Financial Assistance can be found at http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/financialaid/Veterans/index.cfm

Plus, there is a page of Local Resources for UAA Student Veterans and Active Duty Military Students.   This website url is http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/financialaid/Veterans/veterans_local_resources.cfm

Also, I want to let you know that there is a database of more than 330 military journals and magazines in the Military & Government Collection.  Students can access this from the Consortium Library’s website, by going to www.consortiumlibrary.org, selecting Databases, and typing the word military to search for the database.  Select the Military & Government Collection.  To access articles, students can log on with UAA or APU user name and password.  Alaskans who are not UAA or APU students can also access this database by searching for “sled Alaska,” on the Internet, and going into the Digital Pipeline to find the Military & Government Collection.  Questions?  Ask a Librarian         (786-1848)!

I’m sending out a big thank you to those of you who have served, and are serving in the military!  Our thanks, thoughts, and support are with you. ~ Best wishes from Deb the Librarian!

Learn about UAA’s Dental Hygiene Program (and their clinic!), Monday, at 9am (and Thurs. at 5pm) on Informania, 88.1FM, or KRUAradio.org.

Monday, October 28, from 9am-10am, Sandra Pence, Associate Professor and Program Director of UAA Dental Hygiene Program talks with Deb the Librarian about the Dental Hygiene Program.  Discover the history and future plans of the program.  Learn about the Dental Hygiene Clinic!

Thanks for listening!  Remember, if you can imagine it, you can become it!

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