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Let’s meet up again

The FLIP meeting planning has fallen by the wayside since about March (guilty as charged!) but many folks seem to be interested in starting up again.  How about sometime in July?  For now, pencil in Noon on Friday, July 16 at the Consortium Library. Feel free to comment if you want to suggest a different time/date/place.  Or propose ideas for discussion topics please!

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  1. csheldonhess says:

    We could talk about that book we’re supposed to all have read. ;) (I haven’t, have you?)

    We could also talk about other books. I’m “reading” (listening to the audiobook of) Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett, when I’m walking to work.

    There are at least two librarians at APL who want a book club, and APL has those great book club kits, now, that you can check out! Not saying we should co-op FLIP for it, but if anyone’s looking to get into one, after work hours, let me know! :)

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