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Discovery in Fairbanks

I’m giving a presentation at the library conference in Fairbanks this weekend called “Web Scale Discovery Services: The Hype, The Promise, The Reality” about implementing Summon at our library. Here’s a link to the slideshow:

Mobilizing in Juneau

I’m off today to the annual conference for the Alaska Library Association which is in sunny Juneau this year.  I will presenting a session call “Mobilizing your Website”.  You can  download the presentation slides as well as some coding examples:

Conference in Kodiak

Fort Ambercrombie

View from Fort Ambercrombie

In March I visited Kodiak for the first time to attended the annual AKLA conference.  I was there for 4 days and it was sunny almost the entire time.  The conference was held in the local high school, which was great because the rooms already had all the equipment and Internet connections.  This looks like a much easier to set up than when the conference was held in Anchorage in 2006 at the Hilton.  We had to borrow or rent all the equipment (PCs, laptops, lcd projectors, av screens, media carts) and  pay for each Internet connection per room plus crappy wifi coverage.  And we had to gather the equipment, lug it there, install it, etc. then reverse the process when the conference was over.

Anyway, I presented two sessions, one on metasearch and the other on sprucing up your library catalog.  As always it was good to see a new place and meet library folk from around the state and the lower 48.