Alaska Lunch

Our current exhibit in the great room of the Library is all about food in Alaska, with items from the Rare Books collection including cookbooks from the state. After the success (or at least entertainment value) of last year’s Convalescent’s Banquet, … Continue reading

Red Light to Starboard: Recalling the Exxon Valdez Disaster By Angela Day http:…

Red Light to Starboard: Recalling the Exxon Valdez Disaster
By Angela Day

A quarter-century later, recalling the widespread woe of Exxon Valdez
“Red Light to Starboard” is an exceptional piece of narrative history. The story of one person harmed by the Exxon Valdez oil spill forms the backbone of this book, which weaves personal experience within the larger narrative.
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Goodbye LexisNexis, Hello Westlaw

If you use LexisNexis to find business and legal information, there’s a change coming to our database lineup that you’ll want to know about. Our access to LexisNexis will end on July 31, 2015. Earlier this year, we purchased Westlaw, a database that also provides business and legal information. If you’ve been using LexisNexis for your research, give Westlaw a try. If you have any questions about using Westlaw (or any of our other databases, for that matter), you can call, email, or chat with a Reference Librarian by visiting

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Scenes in the archives

We frequently get asked: “what’s your favorite [collection/photo/document/etc]?” That’s a hard question to answer! And it’s usually dependent on what we’ve had our hands on recently. By turns funny, sad, poignant, thoughtful, it can vary. This week, though, we’ve been … Continue reading
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"It's like a library dying when they pass away."

"It's like a library dying when they pass away."

Ways of real people: Scholars document traditional Yup'ik life by talking to elders who lived it
A library of ancient knowledge drawn directly from the memories and stories of Yup’ik elders who lived the old ways -- before children went to Western schools, before year-round villages, before village stores, before shopping on Amazon -- is quietly being produced before the opportunities are lost.
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Alaska Maps

If you are traveling around Alaska this summer, you may want to check out some maps. You can take a look at topographical maps, road maps, fishing maps, historical maps and much more. A simple way to find out what we have is to type in to the Quick Search box: Alaska map.