Happy about graduating, but sad about losing access to your favorite databases?…

Happy about graduating, but sad about losing access to your favorite databases? Many popular databases, such as Academic Search Premier, are available to all Alaska residents through SLED: http://sled.alaska.edu/sled/

And remember, you're always welcome to come visit us and use the library's computers to access your favorite research databases.

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Papers of the Founding Fathers Are Online

Using Founders Online, you can search through and read the correspondence, diaries, and other papers of our founding fathers: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. The website is produced by the National Archives’ National Historical Publication and Records Commission and the University of Virginia Press. Enjoy reading what the Founders wrote and discussed during the first draft of the American democracy!

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Ethnohistory and Archives Part 3

This blog post is a continuation of Ethnohistory and Archives Part 2, which describes what the students in UAA’s Ethnohistory of Alaska Natives course found in the Charles V. Lucier papers. Part 1 describes the work completed in the Archives by UAA’s Ethnohistory of Alaska Natives course during the Spring 2015 semester. … Continue reading
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