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Are you pro or con?

If you have to write a paper presenting one side or the other of an issue or argument, then check out Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

One of the Library’s many full text online resources, Opposing Viewpoints in Context provides a broad range of information from primary source documents, newspaper articles, essays and articles from magazines and journals, images, videos, and much more.  Hundreds of current social topics from Airport Security and Cyberbullying to the Occupy Movement and Vaccines are included.

There’s even a Search Tips reference with helpful hints to get you started.

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Consortium Library Prize

Consortium Library Research Prize:

The Consortium Library Prize lauds an exemplary undergraduate research project from any discipline which demonstrates evidence of significant scholarly investigation and utilization of library resources, print and archival as well as electronic. The selected student will be officially recognized university-wide and will be honored with a $500 award. The winner(s) will be asked to present their project at the Undergraduate Research and Discovery Symposium.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity to showcase your work, see the Consortium Library Prize page.



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Credo Reference is also good for…

Credo Reference can help…. Credo is a research database that provides access to background material: handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and also links to other research databases. Credo is even included in QuickSearch.

Credo covers every major subject, offering more than 560 highly-regarded titles from over 80 publishers

As easy to use as your favorite search site and fully citable in any research paper, Credo is the perfect place to get your research started.Whether you are just starting your project, looking to add some interesting images to your final draft or building a bibliography, Credo Reference has something for you.Credo Reference offers:* Tools to quickly map your paper topic
* Citable sources for your bibliography
* Answers to your research questions
* Thousands and thousands of images, charts, graphs, diagrams and more
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Textbooks and the UAA/APU Consortium Library

Does this scenario sound all too familiar?:

Your class requires a $50 textbook. You go to the library to see if you might be able to get it there but they do not have it.

What should you do? The Library does not purchase textbooks due to the frequent changes in editions.

Luckily, we have some options for you:

1) Check with the circulation desk to see if the book was put on reserve for your class. Make sure you give the people at the desk the course name and/or instructor last name. Or you can check yourself by going to the Course Reserves lookup page.

2) Check if you are able to rent the textbook through the UAA Campus Bookstore or purchase a used copy.

3) Try one of the websites listed in our Textbook guide to rent, download, buy used, or try an open textbook.

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