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CLARENCE LEROY ANDREWS (1862-1948). Papers; 1890-1942. 1 cu. ft. 2 reels, microfilm.

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Photo Credit/Source: Photographer unknown. Photo was printed from an original glass plate. It is photo no. 31 in Part I, Series II of the C. L. Andrews Col.

Clarence Leroy Andrews came to Alaska in 1892. Five years later, he participated in the Duke of Abruzzi's party and their ascent of Mount St. Elias. Later, he worked in various customs offices (Sitka, Skagway, and Eagle) and for the Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Education, and the Reindeer Service. He helped gather material for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle. He also taught at Kivalina and was the reindeer superintendent at Nome. Andrews published books and articles on Alaska and was an advocate of Eskimo rights.

This collection is divided into three parts. The Strong/Quam Acquisition contains papers and original photograph negatives including glass plate negatives. In addition, there are contact prints and copy negatives. They include pictures of Andrews; Eagle and the Forty Mile area; the Arctic, Eskimos, and Kivalina; Sitka and Southeast Alaska; family members; documents relating to the Lomen Reindeer issue; wildflowers and other subjects. The second part contains various papers of C. L. Andrews on two reels of microfilm. The first reel contains letters from Sitka and Skagway (1899-1901) concerning customs matters; papers concerning the reindeer industry and legal dispute involving Lomen herders and the natives at Teller; correspondence by Andrews and others (1891-1942); and a copy of an article by C. H. Stockton on the cruise of the U.S.S. Thetis in the Arctic (1889). The second reel contains a typed manuscript copy of a work by Andrews in 1942 about Alexander Baranov. The third part of the collection consists of contact prints and negatives copied from 114 glass lantern slides. Included are pictures of natives, their activities, villages, and animals; locations depicted include St. Lawrence Island, St. Michael, and Point Barrow.

The first part of the collection was obtained from Walter R. Strong who obtained the materials from Dean Quam. A deed of gift was signed in 1992. The first reel of microfilm in the second part was acquired from the Stratton Library, Sheldon Jackson College; and the second reel was obtained from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The third part of the collection was acquired from the C. L. Andrews Collection of Alaska Pacific University as part of an photograph conservation agreement. The photographs cannot be reproduced without the consent of the institution holding the original materials.





SERIES 1. Papers; n.d., 1905-1907, 1911, 1937, 1946. .2 cu.ft.


Subseries 2a. Contact Prints (of original negatives in 2c).
Subseries 2b. Contact Prints (of copy negatives).


Subseries 2c. Photograph Negatives (ORIGINAL); n.d., 1892-1924.


Subseries 2d. Copy Negatives (made from contact prints of the original negatives).


BOX 5 (Microfilm)
SERIES 1. Papers from Stratton Library, Sheldon Jackson College. (Housed with microfilm - small collections).

BOX 6 (Microfilm)
SERIES 2. Papers from University of Alaska Fairbanks. (Housed with small collections).


(BOX 2)

SERIES 1. Contact Prints (made from negatives of original slides).

(BOX 3)

SERIES 2. Copy Negatives (made from original slides). .2 cu. ft.



Box 1


Series 1. Papers; n.d., 1905-1907, 1911, 1937, 1946.
Miscellaneous Papers; n.d., 1911, 1946, 4 items.
Included are a "List of Photographs of Alaskan Subjects". A report of the condition of the Montesano National Bank, June 16, 1911; a letter from James H. Condit, February 6, 1946; and a film brochure.
2. Book by C.L.A. Wrangell and the Gold of the Cassiar; 1937.
3. Magazines; 1905-1907. 6 items.
These are: Alaska's Magazine, May, 1905; The Alaska Monthly Magazine, April and May 1907; Alaska - Yukon Magazine, March, May, June, 1907.

Box 2

Series 2. Photographs; n.d., 1892-1924. .35 cu. ft
Note: This series is divided into sub-series:
Subseries 2a. Contact Prints (of the original negatives);
Subseries 2b. Contact Prints (of the copy negatives);

Box 3

Subseries 2c. Photograph Negatives (ORIGINAL);

Box 4

Subseries 2d. Copy Negatives(made from contact prints of the original negatives).
The order of the each sub-series is the same as that of the original negatives; the list of those negatives follows:

C. L. Andrews.
1. C.L.A. and Wolf Skin; n.d. Negative, 6.5 X 8.5.

Eagle and Forty Mile Area.
2. C.L. Andrews at Eagle; 1905. Glass Negative (#302), 4x5.
3. Forty Mile Custom's House; 1906. Glass Negative (#15), 4x5.
4. Eagle, Alaska - Exchange, Saloon, and Customs Office; n.d. Glass Negative - buckled emulsion (#78), 4x5.
5. Miners Cabin - Log Cabin at Eagle, Alaska; n.d. Glass Negative (#316), 4x5.
6. Steel Creek - Forty Mile, Alaska; 1906. Glass Negative, 4x5.
7. Capt. Amundsen at Eagle (and Capt. Moag of the wrecked whaler "Bonanza"-at King Point?); 1905. Glass Negative (#13), 4x5.
8. Capt. Amundsen at Messhouse; 1905. Glass Negative, 4x5.
9. Sloop "Gjoa" of Kristiana - Capt. Amundsen's Exploring Vessel; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
10. Eagle - Dog Team on Ice Yukon - Jules and Jack; n.d. Glass Negative (cracked) 4x5.
11. Indian Canoes on Yukon at Eagle; n.d. Glass Negative (#14), 4x5.
12. Sun-Half Hour, Noon - Eagle; n.d. Glass Negative (#24), 4x5.
13. Indians at N.A. T. & T. - Eagle, Alaska; 1905? Glass Negative (#17), 4x5.
14. Indians at Eagle; February 1906. Glass Negative (#318), 4x5.
15. "Indian bringing in Caribou Meat" - "Old Moses" bringing in Caribou Meat, Eagle; 1906. Glass Negative, 4x5.
16. Simon Mending Snowshoes - Eagle; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
17. Old Simon Mending Snowshoes - Eagle; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
18. "Eaglelites 1904" - Group at Customs, Eagle; Summer, 1904. Glass Negative (#605a), 5x7.
19. "Monarch" at Eagle; 1904. Glass Negative (#607), 5x7.
20. Mrs. John Renshaw and Vegetables and Fruit - at Eagle, Alaska; n.d. Glass Negative (#614), 5x7.

Note: Nos. 21 - 26 were located in negative holder bearing #3442. No. 26 is chemically attached to the holder.
21. "Returning From a Duck Hunt at Point Barrow" - Eskimo hunters with older ducks killed at the Hunting Station under Pt. Barrow (Brower had them killed for the ice bound whalers) 1897-98. Negative, 5x7.
22. Dog Team at Nome; Winter, 1899-1900. Negative, 5x7.
23. Mail Carrier on the Arctic Shore; n.d. Negative, 5x7.
24. Copy of note left in a cache on a small island near Banks Land by Capt. Collinson of the ship "Enterprise" in 1851, and a list of caches left by him for use by Franklin expedition members (found by an Eskimo and brought to Kotzebue in 1929 - found there by CLA while acting supt. of schools); n.d. Negative, 5x7.
25. White Gyrfalcon (mounted); n.d. Negative, 5x7.
26. White Gyrfalcon (mounted); n.d. Negative (Damaged), 5x7.

Eskimo Patriots-Kivalina.
27. Anarok's Wife; 1924. Negative, 4x5.
28. Anarok's Daughter "Vera"; 1924. Negative, 4x5.
29. Martha (Weenamee) and ________, _________ ; 1924. Negative, 4x5.
30. School Children at Kivalina; 1924. Negative, 1924.

Sitka and Southeast Alaska.
31. C. L. Andrews about 35 years, Skagway; 1900. Glass Negative (#77), 4x5.
32. Blockhouse - Sitka, Alaska; 1892. Glass Negative, 4x5.
33. The Bishop's House at Sitka (Bishop Rowe - Episcopal); ca 1915. Glass Negative, 4x5.
34. Front (from side) Denver Glacier; 1903. Glass Negative, 4x5.
35. One of my lean goats at Glacier Station; 1902. Glass Negative, 4x5.
36. Sink Hole-Morraine of the Norris Glacier ("Pit left by melting Iceberg, Norris Glacier); n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
37. Iceberg at Taku Inlet; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
38. Morning at Bishop's Point; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
39. Turning Island; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.

40. Mother, Birdie, Mame, and Lou at the old home; 1894. Glass Negative, 5x7.
41. Uncle O.J. Carr and Aunt Lou (The MacMillons); 1893. Glass Negative, 5x7.
42. Francie - Hair; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
43. Two Children; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
44. Snow Picture from front of my house - house where Aunt Lou used to live n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.

Alaska Wildflowers.
45. Anemone - on top of Mt. Juneau; 1915. Glass Negative, 5x7.
46. Browneyed Susan - Eagle; 1904. Glass Negative, 5x7.
47. Devil's Club; n.d. Glass Negative, 5x7.
48. Gooseberries - Juneau; n.d. Glass Negative, 5x7.
49. Some Alaskan Mushrooms at Skagway; 1902. Glass Negative, 5x7.
50. California Poppies in Alaska - Juneau; June 1909. Glass Negative, 5x7.
51. Spirea - Near Juneau; 1915. Glass Negative, 5x7.
52. Valerian - Near Juneau; 1915. Glass Negative, 5x7.
53. Alaska Wildflowers; 1904. Glass Negative, 5x7.
54. Alaskan Wild roses and Virginia Cowslip - Eagle; n.d. Glass Negative, 5x7.

Lomen Reindeer Issue.
55. Lomen Reindeer Tag; n.d. Negative, 3 1/2x5.
56. Lomen Tag and Photo; n.d. Negative, 4x6.
57. Lomenized Reindeer Combination - picture of tag; n.d. Negative, 5x7.
58. Carl Lomen to J. Wagner; September 18, 1929. Print, 4 1/2 x 6 1/2.
59. Carl Lomen to J. Wagner; September 18, 1929. Negative, (2 copies) 5x7.
60. Letter: Carl Lomen to S. Chance; November 20, 1930 (Page 1). Negative, 5x7.
61. Letter: Carl Lomen to S. Chance; November 20, 1930 (Page 2). Negative, 5x7.
62. Letter: Carl Lomen to S. Chance; November 20, 1930 (Page 3). Negative, 5x7.
63. Letter: R. Ferguson to L. Sellers; November 28, 1930. Negative, 5x7.
64. Letter: R. Lomen to L.R. Sellers; March 19, 1931. Negative, 5x7.
65. Lomen Business Prospectus; n.d. Negative, 5x7.
66. Lomen Reindeer Corporation Financial Statement; March 13, 1929. Negative, 5x7.
67. Lomen Reindeer Corporation Financial Statement (part); 1929. Negative, 5x7.
68. Clippings; n.d. Negative (a&b), 5x7.
69. Clippings; 1916. Negative (a&b), 5x7.
70. Clippings; 1931. Negative (a&b), 5x7.
71. Clippings; 1931. Negative (a&b), 5x7.
72. Clippings; 1933. Negative (a&b), 3x4 1/2.
73. Clippings; 1935. Negative (a&b), 5x7.
74. Document Fragments. Negatives (a, b, c, d), 3 - 5x7, and 1 - 4x5.
75. Map of Northern Alaska; n.d. Negative, 8x10.
76. Map of Alaska; 1913. Negative, 8x10.
77. Map of Alaska; 1931. Negative, 8x10.

78. Coxey's Army. ca. 1893.
79. Racing Canoes - Ballast Island, Seattle; July 4, 1893. Glass Negative, 4x5.
80. Racing Canoes. Glass Negative, 4x5.
81. Denver and Rio Grande Railway; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
82. At the Foot of Niagara Falls; April 1914. Glass Negative, 4x5.
83. Falls Church, Virginia where Washington was a Vestryman; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
84. Library of Congress Fountain; n.d. Glass Negative (#79), 4x5.
85. Farm Photographs - Sheep; 1914. Negative, 4x5.
86. Farm Photographs - Sheep and Goats; 1915. Negative, 4x5.
87. Skunks at Lake Chitan; n.d. Glass Negative (#76), 4x5.
88. White Sage Brunch; n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
89. Fur Bearing Animals (Copy from a publication); n.d. Glass Negative, (2 copies) 4x5.
90. "Portraits of Inhabitants of Kotzebue Sound" (copy from a publication); n.d. Glass Negative, 4x5.
91. Map on the Church in Alaska; n.d. (Copy) Glass Negative, 4x5.
92. Hotel Ozark; n.d. Negative, 4x5.

Boxes 5 & 6 (Microfilm)


[Note: Copy of this list is available at the Stratton Library at Sheldon Jackson Library in Sitka, Alaska. A copy is also available in the UAA archives.]

Boxes (2 & 3)