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LEON CRANE. World War II Papers; 1943. .1 cu. ft.

Leon Crane, a resident of Philadelphia and an aeronautical engineer, joined the Army Air Corps in 1941. In 1943, he was stationed at Ladd Field near Fairbanks, Alaska, in the Air Transport Command. In December, 1943, Crane and his fellow crew members were lost in a test flight of a B-24. He survived the crash and a lengthy trek in the wilderness.

This collection contains materials relating to Leon Crane and his ordeal after the crash. Included are two versions of his article on his trek, three photographs, clippings, and an article about Crane.

This collection was presented to the archives by Lyman Woodman of Anchorage. He received the papers from Andrew A. Keil of Melbourne, Florida. Additional clippings were presented to the archives by Michael G. Moskow in 2002.



1. Article by Leon Crane: "I Was Lost 84 Days in the Arctic;" American Magazine, Volume 138, August, 1944 (Original and one copy).

2. Article by Leon Crane: "Eighty-Four Days in the Arctic," The 100 Best True Stories of World War II. (New York; Wm. H. Wise & Co., Inc., 1945).

3. Newspaper clippings on Leon Crane; 1943. 2 items (2 original clippings and 2 copied clippings).

4. Copies of newspaper clippings on Leon Crane; 1944. 3 items.

5. Photographs; 1943. 3 items (One of Leon Crane and two of Leon Crane and Andy Keil).

6. Article on Leon Crane in Coming into the Country by John McPhee (2 copies).