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SALLY MONSERUD (1907-1991). Papers; 1907, 1934-1990. 1.3 cu. ft.

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Sarah Martha Louise "Sally" Monserud was born in Iowa in 1907. In 1908, her family moved to South Dakota. She received a bachelor's degree in English from Augustana College in 1929 and a master's degree from Washington State University in 1934. She moved to Alaska to teach at Anchorage High School (now West Anchorage High School). She was one of the original faculty at Anchorage Community College (ACC) where she taught English from 1954 to the mid 1970s. She also worked as a manager of a local book store, a public relations specialist for Elmendorf Air Force Base, and an executive secretary. She helped establish an instructional aid program to train native teachers. In 1972, she received an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from the University of Alaska. Building B on the Anchorage Community College campus was named the Sally Monserud Building in her honor. Sally Monserud died in 1991.

This collection consists of materials relating to Sally Monserud's life and to the history of Anchorage Community College. Included are personal legal and education documents; catalogs, programs, and other papers relating to ACC; honors from ACC and the University of Alaska; subject files; and artifacts. The ACC file contains the first three ACC catalogs and the first ten ACC commencement programs. The artifacts include her academic robes and hoods for her masters and honorary degrees.

The collection was presented to the archives by Sally Monserud in 1983. Other papers were presented to the department by Martha Lee in 1992.




Series 1. Legal and Education Documents; 1907, 1934, 1953, 1976, 1988. .1 cu. ft.
This series contains various personal documents and papers relating to Sally Monserud's birth, baptism, passports, and her degree from Washington State University.

Series 2. Anchorage Community College (ACC); 1954 - 1986. .2 cu. ft.
This series contains papers and records relating to ACC. Included are the first three ACC catalogs, several commencement programs including the first ten, legislative bills from 1977, clippings, and other papers.

Series 3. Honors from Anchorage Community College and the University of Alaska; 1971 - 1972. .15 cu. ft.
This series contains correspondence, degree, and other papers relating to the honorary degree which Sally Monserud received from the University of Alaska and also papers relating to the naming of a building on the ACC campus for her.

Series 4. Subject Files; 1934 - 1990. .45 cu. ft.
This series contains papers, primarily concerning a number of organizations and individuals, which reflect various interests and activities of Sally Monserud.included are papers about her family, a high school life certificate, recommendations, and articles.

Series 5. Artifacts; n.d., 1934, 1972. .5 cu. ft.
This series contains artifacts relating to her master's and honorary degrees. Included are her academic robes and hoods. Also, there is a pair of eyeglasses.




Series 1. Legal and Education Documents; 1907, 1934, 1953, 1976, 1988. .1 cu. ft.
1. Birth and Baptism records; 1907, 1953. 8 items.
2. Passports and passport data; 1976, 1988. 8 items.
3. Passport photographs; 1976, 1988. 7 items.
4. Masters degree in English, State College of Washington (Pullman); 1934. 4 items.
Includes diploma, thesis, commencement program, and clipping.

Series 2. Anchorage Community College (ACC); 1954 - 1986. .2 cu. ft.
1. ACC Catalogs; 1954 -1957.(These are the first three ACC catalogs.) 3 items.
2. ACC Commencement Programs; 1955 - 1960.
(These are the first five ACC Commencement programs.) 5 items.
3. ACC Commencement Programs; 1961 - 1965. (These are programs #6 - #10.) 5 items.
4. ACC Commencement Programs; 1968, 1970 - 1973. 5 items.
5. Legislative Bills and Fact Sheet; 1977.
(Contains HB-410, HB-415, and fact sheets for HB-410 and SB-294.) 3 items.
6. Clippings - ACC, General; 1954 - 1956, 1974, 1983 - 1984. 6 items.
(These relate to the first registration, 1954; an article by Frank Brink in the Alaska Quarterly, Winter 1955; the start of classes at ACC, 1954; first anniversary of ACC, 1955; ACC graduation, 1983; and enrollments, 1984.)
7. Clippings - LeRoy Good; n.d., 1957. 5 items. (These concern his resignation and death.)
8. Commencement Speech by Mary Hale; 1983. 1 item.
9. Notes on ACC and on the collection; 1983. 3 items.

Series 3. Honors from Anchorage Community College and the University of Alaska; 1971 -1972. .15 cu. ft.
1. University of Alaska - correspondence concerning the award of an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree to Sally Monserud; 1971-1972. 12 items.
2. Congratulatory letters - honorary degree; 1972. 9 items.
3. University of Alaska - honorary Doctor of Humanities degree; 1972. 9 items.
Includes degree, commencement programs, and citation (oversize box).
4. University of Alaska Alumni Office, letters; 1972. 5 items.
5. Anchorage Community College, Sally Monserud Building, congratulatory letters; 1972. 8 items.


Series 4. Subject Files; 1934 - 1990. .45 cu ft.
1. Alaska Northern Lights Quarterly, Vol. 1 Nos. 1-4; n.d. 4 items.
2. Alaska Northern Lights Quarterly, Correspondence; n.d., 1967-1968. 19 items.
Includes notes on sources; notes and story about Mrs. Nettie Erhart of Tanana; and correspondence.
3. Anchorage Community College, miscellaneous; n.d., 1960, 1967. 4 items.
Includes reminiscences, two poems, and an evaluation by Eugene Short.
4. Anchorage School District; 1939, 1956, 1965-1966, 1990. 5 items.
Includes Alaska Teacher's Certificate No. 37 (high school life certificate); a copy of a letter from Lucy Cuddy to LeRoy Good (1956); a Special Vocational Basic Education Certificate (1965); a copy of a letter to Washington State University at Pullman about her transcript (1966); and a copy of a newspaper article of the reunion of the Anchorage High School after 50 years (1990).
5. Book Club; n.d., 1981. 8 items.
Includes "Program notes - Brian Boru" and AAUW Book groups and other book lists.
6. Sheila Clark; n.d., 1966. 2 items.
Includes a letter and a play summary "Anna Amarok - a Ballet in Three Acts."
7. Delta Kappa Gamma Society; n.d. 1 item.
A registration form for a convention at the Anchorage Westward Hotel.
8. Encyclopedia Americana information service; 1959, 1968. 5 items.
These are responses to requests for information about the "Greek Theater," "Visual Materials," A Source List," and "The Korean language."
9. Mongin, Alfred; n.d., 1979-1980. 3 items.
Includes letter (1980); Orthodox Alaska, Vol. VIII No. 3, containing an articles by Mongin on Russian Orthodox Church architecture; notes by Sally Monserud about Mongin's article; articles for a radiocommentary.
10. "N.O.M." - Monserud Family papers; n.d., 1939, 1972, 1981, 1984-1985. 19 items.
Includes a biographic note by Sally Monserud (November 27, 1984); letters (1984-1985); Midwest Memories by Niels O. Monserud (n.d.); "Official Program - Crown Prince Reception," Sioux Falls, South Dakota (June 14, 1939); "Dedication South Dakota Highway Hall of Fame" (September 26, 1972; Obituary and funeral service for William Monserud (1981); and various genealogical notes.
11. The National League of American Pen Women, Inc.; 1978. 2 items.
12. Ethel Oliver; 1982. 2 items.
Includes two reviews of books.
13. "Rare Gems of Literature - 23 Original Manuscripts in Facsimile;" n.d. 1 item.
14. Recommendations; 1970-1980. 35 items.
15. Sylvia Short; 1990. 6 items.
16. University of Alaska Anchorage Archivist; 1983, 1984, 1987. 4 items.
Includes a deed of gift.
17. Wien Air Alaska - certificate awarded for crossing the Arctic Circle; 1977. 1 item.
18. Writings - miscellaneous; n.d., 1984. 3 items.
Includes a play "James Wickersham and the Alaska Railroad" and two other sent to Sally Monserud.


Series 5. Artifacts; n.d., 1934, 1972. .5 cu. ft.
1. Academic robe and hood - Masters in English; n.d. 2 items.
2. Academic robe, hood, and cap - Honorary Doctor of Humanities; 1972. 2 items.
3. Eyeglasses; n.d. 1 item.