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MICHAEL PHILIP. Papers and Photographs; 1932, 1933, 1983. 1 cu. ft.

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Michael Philip was from Coos Bay, Oregon. He was a crew member for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios during the production of the film, Eskimo in 1932 and 1933. He sailed up the Inside Passage to Alaska; was involved in walrus, polar bear, and whale hunts off the coast of Siberia and Point Hope, Alaska; and constructed sets for the film in the Teller and Cape Lisburne areas.

The collection consists of letters, a newspaper and clippings, and over 400 photographs concerning the production of the film, Eskimo, directed by W. S. Van Dyke. The letters, which he sent home to his family, were written from July 1932 to August 1933 during the production of the film; they were published in a Coos Bay, Oregon, newspaper. The newspaper and clippings consist of a copy of the M-G-M Eskimo News, published by the film crew of Eskimo at Teller in December 1932, and newspaper clippings of articles concerning the film's production (ca. 1933) and the career of the native actor Ray Wise Mala (1983). The photographs consist of images taken on location during the production work. Alaska locations include Nome, Teller, Point Hope, Cape Lisburne, Kivalina, King Island, Prince William Sound, and the Inside Passage. Other locations include the waters off Herald Island near Wrangell Island in the Arctic Ocean, and the waters off Cape Serdsti on the Chukotsk Peninsula. The photographs depict the film crew, cast, housing, and sets; the hunting of walrus, polar bear, and whale; coastal glaciers in Alaska; and the ship, Nanuk, which was used in the film.

The collection was presented to the archives by Malcolm Montague in 1995. A deed of gift was signed in 1995.

JAS (8/1996)


Box 1

Series 1. Letters (clippings of Michael Philip's letters home concerning his work as a crew member on the movie "Eskimo", reprinted in the Coos Bay Harbor, North Bend, Oregon newspaper); July 4, 1932-Aug. 10, 1933.

1. Atlantic Ocean; July 4-5, 1932.
2. Teller, Alaska; July 19, 23, 1932.
3. About five miles from Herald Island (west of Wrangel Island, Arctic Ocean); Aug.2, 1932; Cape Lisburne, Alaska; Aug. 14, 1932; Teller, Alaska; Aug. 16, 1932.
4. Teller, Alaska; Aug. 24, 27, 1932.
5. Teller, Alaska; Nov. 2, 1932.
6. Cape Lisburne, Alaska; Feb. 5, 8, 15, 1933.
7. Cape Lisburne, Alaska; Mar. 8, 12, 1933.
8. Point Hope, Alaska; Apr. 14, 1933.
9. Point Hope, Alaska; May 12, 1933.
10. Off Cape Serdsti, Siberia; July 14, 17, 18, 1933.
11. Icy Bay, Alaska; Aug. 8, 10, 1933.

Series 2. Other Newspapers and Clippings; 1932, 1933, 1983.

1. M-G-M Eskimo News: A Paper for of and by a Movie Crowd Gone Native; M-G-M Camp, Teller Alaska (4 page newspaper); Dec. 1932.
2. "Col. W. S. Van Dyke's Arctic Adventures!: Director of ‘Eskimo' Writes of Horrors in Great, Icy Wasteland"; by Co. W.S. Van Dyke; ca. 1933.
3. "Yes, There Are Eskimos in Hollywood" (photo of W.S. Van Dyke and native Eskimo actors); The Oregon Daily Journal; 1933.
4. "Mike Philip Here After Two Years in Alaska" (newspaper article fragment); ca. 1933.
5. "North Star: Alaska's first Native movie actor left rich legacy to his son"; by Evey Ruskin, Anchorage Daily News; Oct. 17, 1983.

Box 2 (Album 1)

Series 3. Photographs; 1932, 1933 (413 original b&w prints, 182 copy prints, 182 copy negatives, and 46 original duplicate prints).
Note: All copy prints and copy negatives are 4 X 5 inch size and are placed in albums after the original prints and before the original duplicate prints for each subseries.

Subseries 3a. Cape Lisburne and Point Hope, Alaska (back of prints blank or with original handwritten captions); 1932-1933 (149 original b&w prints, 1 X 2.75 inch; 51 copy prints and 51 copy negatives; 23 original duplicate prints).
Note: Photographs with copy prints and negatives are denoted with an asterisk (*) after the original caption or description. There are original duplicates prints of photo numbers 2- 4, 11, 12, 18 (2), 35, 48, 51, 52, 70, 85, 87, 96, 101 (2), 120, 121, 127, 128, and 134 (2).

Bungalow five miles off Cape Lisburne, Alaska.
1. "The bungalow in the making"*
2. "Our bungalow at Cape Lisburne out in the ice about five miles from shore. Is this a sweet place to live or not?"*
3. "The Lisburn Bungalow again with the start of an annex and a wall started for another one out of ice blocks"*
4. "Our wireless operator, Orland Rees, at Cape Lisburne"*
5. "Rees and a few dogs at Lisburne, an Eskimo and our home sweet home up there"*

Cape Lisburne, Alaska.
6. "Some native huts I took here, but they don't show up very well. Our house in background"
7. "This is the whale village at Cape Lisburne except our igloo that I couldn't get in the picture"
8. "Our meal cache at Cape Lisburne. Pretty good ice box huh?"*

Sets at Cape Lisbourne, Alaska.
9. "Part of the inside of the tunnel at the bear set at Lisburne. The boards and cross pieces are the ceiling of it."
10. "Three of the camera houses at the bear set at Lisburne. Taken from in front of the main house,that caved in when the ice broke up."
11. "Part of the bear set at Lisburne. Arrow #1 is a camera house in the tunnel and #2 is part of
the tunnel we built to go through to all the cameras"
12. "Another on of the camera house after the crack up-March-9-1933."
13. "Where the ice parted under our main camera house at the bear set. Some of the rafters that fell down and the black spot in center is part of tunnel."*
14. "Looking towards the set at Lisburne after the ice broke up that time and wrecked the whole works for us. The smooth ice in foreground was open water when it broke up"

Other subjects, Cape Lisburne, Alaska.
15. "Part of the herd of reindeer that they drove up to Lisburne for us. Cape Lisburne in the background"*
16. "Reindeer at Cape Lisburne, 2/33."
17. More distant view of reindeer herd.
18. "Our house on shore at Lisburne and a first class view of the Arctic Ocean in February."*
19. "Landed at Lisburne" (airplane).
20. "Hegness heading for our new home at Lisburne, on shore--1/26/33"
21. "Some Eskimos cutting dog trail at Lisburne"
22. "Our fresh water spring at Lisburne"
23. "Those bleak old rock crags on Cape Lisburne about 1500 feet up from sea level"
24. "Cape Lisburne, Jan. 26, 1933"
25. "Some crags on Cape Lisburne"
26. "The day we landed at Lisburne and a dog team coming out to get us. 1/26/33"*
27. "Lunchtime on the trail, at Lisburne" (men, dog team, and sled).*
28. "Stopping for lunch against the cape when we were cutting a trail to the fresh water spring. And plenty cold"*
29. "Just a few dogs going to the set at Cape Lisburne"
30. "Took this one sitting on a sled meeting another team"
31. "Just a dog team taking a rest"
32. "Just a couple of dog teams at Cape Lisburne" (distant view).
33. Another view of two dog teams and sleds.
34 & 35. Two views of dog team from sled.
36. View of dog team and driver from front.

Point Hope, Alaska and vicinity.
37. "Part of our house here at Pt. Hope, a few ice cicles, Geo. Nogle in the window, Eddie
Cornwall on the ground"
38. "A few of the ice cicles on our house here in the middle of April."
39. "Ready to start for the lead with the wooden whale boat. 4/24/33" Dog teams pulling whaling boat.*
40. "Waiting to go some place, by our house here in Pt. Hope"*
41. "Just starting for the lead with the whale boat 4/24/33"
42. "Taking our wooden whale boat out to the lead and the string of dogs we had to pull it"*
43. "On the way with the whale boat."
44 & 45. Two views of dog team from sled.

Waiting for the whales on the lead off Point Hope, Alaska.
46. "Roberts at the camera and the crew that I'm with. Our sleeping tent and the natives' cook tent in the background"*
47. "Our whaling crew and Deverman asleep under a parka and on top of the snow in the
48. "Roberts and Deverman and the whaling crew's wind break."
49. "A skin boat, a camera and a lead. Waiting for a whale."*
50. "They Akley camera. Roberts, and the lead."*
51. "Here is the way the natives do all their sleeping while the whaling season is on. Roberts taking a nap under the camera too"*
52. "Frank Messenger our boss asleep on the job and I took this to prove it to him."*
53. "Bob Roberts, 1st cameraman, and I behind the wind break waiting for whale at the lead. I'm going to give up this business and be a detective when I grow up, snow glasses too"*
54. Roberts and Philip resting under windbreak.
55. "Our tent on the right and a native's on the left. Out at the lead, the native's is just a cook house for his whaling crew."
56. View of the interior of Philip's tent at the lead.
57. "The inside of our sleeping tent at the lead. My bed is first to the right in case you are
58. "The tent is the cook tent and the skin boat on edge with the wind break in front was our
home for a few days and nights."*
59. "Starting for shore at Pt. Hope with our whale boat and 42 dogs pulling it"
60. "Blackman, some natives and a skin boat."
61. "The front of a skin boat without the walrus skin on it"
62. View of the wooden whale boat on the ice, the dog team pulling it, and the movie crew.*
63. Closeup of whaling implements: sealskin floats, rifle, paddle, etc.*
64. Another closeup of whaling implements.*
65. A sacks of supplies on the ice, with a seal skin in the foreground.
66 & 67. Distant views from the ice of the whaling and movie crews on the lead.*(67)
68. "A lead just starting to open up, and just in back of our tent too. One of the reasons why someone is always on watch and we sleep with our clothes on."

Whaling crew in action, Point Hope, Alaska.
69. "Our whaling crew in the loose ice as the lead was opening up again, and a mountain of ice in back of them."
70. Whaling crew in skin boat from wooden boat with film crew.*
71. Whaling crew in skin boat from wooden boat with film crew (blurred).
72. Eskimo paddling kayak near the ice.

Whale carcass being hauled in and butchered, Point Hope, Alaska.
73. "Getting the whale ready to start pulling him up and start cutting him up"*
74. "Starting to pull up the first whale killed and the only one so far this year. 5/18/33"*
75. Natives surrounding whale being pulled onto the ice by the tail with ropes.*
76. "The whale's tail pulled up on the ice"*
77. Natives surrounding whale as it is being pulled onto the ice (side view).
78. "Part of the whale's tail and carcass with the blubber and meat cut off. The tail part that isn't cut is supposed to be the choice part and goes to the boss of the crew."*
79. View of the whale carcass in the water with seal float in the background.
80. "The upper half of the whale's head on the ice at Point Hope."
81. "The upper part of the whale's head laying on its side and one of the natives sitting in it."
82. "Al Blackman and I" Standing next to the whale carcass on its side.
83. "Part of the gill bone [baleen] in the last whale they got at Pt. Hope. Blackman and Knott in foreground"*
84. "All that is left of a whale when they get one here. Paul Green on left and the native that killed it, Peter Koonuk, Naruk [?]."
85. "Some of the meat and blubber ready to be hauled to shore"*
86. More distant view of the meat and blubber to be hauled to shore.
87. Natives dragging meat toward shore.*
88. Distant view from ice of whale carcass, natives, and film crew with large slabs of meat and blubber in foreground.
89. Whale carcass as it is being hauled onto the ice with ropes and two sealskin floats.*

Camera crew in the ice near Point Hope, Alaska.
90. "The camera crew at Point Hope in the ice. Pt. Hope way in the background on the left side"
91. "The camera crew over at a set up in some high ice here at Point Hope"
92. "Just some rough ice here at pt. Hope. 5/33"
93. "Some rough ice here at Pt. Hope"

Miscellaneous native homes and structures.
94. "A couple of native bungalows at Pt. Hope"
95. "A natives's store room here"
96. "Part of the old ruins of an Eskimo village here but you can't see it very plain in this one."
97. "An Eskimo bungalow in the winter time. The square hole is his door way, then a tunnel for his dogs in bad weather, then the stove pipe is his part of the house"
98. "Entrance to a native's house in the winter"
99. "An Eskimo house and some young natives by the only door in the house"
100. "A native's home sweet home"
101. "An igloo we built at Point Hope of snow blocks, for a set."
102. View of cache with sled in front.*
103. "Some of the native palaces [sod houses] at Pt. Hope when the snow started thawing this spring"
104. Another native hut [sod house] here at Pt. Hope"
105. Sod house with whale bones in front.*
106. Rear of sod house.

Miscellaneous subjects.
107. "The midnight sun at Point Hope, June 4th 1933"
108. "Another midnight sun at Pt. Hope, 6/4/33"
109. "Sent copies of all these to Grace, 4/24/33" View of the ice.
110. Closeup of duck.
111. "The drake King eider duck"
112. "A drake Spectical eider duck"
113. "Part of Kivalina from the plane on our way to Nome"*
114-117. Four other views from the plane.
118. "A native tossed up from a walrus skin, like they do with a blanket out there. The feast after the whaling was over at Pt. Hope this spring."*
119. Another view of the blanket toss.
120. "An old 13 star flag that one of the natives at Pt. Hope still has."
121. "Just a few ice cicles on an ice cake"
122. "Just the head of a walrus, the natives killed at Pt. Hope" Head resting on top of can.
123. Native in rain parka posed with rifle next to walrus head on can.*
124. Midnight sun on the ice.
125-127. Three views of a native next to a lead in the ice.
128. Distant view of the fence of whale bones at the Point Hope cemetery.
129. "Believe it or not, this is me." Michael Philip leaning on whale bone, Point Hope cemetery.*
130. "Al Blackman at the gate into the cemetery"*
131. "Me with Blackman's parka and hat on by the cemetery fence"*
132. "Old ‘Happy' Blackman"*
133. "Blackman and a piece of gill bone [baleen]"
134. Man in fur parka with whale bone fence in background (blurred).
135. "A few eider ducks"
136. Dressed snowman with tools .
137. "This pile of ice was about 30 ft. high and 150 ft. wide at the bottom but cracked open just the same"
138-144. Seven different views of ice.
145. Man and dog on sled with winter camp at Teller in the background.*
146. "Ingalf Olsen, Geo. Taggert, and myself when we had to cut ice to swing the Nanuk around" Teller harbor; ca. Nov. 1932.*
147. "‘Blupett' one of the dogs in the team we use in the picture."
148. Three members of the film crew in front of the Hotel Alaska in Nome (?). Cameraman Leonard Smith on the right.*
149. Six members of the film crew in front of the Pioneer Igloo Hotel in Nome (?). Cameraman Leonard Smith and director Richard Rasson in center.*

Subseries 3b. King Island and Whale Hunting Off the Siberian Coast (photo lot number 17 + 6 additional prints); ca. July 1933 (43 original b&w prints, 1 X 2.75 inch; 23 copy prints, 23 copy negatives).
Note: There are copy prints and negatives of photo numbers 1-3, 5, 6, 10-13, 19, 28-36, 38, 39, 41, and 42.

1-9. King Island and native kayaks hauling and unloading cargo onto ship.
10-19. Whaling boats with sails.
20-27. Views of whaling from the ship.
28. Whale carcass near the ice.
29. Whale being hauled onto the ice next to the Nanuk.
30-32. Siberian natives beginning to butcher whale.
33. Siberian native on board the Nanuk.
34. The Nanuk near the ice.
35. Film crew with three cameras on the ice.
36. Cameraman Leonard Smith on board the Nanuk.
37. Mushroom ice formation.

Additional prints without boarders.
38. King Island from aboard the Nanuk.
39. Natives in whale boat in King Island harbor.
40. Two whale boats off the Nanuk with the sun low in the sky.
41. Whale boat with sail marked with an ‘O'.
42. Michael Philip on the deck of the Nanuk.
43. Birdseye view of a mast on the Nanuk.

Subseries 3c. Whaling Off the Siberian Coast and Glaciers in Prince William Sound (photo lot number 78); ca. July, Aug. 1933 (42 original b&w prints, 1 X 2.75 inch; 14 copy prints, 14 copy negatives).
Note: There are copy prints and negatives of photo numbers 1-9, and 11-13.

1. Two natives in kayaks next to whale carcass.
2. Film crew in boat: medium shot.
3. Film crew in boat: distant shot.
4-6. Men lifting something onto the ship with a boom.
7. Crow's nest view of the stern of the ship and lifeboats from the rear mast.
8. Two whaling boats with sails marked ‘O' and ‘X'.
9 & 10. Man with harpoon off stem of ship.
11. Three fishing boats off coastline.
12. Fishing boat off ship.
13. Fishing boat with sail off ship (three men in foreground).
14. Watching whale spout from ship.
15. Steamship against shoreline.
16. Three-masted ship among the ice as seen from above on shore.
17. Crest of whale as seen from ship.
18-24. Views of sea and coastline.
25-42. Views of coastal glaciers from ship and shore.* (29 & 41)

Subseries 3d. Glaciers in Prince William Sound, Inside Passage (photo lot number 79); ca. Aug. 1933 (23 original b&w prints, 1 X 2.75 inch; 2 copy print, 2 copy negative).
Note: There is a copy print and negative of photo number 1.

1 & 2. Michael Philip with camera perched next to stem of ship.
3 & 4. Views from on board ship and glaciers.
5-23. Unidentified views of coastal glaciers, the inside passage, and a dolphin.* (21)

Subseries 3e. Movie Filming in Los Angeles (photo lot number 87); ca. 1933 (7 original b&w prints, 1 X 2.75 inch; 7 copy prints, 7 copy negatives).

1. Men in fur costumes.
2-4. Movie set among trees.
5-7. Camera crew shooting scene at the rail of the ship Moonflower from off the port side.

Box 3 (Album 2)

Subseries 3f. 5 X 7 Inch Prints; ca. 1932-1933 (10 original b&w prints, 7 copy prints, 7 copy negatives).
Note: There are copy prints and negatives of photo numbers 1-7.

1. Directors, cameramen, and assistants wearing suits on ship deck. Director W.S. Van Dyke and Assistant Director Frank Messenger in center.
2. Directors, cameramen, and assistants wearing jackets in front of ship mast. Frank Messenger and W.S. Van Dyke standing at far left.
3. Directors, cameramen, and assistants in front of fog horns on ship deck.
4. Three crewmen of the Nanuk hauling a walrus onto the ice.
5. "Frank Messenger and Capt. Hansen and big old bulls [walrus]"
6. "Messenger and the Skipper again and me in back with the skin boat."
7. "The Mate and Geo. Nogle"
8 & 9. Man giving another man a haircut.
10. "The C.S. Holmes leaving Kotzebue Sound just as we were leaving the last time out."

Subseries 3g. 2.5 X 3.5 Inch Prints (back of prints blank or with handwritten captions); 1932 (67 original b&w prints, 26 copy prints, 26 copy negatives, and 8 original duplicate prints).
Note: There are copy prints and negatives of photo numbers denoted with an asterick (*) after the caption or description. There are original duplicate prints for photo numbers 2 (2), 10, 13, 14 (3), and 56.

1. "Our Mess boy Carl Walberg killing time at Unalaska and Dutch Harbor"(carrying rifle);
June 1932.*
2. "Patches of snow at Unalaska last June"; June 1932.
3. "Kivalina, a native village where we got through the ice to shore the 5th of July"; July 5, 1932.
4. "Beluga (white whale) at Kotzebue Alaska 7/7/32. The native catch these for food up here.
They cut them up and eat it raw or cooked. Muktuk they call it"; July 7, 1932.*
5. " The ‘C.S. Holmes' an old sailing schooner that makes one trip a year to Pt. Barrow. Just getting under way leaving Kotzebue Sound here"*
6. "The Nanuk tied up to an ice cake with a pool of fresh water in it. We pumped our tanks full of this one"; June/July 1932.

Walrus hunt, Herald Island, July/August 1932.
7. "A long shot of a bunch after walrus in the edge of ice on the Siberian Coast"
8. "A few Eskimos, a few guts and, a walrus being pulled aboard the ship"
9. "A walrus on an ice cake"
10. "One of the ice cakes we shot some stuff on. Cameraman Geo. Nogle by the camera, Jimmy Knott his assistant bending over, me starting towards the ship."
11. "The mess boy and some Eskimos on one of the ice cakes we worked on near Herald Island"*
12. "A bunch of us in a skin boat going out to kill some walrus, me in the stern. We killed seven of them this evening, when this was taken"*
13. " A bunch of walrus on the deck of the Nanuk, Aug 1932"; Aug. 1932.*

Polar bear hunt, Herald and Diomede Islands, Aug. 1932.
14. "The first bear we got, swinging onto the deck, and the skipper and Messenger standing on the hatch."*
15. "Another double exposure. I marked around the bear's head and shoulders on an ice cake next to the ship. Lay the bear hanging, on his back and you can see the one I marked"
16. "Some of the boys cleaning walrus tusks on deck while we were on the ice"*
17. "Taken from the jib of the Nanuk. Camera set up waiting for polar bear, the mate, Messenger, on the flying bridge and the Skipper just going onto it. All looking for another bear"*
18. "One of the polar bear we got up near Herald Island"
19. "Another bear swimming ahead of the ship"
20. "A bear going places, but he ended up on the deck too"
21. "You can barely see Herald Island on the horizon, no one thought to take a picture of it till it was too late. Its about 30 miles north of Latitude 71 and a long ways from home, Aug. 2, 1932."
22. "Another one taken of Herald Island but not much happened"
23. "You can barely see Herald Island on the Horizon"
24. "A bunch of Eskimos in an Oomiak, skin boat made of walrus skins, at Diomede Island"*
25. "Part of Little Diomede Island taken about midnight in Aug. 1932"

On board the Nanuk.
26. "Capt. Hansen on the flying bridge, weaving through the ice"
27. "The mate taking a rest on the jib."
28. "The mate, our shore cook, and a couple of Eskimo women up at Point Hope"
29. "A big sheet of ice that caught on the bow when we were unloading here at Teller the first time in here , and me standing by the boxes"
30. "Cape Prince of Wales north of here."
31. "Just a bunch of ice we were going through one day"
32. "More icebergs"
33. Sunset from the ship.
34. Sea birds.
35-37. Glaciers and sea ice from the ship.

Winter and summer camps, Teller, Alaska and vicinity.
38. "Pop Arnold, Harry Albiez and I, building igloos"*
39. "H.M. (Smitty) Smith and his harem"*
40. "The front of part of our winter camp and where I'm sitting writing these, and I can just fall over backwards and be in bed, and down stairs we eat pretty soon now."*
41. "Smitty, the Englishman."*
42. "Making some running shots in Salt Lake supposed to be spearing reindeer. Frank Messenger looking around."*
43. "The native skin village, a set we built up the river near our summer camp"*
44. Member of film crew and native woman at doorway of building in the winter camp.*
45. "Metta Muller, our bed maker"*
46. "The back view of the skin village up near the summer camp"*
47. "Rear view of part of our winter camp here before winter came"
48. "A reindeer coral at our winter camp here."
49. "Part of our summer camp"*
50. "A couple of deserted sod houses on the same point our summer camp was on up at Salt Lake"
51. "The deserted village set in back of camp here."
52. "Cutting ice blocks to make igloos for a set near the ship"
53. "Another set in back of our winter camp here supposed to be a deserted village"
54. "Just a few of the reindeer frome one of the camera blinds, when they chased them down into the lake."
55. "The Nanuk frozen in for the winter"

The Inside Passage, 1932.
56. "Water falls on the inside passage"
57. "Some water falls on the inside passage."
58. "A little village we passed on the inside passage--Bella-Bella"
59. "Coming up the inside passage."
60. "This was a double exposure of Mt. Pavlof, a volcano we passed on the inside passage. You can barely see the smoke from it, from the peak blowing to the left.
61. "Another shot of Mt. Pavlof but not so hot, you can't see the smoke from it, in the picture, it was so foggy that morning"

Miscellaneous Photos.
62. "Mike Philip" in hat and sunglasses.*
63. "Jerry Jones [pilot] coming in on skis"*
64. Man on porch loaded down with game birds.*
65. Unidentified town or village.*
66. Man in old steam locomotive.*
67. Man on porch with waterfall in the background.

Series 3h. 2.75 X 4.5 Inch Prints (back of prints blank or with handwritten captions); 1932 (34 original b&w prints, 18 copy prints, 18 copy negatives, 5 original duplicate prints).
Note: There are copy prints and negatives of photo numbers denoted with astericks (*) after the caption or description. There are original duplicate prints of photo numbers 3, 10, 12, 16 (reverse image), and 28.

1. "Frank Messenger and Geo. Nogle and the Eskimos skinning walrus"*
2. "Geo. Nogle, cameraman, myself, and Sig Jensen, and the natives skinning some of the
3. "The mate and the skipper and some big bull walrus"*
4. "Geo. Nogle and his assistant Jimmy Knott by camera. John Hegness by short tripod, natives with walrus harpoon, up near Herald Island."*
5. "Tied up to another iceberg"*
6. "Nanuk tied up to an ice berg"*
7. "One of the places we were shooting on an ice cake off the Siberian Coast, and one of the native open boats made of walrus skins. Oomiaks they call them."*
8. "Capt. Hansen looking things over."*
9. "A nice shot of the Nanuk nosed in to an iceberg"*
10. "The skipper on the flying bridge running through loose ice hollering port a little and
starboard a little bit and steady."*
11. "Chief Engineer Geo. Hunter, Capt. Hansen and Bosun Sig Jensen and the natives we had from Little Diomede Island on one of the icebergs we tied up to the last trip out of here."*
12. "1st Mate on the Nanuk, Einor Prestrud."*
13. "This is the first one [polar bear] we saw and the one that Messenger lassoed. He certainly was churning up the water in this one. You can see the line we had on his foot from the deck."*
14. "This one came up from a long dive under water"
15. Polar bear in the water.
16. "Our first polar bear coming on deck"
17. Polar bear swimming in the water.
18. "A little rough water crossing the Gulf of Alaska"*
19. "The jib boom gets a bath."
20. "Still a little choppy"
21. "Too rough to stand still long enough to snap a picture. Looking forward when she dove into a big one."
22. "Part of our deck load and Ingolf Olsen going below"
23. Two men on the deck of the Nanuk (blurred).
24. "Just touring around among the ice cakes."
25. "[Left to right] John Karkarak, Ted?, myself, Eddie?, Pop Arnold, Frank?, Harry Albiez, Peter Freuchen behind, Orville Muller, Geo. Taggart, 2nd Engineer getting ice blocks to build igloos, see the ice frost in their whiskers"*
26. "Peter Freuchen who wrote ‘Eskimo,' Pop Arnold on the ends, me in the middle, and Harry Albiez in the doorway of the igloo, Nov. 1932"*
27. "Myself, Peter Freuchen, Harry and Pop. Peter and Pop both have beards and look at the ice in them from breathing, and see the special made mukluk on Peter's peg leg."*
28. "Harry and Pop Arnold by one of our igloos"
29. "Harry starting the foundation of an ice bungalow."
30. Pop Arnold sitting on ice block (head cut off).
31. "John Hegness and some natives"*
32. "Coming up the inside passage"
33. "Some falls on the inside passage"
34. Slightly different view of falls on the inside passage.

Subseries 3i. "Eskimo" Cast and Crew Photo Greeting Card entitled, "Christmas Greetings from Alaska" (handwritten letters or descriptions on the back); Nov., Dec. 1932 (5 original copies of a b&w photo card, 4 X 6 inch; 1 postmarked envelope; 1 copy print and 1 copy negative).

1. "Teller, Alaska, Dec. 1, 1932. Dear Grace, Perc, & Jane: The guy on his knees in the middle with the white snow shirt on isn't me, or Christ, but the old boy that wrote this story, and I'm standing on the left hand end, looks like a dress up party at the sand hills don't it, pretty cold now and these clothes don't feel bad. 18 below today, 22 yesterday, blowing like hell tonight, but everyone still happy & going strong. How about a feed of ducks or clams? Love & Merry Xmas to you all and the gang, Mike."
2. "Teller, Alaska, Dec. 1, 1932. Dear Mother & All: This is a helluva looking Xmas card but its all we've got up here so here she comes. Even we that know eachother so well are wondering who is who, must have been a bum negative or something, anyho its the gang of us up here on the ice by the ‘Nanuk' and I'm on the left end with white spots on the parka, good thing I was there or I'd never known myself, 22 below yesterday. Love to all, Mike."
3. "Teller, Alaska, Dec. 1, 1932. Hello Polly & Family: How's that new niece getting along, and those other two too and the rest of youse guys? This is an awful looking outfit but we just got these back from Nome yesterday and its too late to take another one and get it fixed in time so here she comes. Its the bunch of us on the ice by the ‘Nanuk' taken a couple weeks ago. Having a great time up here seeing this country by land & sea, leaving the first of next month by dog team for Cape Lisburne about 500 miles north of here, among the polar bear, that should be a lot of fun and just an old timer up here and I are going at first, later the cameras come up. Merry Christmas & Love to all, Mike."
4. "Taken in November 1932, Grantley Harbor, Teller, Alaska. Location fore ‘The Eskimo.' Troupe on the ice by the ‘Nanuk'"
5. Card with blank back.
6. Postmarked envelope addressed to "Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Seaman, 439 Ebead Ave., Marshfield, Oreg.", Dec. 8, 1932.

Subseries 3j. Film Crew and Natives in White Parkas in Front of Ice Bungalow Off Cape Lisburne, Alaska; 1933 (1 original b&w print, 6 X 10 inch; 1 copy print and 1 copy negative).

1. Original print.
2. Copy print.
3. Copy negative.

Subseries 3k. 3 X 4 Inch Prints (backs blank or with handwritten captions); n.d., ca.1933 (15 original b&w prints, 14 copy prints, 14 copy negatives, 3 original duplicate prints).
Note: There are copy prints and negatives of photo numbers 1-13, and 15. There are original duplicate prints for photo numbers 1, 10, and 11.

1. "Our new director Dick Rasson and I on the Nanuk"
2. Director Richard Rasson, first cameraman Leonard Smith, natives, and other crew members on the deck of the Nanuk.
3. Natives and crew on the deck of the Nanuk.
4. Director Richard Rasson with paddle in a native kayak.
5. "Our first cameraman, Len Smith, Rasson, one of the sailors and I looking at some ivory at King Island."
6. "[Left to right] Al Scheving-Asst. Cameraman, Paul Vogel-2nd Cameraman, Dick Rasson-Director, Hans Mirrow- Pilot on plane above Smith. [Later handwritten comment] 12/24/39. Hans crashed and was killed with his mechanic looking for one of his ships that was down at Nulatto. Found other ship O.K. yesterday. Hans found dead today."
7. Crew members with bottles of beer in front of lifeboats.
8. Lifeboats and men on board ship.
9. Film crew set up on the ice.
10 & 11. Siberian natives beginning to butcher whale; July 1933.
12 & 13. Man sick in bed.
14. "Whale spouting in center of picture"
15. "A sunset shot taken about 8:30 P.M. about Apr. 15, 1933, and a dog team out on the ice"

Subseries 3l. Post Cards; n.d., 1932 (17 original b&w cards, 3.5 X 5.5 inch; 14 copy prints, 14 copy negatives; 3 original duplicate cards).
Note: There are copy prints and negatives of card numbers 1-14. There are original duplicates of card numbers 4, 10, and 11.

1. Native woman and two children; D+D; "Meet my wife and family. Not bad for such a short time, huh?"
2. "Cape Prince of Wales." Group photo of villagers against building; D+D; "About the total population at Cape Prince of Wales. There may have been a few of them out after seal or fishing."
3. "Walrus Head with Three Tusks, King Island 1932"; D+D; "A freal walrus head"
4. "Reindeer at Cape Riley"; D+D; "A few reindeer near here"
5. "King Island; D+D; "We stopped at this island on the way here from Nome"
6. "Unalaska from Mount Newhall 5/29/32"; "Unalaska, and Dutch Harbor in the background"
7. Unidentified ice houses.
8. Ice bungalow off Cape Lisburne, Alaska.
9. Two men in fur parkas and stocking caps in front of ice bungalow off Cape Lisburne, Alaska.
10. "Some of the igloos we brought up here with us. You can get an idea of the size from the little native kid in the doorway of one of them."
11. "Teller, Alaska, 1932. Our winter camp before winter came."
12. "The ‘Northland' Revenue Cutter that stays up here in the Summer"
13. The Nanuk frozen into the ice in Grantley Harbor, Teller, Alaska.
14. The Nanuk frozen into the ice and a tractor pulling a covered sled.
15-17. Unidentified ice piles or formations.

Subseries 3m. Miscellaneous Photographs; ca. 1932-1933 (4 original b&w prints, 4 copy prints, 4 copy negatives).

1. Russian Orthodox cemetery churchyard; n.d. (3.5 X 4.25 inch).
2. Film crew members and natives standing and sitting on beach; n.d. (3.5 X 4.25 inch).
3. "Metcalf, our cook at Lisburne & Pt. Hope, then me, Hans Mirrow, one of our pilots with the N.A.T. Northern Air Transportation Co., Al Blackman. When we left Point Hope for Nome. [Later comment] Hans crashed & died 12/24/39. Found. . .while looking for a downed ship."; ca. July 1, 1933 (2 X 3 inch).
4. Movie set among palm trees; n.d. (2 X 4.5 inch).